Chapter One – Emily Stark Arrives in New York

Emily yawned tiredly as she dragged her luggage out of the Arrivals hall. The time difference was killing her. Seriously, the half a day between New York time and Singapore time was disorienting. Thankfully, she'd managed to sleep through most of the flight and had done her best to time her sleeping so as not to suffer too much from jet lag. As much as she loved coming to America, she'd never enjoyed the flight much, even though flying first-class was awesome.

She waved, spotting the person who was supposed to pick her up. "Hey Happy!" she called out, spotting him in the crowd, "Long time no see! Thanks for coming to get me." The driver simply smiled and took her luggage from her.

As Happy loaded her luggage into the SUV, she climbed into the backseat and settled down for a nap.

Emily was awoken by the shutting down of the engine. She released her seatbelt and climbed out, smoothing her hair and taking her luggage from Happy.

"Mr. Stark has asked me to inform you that you should proceed to the top floor, where Miss Potts will be waiting." Happy informed her.

"Awesome! Thanks Happy!" she wheeled her luggage into the elevator and rode it to the top floor, singing along to the AC/DC song that was playing.

Upon reaching the top floor, the doors opened and Emily strolled out, pulling her luggage along. "HELLO JARVIS!" she shouted, grinning widely, knowing that the intelligent system would recognise her voice.

As expected, a voice came over the intercom, "Welcome Back Miss Stark. Miss Potts is on her way now."

"Coolbeans. Thanks JARVIS."

"Will you be needing me to transport your luggage to your rooms, Emily?"

"That would be great, thank you JARVIS."

With that, a human sized robot appeared and took her two suitcases, leaving her with her backpack. She hummed to herself, settling herself on the couch to wait for Pepper. The elevator dinged just as she was pulling out a book to read. Emily stood up at once and headed over to hug to woman that emerged.

"Pepper!" she exclaimed happily.

"Emily! I'm afraid Tony is away at the moment. But there are a couple of things that we can go through first before he arrives." She smiled, returning the hug. "Since your stay is more long term this time, Tony has put some money into a bank account he opened in your name," she explained, opening up a laptop. "Now, I need you to key in a 6-digit password for the account, and then sign here." She handed over a digi-pen and pointed at the line on the screen. Pepper turned away as Emily keyed in the number. Once she was done, Pepper handed over two cards. "This is the ATM card, and this is the debit card. Tony knows how much you hate credit cards." They shared a smile at this. "Also, here's your phone. All the important numbers have already been put into it. Including mine. All the other things have already been installed in your room. I think Tony went a little overboard this time. You know how he can be." Pepper winked at her. Emily just laughed.

"Thanks Pepper. I'm so excited to be here."

"Alright, I guess it's time for me to show you to your floor."

"Woah! I have a whole floor to myself? NICE!"

Pepper laughed easily at the girl's excitement. "All the residents of the tower have their own floor, designed specifically to their needs."

"There are other residents?"

"Oh yes, you'll be meeting them later." Pepper smiled secretively.

Emily was curious. Never had there been other residents of Stark tower. The two women proceeded to the elevator and rode down to the 48th floor.

"Naturally, Tony has the 49th and 50th floors, while the 51st floor serves as a common area. Yours will be the 48th. The five other floors below yours are also occupied. And as usual, the offices are on the first 20 floors, and the labs on the next 10, as well as the basement. However, there are a couple of labs on the residential floors."

The elevator doors opened into a nice common area with a kitchen and dining area. There were a few doors along the sides. Pepper opened the first door. "Bedroom. The two doors are for the bathroom and your walk-in closet." She moved to the next door. "Tony built you a mini dance studio, with built in audio system." They moved to the next room. "This is your study. It wasn't safe to put a chemistry lab up here so you'll have to go down for that." They went back to the living area. "Lastly, your balcony." Pepper told her, pressing a button and the glass doors slid open to an area with some plants and furniture, with a retractable roof.

Emily was stunned into silence. "Sorry to just leave you here, but I have a meeting to attend." Pepper said. She gave Emily one last hug before leaving via the elevator.

Once Pepper left, Emily carried her backpack over to her room and dumped it on the vanity. She looked around. It seemed like all her boxes had already been unpacked. Now she just needed to figure out where all the stuff was.

She opened the wooden door off to the side and poked her head in. "Holy shit!" she exclaimed. The walk-in closet was a mini-room all by itself. An entire wall of mirrors, which also seemed to be cupboards, a wall of shoe racks and on the last side, was one of those revolving circular clothes hangars. She headed over to the mirrors and started opening up the compartments. All her 'stay home clothes' were neatly stacked on one side, a sock drawer, underwear drawers, even her beauty products. On top of all that, it seemed like Tony Stark had bought a whole lot of other random things that Emily loved. She slowly backed out of the room and walked to the other door only to find the most luxurious bathroom ever. Black marble and chrome accents. A huge tub, a mini-sauna room, a rain shower with regular shower attachments installed, a huge sink with a mirror and of course a small laundry area.

Emily shook her head and continued exploring the rest of her 'apartment'. The kitchen was fully equipped. Fridge, stove, blender, expresso machine, oven, toaster, microwave, it seemed like every available kitchen appliance had been put into the kitchen area. Tony had also seemed to find space for a mini-bar. Emily let out a small laugh at that. He knew she didn't drink. Still, she enjoyed mixing random cocktails and mocktails.

The balcony was amazing. A garden, with lawn chairs, a table and one of those big umbrella thingys.

The living room was the most comfy space ever. With a couple of huge bright bean bags, a large television, stereo, game consoles, and the most delicious feeling couch. Emily lay down on the couch and closed her eyes for a minute, savouring the sheer comfort of it. 'He definitely went overboard for all this. But damn, I love it.' Was her last thought before she fell asleep.