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Chapter 8 – It's called Avengers Tower for a Reason

It had been about a week since Emily moved into the Avengers Tower. To her disappointment, she hadn't really seen much of her uncle as he had been holed up in the lab working on the newest generation of his suit. She knew how he was when he was focused on a project. Her uncle was rather busy, so she had used the time she had over the week to get to know the rest of the Avengers somewhat better.

Natasha was the most closed off of all of them, but made an effort to converse with her while she was around. She was easy to talk to, but looking back on their conversations, she realized that the other woman had shared virtually nothing about herself.

Clint was still mildly unhappy about being woken up early on her first day in the tower but the presence of Phil did make him considerably less grumpy.

Steve was genuinely one of the nicest people she had ever met. He held no ill will towards any one and was always willing to offer a hand. Though, he definitely needed to catch up with the times and seemed a little too old-fashioned to assimilate fully into the 21st century. Emily found it rather endearing. Besides, some of the values that the others found quirky were values instilled in her as a child.

Thor was like a giant golden retriever. He was loud and boisterous and always telling stories and grabbing people up into hugs unexpectedly.

Phil was different. He was quiet but had a very dry sense of humor that she identified with easily. He would say the most unexpected things that usually had Emily and Clint laughing while the others looked puzzled and Natasha smirked quietly to herself.

Bruce was another story altogether. He was quiet and unassuming and never brought attention to himself. Emily had taken to spending time with him, quietly reading, playing friendly games of chess or watching movies. It was clear that the 'other guy'wasn't far from his mind. It was clear that her firm insistence that he shouldn't let it be such an integral part of his social interactions bothered him. She would be lying if she said it didn't, but she believed it bothered Bruce a lot more than it should. Sure, having a friend who could turn into a giant green rage monster at the slightest aggravation was terrifying but Emily knew Bruce had control and would not allow the 'other guy' to hurt her. Besides, she was sure that the 'other guy' wasn't a mindless monster and wouldn't hurt anyone who didn't try to hurt him first.

Currently, Emily was holed up in the dance studio, stretching out her limbs, music blasting loudly. She was in the process of stretching out her back, holding herself in the bridge position, when the door to her studio banged open. Emily gave a startled yelp and collapsed into an undignified heap on the floor. She looked up to find a rather frazzled looking uncle looking down at her. He leaned down and hauled her up before dragging her out of the room.

"Hey! Uncle Tony! What's going on?" she asked, worried as she scrambled after him.

"Doombots. Here, in the tower. I'm putting you somewhere safe." He said, pulling her along.

Soon, they found themselves outside Tony's workshop. He shoved her into a room marked supply closet.

"But Uncle Tony-!"

"No, stay here. I reinforced this supply closet. In case anything finds you, there are flamethrowers and hammers and other shit. DON'T LEAVE." he said while fixedly staring at her with a serious expression on his face that Emily didn't see often. " I'll come get you after."

With that he closed the door and left. Soon enough, Emily heard loud crashing sounds from above. She groped around in the dark until she found a switch. Flicking it turned the entire door into a one way glass (Actually I was using this to exaggerate Tony's abilities.) allowing light in and allowing Emily to see what was going on outside the storage closet. The rooted around the shelves before picking up a large spanner, a hammer and a blowtorch before putting them within arms reach. She looked around again and spotted a safety cabinet. She opened it and found a few bottles of hydrochloric acid and a small bottle of hydrogen peroxide. She picked up the peroxide and it joined her small stash of weapons.

She sat just inside of the door and looked out at the lab. The Doombots had yet to get into it. She could see Dummy and You wheeling around the lab, Dummy holding on to his favourite fire extinguisher while You rolled around in circles. She spotted Butterfingers in a corner, trying to keep out of trouble. That was good. Butterfingers was always dropping things and would just be a danger to himself. No matter how many times Uncle Tony had threatened to donate them, she knew he loved his little AIs like children.

Suddenly, the glass door to the lab shattered, startling Emily. She jumped, picking up the large spanner and clutching onto it tightly. She shook slightly as a lone Doombot wandered into the lab, tripping over You. She was relieved when it simply shoved You out of the way. Hopefully, that meant that this Doombot was not equipped with any weapons. Still, Doombots were rather terrifying and could still hurt her. She clutched the spanner tightly as she tracked the Doombot's movements with her eyes. Her heart rate increased as the Doombot scanned the room, before finally stopping with its eyes on the storage closet. It slowly advanced and Emily backed away from the door slightly, holding the spanner high above her head. The Doombot had wrenched the door open and was reaching out for her when Emily brought the spanner down on its head, screaming loudly. That stunned the Doombot, but only dented it slightly. Emily picked up the blowtorch and bottle of peroxide before dodging around the disoriented Doombot and heading into the lab.

"Dummy! Dummy! Spray it if it comes okay!?" she stuttered at the robot. Dummy made a small chirping sound, rolling round her happily. She patted him. "Good boy."

The Doombot had turned around and was headed towards her. It was still disoriented, walking in zig-zags. The blow to its head must have loosened some wires. Emily held the bottle in one hand while she rooted around in a drawer with another.

When she heard the sound of the fire extinguisher accompanied by Dummy chirping, she looked up to find the Doombot a few meters away. She shouted for Dummy to get out of the way before she hurled the bottle of peroxide at it.

The Doombot made a sound of distress and clutched at its face as the peroxide slowly burned the metal. Emily used its disorientation to bash its head in a much as she could, hoping the hit the optics. She was no engineer, unlike her Uncle and could not possibly tell what each wire was for simply by looking at them. She was so focused on her task that she did not register the Doombot's actions until its mechanical hand was wrapped around her neck. Emily screamed as the Doombot's hand tightened around her throat. She struggled for breath, her mind registering Dummy frantically spraying the Doombot with the fire extinguisher. Her vision was slowly graying at the edges as breathing became a difficulty. She thought she heard a loud roar of anger but she couldn't be sure.

'Maybe this is what people mean when they say they see a light at the end of a tunnel…' was her final thought as her vision tunneled before blacking out.

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