Hey Huns, so this is my first Twilight fanfic. It might not be the best but hey can't be the worst right... any way so here is the summary.
Sum: After Edward left Bella, in New Moon, she was so broken that it awakened the true Bella. What happens if Edward still goes to the Volturi, and Bella comes to save him? (because Alice asked her too) What if she sees some thing she likes while in Italy? Aro/Bella *I do not own Twilight just my mind and creativity*

Chapter One: New Bella

~Bella's POV~

I stood behind him looking at his back. Something seemed off about him. I couldn't place it though. He seemed tense and angry. I didn't know what to do so i did nothing.

"Bella" he said calmly

"Yes?" I asked I knew that something was going to happen.

"Were leaving tonight, and were not coming back." he said as he turned to face me "but were not taking you" he said I looked down

"Why?" I asked

"Because we want to keep you safe, as long as we are here you are not safe." he said

"Will I ever see you again?" i asked

"No" he said

"Tell the others goodbye for me, and that i will miss them, and Edward" i said looking up

"Yes?" he said

"Keep your self safe" i said

"i will as long as you promise not to do anything dangerous or stupid" he said I nodded "bye Bella" he said then was gone

"good bye Edward"

~Three weeks later~

Its been weeks since The Cullens left forks. I was lying on my bed staring at the ceiling thinking. The pain was slowly vanishing and i was fine with that. I knew i needed to change something. I closed my eyes, and nodded to myself. I had to destroy my last memories of the bastard. I was going to burn every thing he gave me and all the photo's of him.

~Months later after~

I smiled as i pulled on my Black leather jacket, I was wearing a black leather mini skirt, a red tank, and my black leather boots (no heels) as well as the jacket. I looked at my reflection in the mirror and went down stairs to my truck. Charlie finally had stopped trying to get me to change when i told him that i was creating a new me. I climbed into my truck and drove to the Reservation to hang with Jake and the boys.

When i arrived Billy was on the porch, he smiled at me as i climbed out of the truck. "their out back, best hurry don't want Paul to kill Jake" he laughed I smiled and nodded then headed behind the house. I snickered as Sam, Paul, Quil, and Jake come into view. They looked like they were fighting so i leaned against a tree and watched. I got bored and about the climax of the fight i called out to them "Hello boys"
they all turned and looked at me. Paul, Jake, and Quil whistle at me as i walk closer. Quil pulls a bucket out for me to sit on. I smile sweetly at him.

"Your so sweet Quil" i said and kissed his cheek. he howled and grinned at Paul "So, Bella, when you gonna date a real man?" he asked I smile up at him "Well Sam is taken, so tell ya what, you see a real man tell me"

"i see a real man every day when i look in the mirror" he grinned I grin at him "Honey, I've seen real men, then I've seen you. You still got some work to do" I laughed when my phone went off. i looked t then number then tilted my head. Why was Alice calling Carlisle called just yesterday when Charlie was at Harry's funeral. "Alice?" i said confused

"Bella, Please, You have to save him. He won't listen, I told him your fine. He said it was his fault then left. Please Bella, He went to the Volturi. He wants to end it, We need to go stop him... Only you can stop him" Alice said

"Alice, Who went to Volturi?" I asked "Edward, after Carlisle called yesterday he said he was going to end it" Alice said I growled "Idiot," i sighed "Fine Alice we will go save him, but only because he is your brother. You owe me big time, met me at my house in half an hour." I said then hung up "well guys the Stupid bastard wants to kill himself. I'm gonna save him because Alice asked. I will call when i get back" I heard them growl Sam walked me back to my truck "Tell Emily I say hey" i said

"I will you take care and kick that assholes ass for me" Sam smiled

"will do" i saluted him and then drove home to find Alice on my porch. I got out of my truck and saw her staring. "I know i look hot, now lets go save the Idiot" i sighed Alice nods and grabs my stuff and gets in the drivers seat as soon as i am in the passengers seat then i text Charlie

Going to save an Idiot, Call you when i Arrive in Italy. I'm with Alice

Okay, tell her i say hello, stay safe He replies Then we are off to Italy

Hope you enjoyed it... he he he Edwards an idiot... please review. Chapter two coming up soon. Enjoy XD!