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1. One long afternoon

Emie had wished all morning for the end of her lessons. It was the last day of school of the year, and she was so sick to be obliged to still attend them when she already knew so much.

Emie was a doctor. A student doctor. A resident, as they say. And she was so tired of it.

Not to be pretentious, but she was more gifted than most of her colleagues, and than some of her teachers, even. They only had to blame her addiction to medical books and series.

She walked out of the amphi and started walking down the street towards the station. She was so going to be late for her train!

As she was about to cross the street, one sick driver decided to push his pedal, and aimed straight at her.

Emie froze on the passage.

Closed her eyes.

She just fell backwards, and landed hard on her back.

She opened her eyes. That wasn't the same sky! There weren't any high buildings around, nothing!

She tried to sit up. Someone pushed her shoulders back on the ground.

"Easy Miss. You've fell from quite high, ya know!"

Emie tried to see the man who was talking to her.

He was quite old, with a dirty grey beard and muddy eyes. His face was covered in dirt, and he missed two teeth.

This time she sat up.

Around her, it wasn't her city anymore. It was a village. A very old village, seeing as everyone was travelling either by foot or by horse. The houses themselves were in stones, but so small they looked like cabins.

"Where am I?" Emie looked back at the man. He had be rejoined by a woman approximatively his age, wearing a dirty blue dress and an apron on which she was wiping her hands.

"How could you ask that question, dear? You're where you have been when you fell off that roof! What took you anyway?"

Emie lifted her gaze. She was indeed placed as if she had fell from the small house she was lying in front of. Obviously those two's house.

"I...do not remember."

"Well, we've seen ya fall pretty hard, eh. Whatsya name?"

Emie got up very slowly. She wasn't even in her own clothes anymore! Her skinny jeans and white shirt had been replaced by a greenish dress and leather boots. Her blonde hair was pinned on the top of her head.

"Emie Tate. My name's Emie Tate."

"Nice to meet yer, Miss Tate. Where d'ya live?"

She shook her head and then acknowledged a satchel at her feet. It bore her initials. She opened it.

It was full of very, very old medical instruments. She took a tiny piece of paper out of a purse. She read it out loud."

"Dr Henry Lennings."

"Oh, you're the new nurse, aren't ya! C'mon, I'll show the way!" The woman started pulling Emie's sleeve until she followed her guide towards a far house, at the edge of the village.

"Me name's Victoria, by the way. If you wondered."

Emie nodded. "Thank you Victoria. For showing me the way."

The older woman smiled. She missed a tooth too. "A pleasure. Try not to climb on roofs anymore, right?" And she parted.

Emie breathed deeply to give her courage, and knocked on the wooden door.

A deep, annoyed voice answered. "About bloody time! I've called for you two weeks ago, girl!"

She sneered. Well, if this was her new teacher, she would have a lot of fun.

She pushed the door.

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