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After reading fanfics for so many years, i decided to give it a crack. I had just watched 'THE HELP' when i was struck with this idea. I have never seen a 60's themed fanfic on here and well. here goes nothing i guess.

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The crisp spring air of early May stirred the budding trees on that mid day of 1962, giving the yard of the neat and tidy house a serine aura about it. However escaping the light chill in the air inside the well managed home sat six young women engaging in a light game of bridge. Their hair pinned and primped into elegant full shapes atop their heads and their waists clenched in by skirts the billowed out blouses and form fitted shirts. The idle twitter of their conversation never pausing as the maid laid a tray of club sandwiches to be nibbled upon by the uptown women.

Eyeing her hand with a tight lipped smile a Miss Bulma Briefs brushed her hair over her shoulder in a well accustomed grooming manner. She had been called away to the home of her childhood friend Juu to catch up on the town's comings and goings, as it had been five long years since last she resided in the humble town of Westville. She had left all those years ago to attend university, taking and mastering majors in both physics and engineering. It had been a long hard haul, fighting a male driven world. Luckily for Bulma, her influential father had had his hands elbow deep in the ability to influence just about any academic facility. Her father, the famed Dr. Briefs. A true genius in the realm of automotive engineering, and the head of CapsuleCorp. Empire, there wasn't much that he didn't have a sway over now a days.

For the past month Bulma had been staying at her maternal Grandmothers plantation on the outskirts of Westville. it was an impressive land truly to behold and a grand three story country home was the cherry on top, but had it been Bulmas decision to make, she would have been still in her uptown Manhattan apartment tackling head on the new wave technology that her father's empire was producing. She had been grooming herself since she was a young girl to one day take over, nothing stood in the way of Bulma. However this was not the case this time, and here she was at the request of her parents to lay a gentle hand to her grandmother's aid in her ailing heath. At the ripe age of 69 things were becoming a hassle and her heart seemed to fail her more times than not. The stubborn senior woman, in Bulmas opinion, should have hired more help for her home, instead of keeping it running on a staff of two, but her grandmother insisted she had enough monkeys in her home and tilling the cotton fields, and that a more familiar touch was required to ease her aching worries .

Bulma was pulled back into the fray of the conversation when her ears pricked to the sound of her name being mentioned. "- And you're not getting any younger you know love" Juu mentioned to her, glancing at Bulma from the corner of her pale sky coloured eyes that were shrouded in heavily mascaraed lashes and dramatic feline eyeliner. Her corn silk hair was pulled into a soft twist at the back of her head, clearing way of her tight oval shaped face. She always carried herself with a cold indifference with smug feelings running off her like water. Bulma stifled a sigh of annoyance with a polite chuckle "Oh Juu, I just don't have time, between working with Daddy and now taking care of GrandMama. There simply isn't time you know, and please, what sane man would slip a ring on this finger" and to add emphasis to her statement she displayed her open hand to them to show her short broken nails, impossible to grow while working, and more impossible when you were a compulsive nail biter. Her remarks earned her a round of laughter as they continued on with the game.

"But in all seriousness Bulma, you need to get a man. People are going to start thinking there is something wrong with you or something, woman your age, flouncing about, next you will be wearing pants" Lorna added to Bulma's right. The petite brunette dealt her cards out before looking seriously at Bulma. At this Bulma huffed and flicked her lightly rolled aqua locks over her shoulders again. "Please" she snorted unattractively and reached for a sandwich. " I want to be with women as much as you want to be with your Saiyan gardener" she added snidely, earning herself a deep blush and a flustered expression from Lorna as the rest of the women cackled at the quick come back. Bulma shook her head lazily as she nibbled on her sandwich. While her calm exterior stayed flawless she pondered in her inner self. It was true. She had been single, well… her whole life. Never had the young Briefs woman had a long term relationship. It was a gory mix of her ability to over shadow men in about ever academic topic known to man, it was the way she carried herself all high and mighty and the fact that all the girl did was study and work. She was forever clawing her way over people to get where she wanted to be in life, and that wasn't some ones little woman popping out babies, like her friends had. Sure, the company she found herself in had been to universities, colleges and other schoolings, but there was always one single motive behind their actions; husbands. It was a single minded husband hunting expedition during these ladies school years, and the trophies they had pulled down had served them well.

