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"W-who are you...? W-w-where am I?" Kazemaru said a little louder than a while ago.

It was clear to everyone's ears because it was so quiet.

This made everyone freeze in their places and look at Kazemaru in pure horror while Kazemaru looked at them in pure confusion and innocence.

"What do you mean, Kazemaru?" Suzuno said in a confused way.

Handa's eyes were wide in confusion.

"Kazemaru..." He said as he looked at Kazemaru with tears forming around his chocolate-brown eyes.

Kazemaru stared back blankly. He didn't know to if he's going to respond or not.

"Hey, Kazemaru. It's us. You're team mates at the soccer team we are in." Nagumo said

"Fubuki... who are they...?" Kazemaru asked as he pointed to Handa.

The others we surprised. Of all people Kazemaru could forget was... Handa... They could accept it if it was only them, but Handa?

Gouenji returned with Kazemaru's doctor. The soccer players were 'kicked out' for a while.

"Handa," Fubuki started to make a conversation.

"It's okay... It's better that he remembers something rather than having all of his memories were gone." Handa said with a smile on his face.

the doctor went out of the room after 30 minutes.

"Sensei," Fubuki said as they stood up.

"retrograde amnesia - the patient cannot remember new information. Things that happened recently, information that should be stored into short-term memory disappear. This is usually caused by brain trauma. However, a patient with retrograde amnesia can remember events which happened before the injury." The doctor said.

"But... how come he can't remember anyone besides Fubuki?" Nagumo asked.

"Some things are starting to come back a little." The doctor said. "He already remembers (looks at his clip board with the pictures of the Inazuma Japan and Raimon Eleven): Midorikawa Ryuuji, Tachimukai Yuuki, Hiroto Kiyama, Suzuno Fuusuke, Ichinose Kazuya and... Gouenji Shuuya. This amnesia is also called as selective-memory amnesia."

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