Note: This story takes place after my first fan fiction, Resurrection

Chapter 1 :

I look ahead. I watch the stone ledges, unsteady wooden platforms, metal poles and the best thing of all, a huge swishing pool of ice-cold water; and then the prize. The beautiful, elephant shaped silver artifact.

Three arrows zoom from my right. I do a forward flip and dodge two of them. The third arrow grazes my knee. I jump towards the stone ledge and dig my hands into the cracks. I haul myself onto the stone platform and then take a running jump. A six feet gap separates a wooden platform from the stone ledge. I jump towards the platform. My hands grasp the wood and I pull myself onto the shaky platform. The ropes holding the platform are withered and tattered.

The platform shakes beneath my feet. Then the whole thing collapses. Just in time, I jump towards a wooden pole. I climb to the top and balance the balls of my feet on the pole. I jump towards a horizontal metal pole and grab the pole in between my gloved fingers. Then I swing my legs and take a few flips on the horizontal pole. During the third flip, I let go and jump into the pool of water. I dive in deep and pull out my dual Desert Eagles. Two piranhas swim towards me. I shoot them quickly and break the surface of the water.

Quickly, I pull myself on to the toasty, stone ground and grab the silver artifact.

The sound of clapping echoes around the room. I smile and turn myself to face me mother. The lights in my Personal Training Room, or the Croft Manor gym, light up.

My mother pulls me into a hug, wet clothes and all. I grin. "Slick moves, my dear" She says, tucking a lock of brunette hair behind her ear. "Thank you, mother" I say.

"Now, dry off a bit Lara." She says and walks down the gym towards the sitting room. I grab my leather jacket and run out of the gym, my combat boots thwacking against the marble floor. I change into a pair of beige shorts and olive a tank top. Someone knocks on my door.

"Come in" I say and turn my attention to pulling my socks up. Zip enters and sits on a cushy chair. "Lara, you ought to see this" He says and hands me a magazine called Myths .

"What, Zip?" I ask and glance at the magazine. I hardly ever read magazines, even if they are about archaeology.

"A new tomb has been discovered in the Amazon forest" He says manically. "Bloody hell; which page?" I ask flipping through the magazine; finally I find a picture of an old, ruined tomb, its walls covered with climbers and almost covered with trees. The whole effect is breathtaking. I shift my eyes to the article written in blue next to the picture.

The tomb of Queen Xamballa found!

Yesterday, May 5th, French Archaeologist, Pierre DuPont discovered the tomb of Queen Xamballa.

This search, which had been going on for more than a decade, ended yesterday when Pierre DuPon

t found the underground chambers which lead to this fabulous building.

Explorers are going to begin their search from May 10th. We wish them luck!

"I have to go to Amazon... Now" I say, staring at the page.

"Lara, do you even know who this Xamballa is?" Zip asks skeptically.

"Of course. She ruled the Amazon forest in the ancient times!" I say and get up.

"I ve got to go" I say as if in a trance. "Lara, what artifact is going to be in this tomb?" Zip asks, getting up as well. "The essences of Xamballa" I say and go to my closet. I pull out a pair of brown shorts, a black tank top and a pair of knee high black combat boots.

"What is that?" Zip asks.

"The essences of Xamballa are two potions, they were created by Xamballa. One of the potions was a curse and the other was a blessing. Both of them were hidden in her secret tomb." I explain and shut the door to my closet. Then I put on the clothes and slide my feet into the combat boots. I enter the code to my locker and get my dual handguns and my backpack. I pull out my utility belt and ammunition.

Once I am fully equipped, I go to the tech room and type in the password for the locker which contains my grenades. I pull a few out and put them in my backpack.

"Lara, where are you going?" A voice asks serenely from behind. "Mother, I need to go to the Amazon forest. There is this tomb... I'm so sorry, but I really need to..." I try to explain.

"If it s your passion, then I won't stop you." She says and opens her arms. I hug her, inhaling the fragrance of her hair.

I climb the stairs to the helipad of Croft Manor. Dmitri is already there. So is my mother.

"Well, hello, Dmitri You are going to take me to Amazon today." I say, smilingly. "What?" Dmitri removes his aviators and looks at me. "Oh well, Zip will give you the co-ordinates." I say automatically.

Zip appears at my side. "Hey Lara, got the co-ordinates. Here" He says and hands me a paper.

"Okay" I nod to him and put on my earphones. "Stay in touch... I will see you soon, Mother" I say softly to her.

She nods and kisses my forehead.

Then I climb into the helicopter and wave to them.

The copter takes off.