A/N- If you haven't scene the finale of HOUSE don't read

Allison Cameron was happy she picked up her 5 month year old son. No one at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital new about but maybe that was for the best. It's not like she was going to tell her ex husband that she remarried and ended up having a kid about 2 years after she left or that she finally settled down after she said she couldn't be with him, him being Robert because she realized he didn't love him, she once did but not anymore like she once loved house and once loved her first husband but now, now she was happy.

It's weird how life turns out but then again she was happy. Happy she saw the rest of the team, even though it was for a sad occasion it still meant something. Seeing Chase after a while definitely hit her had but that is only because she didn't want to tell him about her son or new husband. She didn't want to tell him that she finally was happy that she was finally in love. She knew how much he loved her but she couldn't love him back, not after what he did.

"Allison?" she looked up at her husband of 2 years almost. Jeffery Martin


"you okay I know you and your boss weren't the closest but..." she stopped him putting her finger over his lips.

"let's just go home." she said and the 3 of them went back to their house.

By the time they got home Allison placed the baby down in his crib for his nap. Her husband walked over and draped his arm around her.

"he's perfect Allison don't doubt that" he said giving her a kiss.

"do you think I made the right decision Jeff?." she said looking at him. He smiled.

"of course you did and he will live up to his name Allison, he will be a strong guy." he said kissing her forehead.

"I hope so" the two left there sons room so Cameron Gregory Martin could sleep. Yes they named him Gregory after House, reason why because Allison always new something was important and that important thing was keeping her family safe and learning everybody changes.

A/N 2- hope you enjoyed the story I know it was short but I might add to this I am not really sure but maybe, this is a one shot and if anyone wants I can make a sequel to this.

I did watch the end of course knowing that she had a kid but I also no house isn't dead but does anyone else know that he is dead no so that is why the story is based around Cameron thinking about House.