"You know Bulma. The couple next door, Mr. and Mrs Bandit. They have a son our age. Really something fine, sure to go far in his baseball thing that he is set on doing. Why just last week I was him on the television" Juu added with a slight glint to her eyes as she too dined on a small cut of sandwich. "Really?" Bulma droned as she lounged back in the padded chair in Juu's crisp clean living room. Juu Rolled her eyes with a smirk pulling at her lips towards Bulmas antics. "Yes yes of cause. He comes back at the end of the season you know… or if they don't make it all the way through the game. Really Bulma, think about it, I can easily organize something between you two, he is always chatting to my husband Krillen you can't- For goodness sakes ChiChi, watch what you're doing! You almost Touched Launch's glass" Juu suddenly said with her overly straight face, gleaming eyes and patronizing tone. The maid ChiChi looked up suddenly, startled read all over her face. "Yes of cause ma'am" he spoke in a hushed tone as she straightened he back ram rod straight, a finished plate clasped in her hand. As ChiChi made her way back towards the kitchen to be rid of the plate and to fetch a pitcher of lemon squash Juu chimed after her "Oh and deal with Marron, again. I swear all that child does it eat" Juu added as she turned with a slight giggle of embarrassment about her child, who's grubby hands were grasping for a biscuit set upon a plate close by to the women. Juu slapped the little girls hand away and gave her a forbidding scowl as ChiChi swopped in and bundled the child up in her arms, taking her out of her mother's line of sight all the while whispering soothing hushes in the child Marron's ear. As soon as ChiChi was out of earshot Launch pushed her glass of lemon squash aside "I'm sure something touched, I can't risk it" she muttered and looked around their table receiving agreeing nods from most. Bulma couldn't help but just rest her jaw in her hand and raise a brow at Launchs words. "But you know Launch, she made all the food we are eating and I assume that they are perfectly fine, as that is the seventh one that you have taken" Bulma smiled lightly, her eyes half lidded in pleasure at gaining a stain of red across Launchs pale pointed face. "Its no joke Bulma. Those Saiyans, they carry different diseases then what we do you know. That is why she always must prepare our food with gloves, so never mind Bulma Launch, please, fatten you're self away" Juu commented with a straight mouth and raised brow, which only caused Launch to smile awkwardly and place her half bitten bread down. "But I swear to you girls, ehg… it is so hard to find good help. That one has been with me for four years actually, as soon as Marron was born I demanded Krillen allow one. And honestly, she is a sassy mouthed thing, I think of firing her all the time, lucky for her… she can cook" Juu mentioned with a pop of her mouth and a roll of her eyes "But mark my words, she is on a thin thread".

Bulma couldn't help the exasperated look on her face as he drove her eyes down to look at her cards. "Sorry ladies, powder break for me" She smiled as he placed her cards down and shoved the chair back with the reverse of her knees. Her departure was confirmed by small waves and utters of 'of cause' . Bulma climbed up the stairs towards the bathroom, which she knew from prior visits was a cool mint green and closed the bathroom door behind her. 'ahg… how do I deal with these people… calm down girl, their your friend, they just don't know better. Calling me a homosexual, the nerve of her. Launch can be such a fool. oh but that poor baby girl, I hope she grows up beautiful.. god help her if she doesn't' Bulma thought idly to herself as she checked her appearance in the mirror. She licked her finger and ran it over her well arched brow. flipping her face from left to right checking herself out. Her blue blue eyes narrowing and widening as she checked that all her make up was in place. She had a more round face with rosy cheeks and black mascara over her naturally turquoise lashes. Even though they had clumped together to form gathered spikes, that was the raising fashion now days. Satisfied she combed her fingers through her bust length rolled hair and turned on her pumps to leave.

