Neapolitan Sky.

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Bulma couldn't help but hum pleasantly as she sat at her dresser brushing out her shoulder gracing hair. She was still pleased with the cut of her hair. The thick fringe and the blunt edges of her lengths, it was all rather geometrical, but it suited her well. She had just spent hours spraying and combing and spraying again to get it in that perfect bouffant shape at the back. When she had taken the chop she had fretted over the point that her hair was now the same length as Juu's and that maybe it might look similar. However after thinking it over she remembered that Juu bore no fringe and that Bulmas hair was a turquoise, where as Juu's a chilling blonde corn silk colour. In Bulmas mind, she was wearing the better do clearly.

Bulma had painted on that heavy catlike eyeliner and glued on her fake lashes, they really made her eyes pop in her opinion, and you know what they say, the eye is the nipple of the face so to speak. She'd dusted herself in foundation to fight off any shine that dare show its self and then concluded her makeup finished.

Bulma had shimmied into the tightest fitting sheath red dress she owned. It was knee bearing and embellished with deeper red embroidery in a mastery of blooming and swirling patens that rode up her hem and her very low bust line, not that Bulma really had large breasts to flaunt, but she still had them so… work with what you got and what not.

The thick straps that lead up close to her neck and then dropped down low on her back revealed her milky skin in an assortment of angles. Her pumps were high end soft nude suede that she had been saving for a special occasion… she could think of none better than this to reveal them. She pulled it all together by wearing a diamond and gold encrusted chocker that dropped down her bust in its length, this would surely get her some looks…. and some rumors no doubt…. but… fuck them.

Sure it was simply a charity dinner dance at the local town hall, but still didn't mean a girl didn't need to look her best now did it?

Bulma tossed her head to and fro looking herself over quickly, checking for any flaws….not that there was any she could see. On her mother's and her grandmother's advice she had chosen to tone the colours down. they had reminded her both that she was in a small town and that the city fashion had yet to creep down there, and that men were not impressed by such clothing…. simple prime colours or muted tone, that or black and white where the way to go. Gack… boring, was what had dropped into Bulmas mind, so she had at least picked red.

Bulma stood before the mirror, eyeing her narrow waist and what she thought were her huge thighs. If she wasn't so stringent with her eating habits she'd probably fill out nicely, breasts and ass wise….but heaven forbid!

"Buuuuuulma!" was the loud screech of her grandmother from the stair well. All that hollering could only be for one reason… well today anyway. Juu, Krillin and this mystery guy Yamcha must have arrived. As far as Bulma knew they were going to take Juu's family's car. Of cause, being Juu's car…. only the best would do, but it was not as good at Bulmas car…. Bulma made sure of that.

Bulmas feet hammered down the stairs as fast as she could manage in her heels, she actually nearly stumbled down the last two steps but was lucky enough to catch the banister and save her grace.

"Oh my sweet may pea…." her grandmother paused as she sized up Bulma's image. 'She looks like a trollop' the grey woman grimaced. "You look stunning" she cooed and then she rested her hand on the arm of Ellia.

Bulma figured her grandmother seemed to be either having a bad day health wise or was just so overcome with joy that Bulma would be on a date with a young man that her excitement had gotten the best of her.

"Do you think?" Bulma asked with a quirky smirk as she did a little shuffled twirl so that they could see all of her. Of cause her question had been rhetorical, she knew she looked damn fine… but that didn't stop her from fishing for compliments.

"Oh yes… doesn't she Ellia?" Bulmas grandma uttered softly with a seemingly clear sense of pride in her beautiful granddaughter.

Ellia nodded her head with a soft smiling face. Bulma did look good, but Ellia knew that Bulma knew that too.

Bulma giggled a little in a manner that was uncharacteristic of her, she was just so excited. She made her way to the front door as lady like as possible in her killer heels, heavens… she was going to be even taller than Juu in these.

As Bulma opened the front door she could hear her grandmother calling words of luck and advice on not screwing this up, but Bulma easily pushed them aside in her mind as she closed the door behind her. Before her was the frosty green car with metallic silver accents that Juu normally drove. Since it was a special occasion though tonight Juu's husband was in the front seat driving, as a man should in Juu's opinion.

Juu was sitting in the front passenger's seat looking at herself in the drop down mirror. Those last seconds of primping where important, Bulma could understand that, but what really caught her eye… the thing she had been aching to see (since… well the dawn of time was how it felt) was Yamcha Bandit.

