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Father!Severus/Harry. Bat

Harry Potter can't really remember the first time he went shopping for wizard robes.

He's been told that he demanded in a somewhat sweet and innocent way that he wanted robes just like his father's, Severus Snape, and after his adopted father had gotten over his shock, he'd been fitted in the finest robes the shop held.

He's also been told that for the weeks after, he wore nothing but flowing robes that were just shy of being too long, while attempting to swish and billow them behind him, in perfect imitation of his father.

There's evidence in a wizard photograph of him, when his Uncle Moony had come to visit a few weeks later, that he'd finally perfected the walk, the swish noise and flowing robes and promptly shown it off.

A swift photo had been taken and still sits above the fireplace in their living room at Hogwarts of the 'miniature dungeon bat' as he'd been nicknamed.