While she waltzed through the kitchen she heard the cackle of her friend in the living room. She could hear as clear as day Juu and Launch talking about having a separate bathroom installed outside for their maids, heaven forbid they get germs from them. There was banter of the best ways to protect ones self and then another bout of laughter filled the home. Bulma watched with guilty eyes as she faced the back of ChiChi. The Saiyan woman was hunched over a chopping counter with her hands grasping the wood, her shoulders slumped in defeat. She was a tailless Saiyan, many of them where now days. The race were naturally more powerful then the ruling race of human, but the human just held sway since they had evolved more quickly. They were thought profoundly dumb and filthy. Bulma couldn't help but feel the woman's pain. Before Bulma could make herself scarce ChiChi turned to face her and the poor woman had clearly been aware of her being there because when she looked up she just stared straight ahead at Bulma, as if she wasn't there. Bulma nervously rang her hands behind her back "I'm… I'm sorry you had to hear that. It's not right" She tried to console her, or at least sympathize with her. ChiChi at first didn't answer and just walked to the refrigerator to fetch a pitcher, but when it looked like Bulma wasn't going to leave he turned her head to look over at her. She patted out her main uniform. A boring gray dress with a white apron tired firmly around her trim waist, her bare thin legs trailing down to buffed black lace-up flats. She looked there very part of institutionalized. "Ain't nothing ma'am" she said clearly and respectfully, but it didn't take a genius to see the forced feeling it gave ChiChi . "No really-" Bulma tried to start but she was cut short as ChiChi spun away from her, placing the pitcher on a tray with glasses and went to leave "No, it really ain't nothing ma'am, it's just how things are" and she walked stiffly into the room with Bulmas gaggling companions. Bulma could do nothing but stand there leaning against a counter, left with a hollow bitter feeling inside.

Bulma sat at her vanity in her room stroking a brush down her hair. She had hurriedly scrubbed her face clean that night leaving it pink and shiny as she prepared to go to sleep for the night. She sat in her light coral pink mid length nightie, ruffles accenting the scooped neckline and tank sleeves with embroidered scattered floral on the bust. Her mother had brought it for her, it was nice, and her mother hoped that Bulma would be thought of as 'nice' by any young male suitor whoever got to see her in it. However for now it was just a casual thing for her to sleep in, it was actually rather comfortable.

She huffed and put her brush down firmly, starting herself straight in the eye. She had left latter in the even from Juu's home. Despite their fickle petty views, they were Bulmas friends and on most events, she did enjoy them completely. But many of their personal views were rather crummy. In the city, things were changing. There was a movement for the Saiyan rights gaining support rapidly, and honestly, Bulma thought it was for the God given good. Things were so different here in the country, it was almost like stepping back in time some days and it bothered Bulma right down to her core. She was a woman of the future and any steps backwards were only results of failure. She just couldn't comprehend it. Back in West City, they had maids, but her mother, while some what a ding-bat, was a honest and loving woman; who treated her staff with respect and a generous pay, and why not, it wasn't as if they couldn't afford it. Bulmas family, well…. direct family believed in giving praise where it was due, and that if you worked hard you earned to get your justice. She drummed her fingers on her chin and then stood and walked towards her bed, climbing on top only to hear it give a familiar creaking sound. She dragged the heavy comforter over her body and laid there staring at the aged ceiling. She folder her arms over the covers and hummed to herself softly while she pondered he days happening. How did it even end up like that? How?... no… Why, why was a better question. Why did Saiyans get treated like the dirt on the floor? They raised them, feed them, cared for them, and many families just wouldn't function without them. So why were they regarded so poorly? Was it really just a sense of them against us, was it tradition, did it run deeper? Her mind ticked away running layers of questions over questions. There simply wasn't enough answers to go around right now. She couldn't deny that at many points in her life, she had felt that superiority over Saiyans, but then again she had felt that with many humans too. What really felt like it didn't sit right was the fact they were RAISED by them, and still hated them. YES HATED THEM! It was like hating your own mother or father… it just…. didn't make sense, and neither did her rambling now as sleep claimed her and she drifted of it to restless slumber.