He was standing by the cars open door looking every part the debonair sports man he had been played out to be. He was tall, well built and handsome. His face was short, softly featured; it held a boyish charm about it as he looked up from where he was smoking a cigarette. His eyes where a deep melted chocolate brown that contrast with his light creamed out skinned completion. Even though his hair was long, thick and black… it was kind of sexy to Bulma. Those untamable locks that had been pulled back as best they could into a low hanging ponytail just spoke volumes to her, like he was a little bit of forbidden fruit…. she was more than willing to take a bite she found. There was however one flaw… he had scars running over one side of his face…. at first Bulma was prepared to screw her face up at this … but as she made her way closer and his face light up for her… she soon found them as sexy as his hair.

"You must be Yamcha" Bulma smirked in a somewhat smoldering manner as she offered him her hand.

Yamcha happily accepted the extended limb and gave it a soft shake in a friendly manner, all the while wearing a cheerful grin on his face. "Yeah that would be me. Juu's told me heaps about you, but she never really said that you were THIS beautiful" He said as he released her hand and opened the side door for her to climb in.

Bulma was at first a little disappointed at the hand shaking, she had expected a grateful kiss to be blessed upon her hand… but this would do, plus… he'd called her beautiful. As she climbed in she made sure to keep her knees together as she slid along the back seat to sit behind Juu.

"You're looking stunning dear" was what Bulma heard Juu mention as she still preened in the mirror, adding pale pink lipstick to her mouth.

"Ohhhh why thank you Juu, you're looking mighty fine too" Bulma replied. Bulma maintained a strange love hate relationship with Juu it seemed.

"Ta" Juu Smiled in thanks as she popped her lips together before patting her husband on the shoulder as a signal to drive on.

The car ride was rather silent for that matter, there was idle chatter between Bulma and Juu about the coming venue they were riding to, but mostly the interaction between Bulma and Yamcha stayed to a minimum.

He would often be caught eyeing her however. Every time Bulma turned to look at him he would be looking back at her. That same self-assured boyish smile on his face as he lounged there looking rather content, but every time Bulma tried to speak to him he seemed to suddenly freeze up and stutter a little. He would scratch his head and blush at the most simple of questions. Bulma wasn't sure if she found it endearing or fucking annoying.

As they pulled up to the town hall Bulma couldn't squash her excitement as Yamcha let her out of the car. A little shy he may have been when spoken to, but he was proving to be rather enjoyable when he demonstrated some gentlemanly qualities.

"Thank you Yamcha" Bulma mentioned as he helped her out of the car.

"Ah, its no problem at all" Yamcha blushed a little as he offered Bulma the crook of his arm as they walked towards the stairs that lead to the entrance.

The sun was already low in the sky causing the lighting to be many shades of yellow and orange in the setting sun. Bulma couldn't believe she had had to wait all day for this moment, and while it was amazing… there was a passion she was yet to feel.

Yamcha ever so graciously lead her up the stairs and into the large hall, following behind Juu and Krillin. At the doors they were greeted by Tiffany, the chair leader for the event tonight. She was a real socialite and proper Mrs, but even her tight chest dress was nowhere near as revealing as Bulmas, and it did earn Bulma a sideways glance from Tiffany as Yamcha shook the chair woman's had.

"So glad you could make it" Tiffany smiled warmly, but it seemed to fail to reach her fair features… or she just had so much foundation on you couldn't see her other features move. It was a well known face that Tiffany had acne scars and was always eager to hide them.

"Oh I so am I Tiff" Bulma winked as she snuggled closer to Yamcha who for what it was worth looked like the cat who got the canary.

Tiff gave a short and stiff smile as she watched the pair walk in following the honorable Juu. "Bitch" Tiffany mumbled before spinning around in a gust of smiling teeth and twinkling eyes at the next attendee.

"I have to say Yamcha, it's nice to finally meet you, I have heard… nothing but good things about you" Bulma beamed, she was relatively comfortable in the hall. It was decorated nicely and they had a string band playing softly in the corner with a mellowed out crooner singing in hushed tones. She had been raised to live in such a life, but that didn't mean that at points she didn't find it mind numbing boring.

With all the catty glances Bulma was receiving from the town's folk she was slightly amazed that Yamcha hadn't questioned her about it, but to his credit, he seemed completely blind to it.

Dinner would not be served for another hour and a half, so it gave for plenty of time for people to mingle and drink themselves into the mood.

Once Bulma and Juu had been lead to their seats it didn't take long for the two grinning men to return with flutes of champagne for them all.

Bulma accepted the glass gracefully from her sitting position at a rounded table that was billowed out in cream table clothes and lemon yellow bows that skirted along the floor. It was all rather quaint compared to the ritzy things she had grown used to in the capital, but who was she to complain. This was a small town full of small people with small expectations as far as she was concerned. To their credit, they had tried… maybe not enough, but still.

Bulma hadn't missed the way Yamcha watched her careful throughout the time they spent together. Juu hadn't missed these looks from the acceptable young man either. Juu was rather pleased with the whole situation as she watched Yamcha start up small talk with Bulma. Yamcha was a perfect contended for Bulma. He would make a good husband. he made money, he was handsome, he got along well with Juu's own husband and to top that off he was what she considered the perfect representation of a well groomed man… well maybe groomed was not the right idea. That hair that he insisted on wearing back in that low pony tail was horrific. Juu was sure Bulma would use her female whim to convince him to get a cut.

Juu lifted her glass up to her painted lips and sipped it delicately as she watched the event unfold before her. She mildly took note of her husband by her side trying to strike up conversation with a neighboring man that stood off to his right. It was of no importance right now since all that mattered was that this night went off without a hitch.

"Ohh Juu darling, you look the bee's knees" a light bubbly voice bounced, causing Juu to cast her icy gaze over her shoulder.

It was Launch, in all her glory, sporting that small tummy of baby. As usual the woman was dressed in pink, her plan for encouraging a baby girl to pop out when the time came. Her purple hair piled high on her little head, all curls and folds topped off with a pink bow.

Juu thought she might gag on the amount of pink one woman could wear, but kept her face prim and proper.

"Don't you look… pink tonight" Juu smiled firmly as she allowed her friend to grace her side.

"You can never have too much pink" launch smiled mildly with a soft face as she rubbed her palm over her belly lovingly. You would think she would be about to pop….she was barely a few months along, she just, as Juu suspected… was 'eating for two' so to say.

Juu held no real interest for what Launch was rattling on about; she only had eyes for Yamcha and Bulma. "Heaven granted…. Bulma make this one work!" she sighed inwardly as she was finally pulled from her mind by her husband ushering her away to speak to the Ladies church group president and her husband. They were a couple that Juu was unable to refuse an audience with… even though she wanted to.

Bulma noticed Juu wonder off to the far side of the room and she felt her shoulders sag a little in relief. It was draining having those stone eyes grazing down your back all the time when you where trying to entertain polite company with a man.

Bulma was sitting with her legs tucked together and crossed at the ankle, her hands lightly rested in her lap and her head slightly raised as Yamcha told her about his sporting career. Honestly Bulma wasn't that interested, sport… it just wasn't really something she flocked towards… but she would maintain a modest interest in it for tonight.

Listening to Yamcha speak Bulma was able to deduct a few things about Yamcha. He was sweet firstly, always willing to jump up and fetch her a new glass of drink. Secondly he was funny; he managed to make her laugh about strange tales that had happened to him in his life. Lastly he was about as bright as a rock on a cloudy day.

Whenever Bulma tried to sway the conversation towards something she had an interest in such as bio molecular fusion he would glaze over and call it interesting before starting off on a topic of his choosing. A few times he managed to earn her irritation when he called it a cute hobby of hers, her interest in the wonderful world of knowledge. For some reason he found it quaint that a woman would be educated and interested in running a multibillion zeni corporation. Bulma had fought to keep her tongue in check, but had been saved…. by Juu of all people when dinner was served.

The dinner went over rather well, nothing interesting. Roasted duck served with vegetable followed by chocolate pie, Bulma would have rather strawberry, but alas… she would have to rough it she supposed.


"Huh?" Bulma suddenly snapped out of her own little day dream when Yamcha addressed her. Standing over her in all his manly glory offering her his open hand.

Bulma looked at him a little confused at first before he sighed with a lopsided smile and asked her again if she'd like to dance.

"Oh well… my.. um… sure" Bulma beamed a little blushed at being caught off guard. She did so enjoy dancing. Of course not the kind that was going to ensue, which would be classical waltzes and graceful gliding, since the music's sway and pitch dictated that would be the move. She would have rather something more swinging, but oh well.

Yamcha held her firmly against his body with his hand held low in the dip of her back while the other grasped her frail small pale hand. He was so much taller hen her, and she had to admit that it was nice to be in the arms of a strong handsome man. she had had a few flings in the city… she dared not say so though, it would be social suicide… but this was something different. This man clearly showed he had the intention to see her again. The way his eyes sparkled as he looked down at her, grasped her tightly and smile sweetly whenever they turned.

Bulma could feel herself falling into a stupor as they slowly waltzed around the dance floor. She had lost track of Juu and her crew that normally followed the blonde witch around. She had lost track of the time that she has been on her feet swaying with this man.

This man…. he was… everything society deemed she needed. Was he everything she needed though? She wasn't sure. It bothered her the way he had brushed off her interests and sort of laughed at her intellect. Was she just being paranoid though? Maybe this was a bad idea… but… it felt pretty good.

Bulma started to weigh in her options and as such started to gaze into his chest as they danced.

Yamcha was…. amazing. Not to smart… but amazing she concluded… but maybe she just didn't know him well enough, maybe she needed to just give him some time to show more of his colours, maybe that's what needed to happen.

"Bulma…" was all Bulma heard uttered into her ear from above, catching her in her little mental debate. She peeked her eyes up through her thick made-up eyelashes and caught him staring back down at her with semi hooded eyes. He looked … lets fucking face it, pretty damn sexy. That was what Bulma had to agree to. She would have added more thoughts but was suddenly swept up in the fact that he had dipped her back suddenly and placed his lips lightly upon hers. He was soft with her, and his lips moved silently against hers trying to get her to yield.

Who did this man think he was that he was allowed to kiss her! Bulma was filled with a justified rage as she stared out of her skull at the ceiling in shock at his bold move on her. She tried to pull her hand free to shove him back… but as the seconds passed she felt her body starting to soften and relax and she finally followed his lead. She couldn't help herself, it just felt so good!

The whole interaction maybe lasted a minute and half; it was quick but felt like it lasted hours for Bulma. When he pulled away and righted her position she was half dazed and swooning. She fluttered her eyes open and stood there with one hand pressed to her lips. She wasn't sure what to think, he had just shut her brain down and now she was trying her best to reboot.

"I'd like to do this again soon" Yamcha winked at her as he offered her the crook of his elbow to guide her off of the dance floor back to a beaming Juu and her blissfully kind husband.

"I think that can be arranged" Bulma smiled in a small flirty way. She felt like a bashful school girl again.

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Over the coming three weeks Bulma found herself in the company of Yamcha, Krillin, Launch and on the rare occasion Launches husband Tein. They would go for picnics on in the park, see movies, and dine at luncheons, but most of all… Bulma and Yamcha would make out. They would sneak off any given time to tie tongues and take grabbing expeditions. Bulma had even boldly allowed Yamcha to pick her up from her family home a few times, allowing her grandmother the pleasure of seeing her with a well to do young man. Maybe there was hope for the wild Bulma Briefs after all.

Bulma had all but forgotten the Saiyans that maintained her home. She would bump into Ellia often of course, but was so caught up in the whirlwind romance she was having that she didn't pay the maid too much notice. Vegeta was almost never seen. Bulma stopped gracing the gardens to seek him out and talk him into the grounds. Something Vegeta was honestly glad about.

He had stood still as ice when Ellia had explained what was wrong with the young Miss Bulma. He had grunted something about good riddance and then gone back to work. The less she was around the less trouble he would find himself in. Ellia was also glad that Bulma had buggered off and taken to being courted by a charming white human man, she had worried a little there for a while that the strong brooding Saiyan man in the yard and the pale girl of the manner where getting too close.

Bulma was living in the lavender mist it seemed as of late. She had been more than willing to go to Juus place for their game of bridge. It was becoming surprisingly pleasant now that all the women there had men folk to gossip about. Juus attitude had some what changed. She was still her normal stiff and proper self, but she took a new turn with her friendship with Bulma, she was much more pleasant to be around for all concerned.

Bulma was laughing as she placed her cards out, she was just aching about the fact that Juu's husband had started to grow a mustache. It was ludicrous to even entertain the notion. Juu didn't seem to think so, she was mildly horrified…

"It's not funny Bulma… it's not like there is anything I can do to stop him, he is a man and he will do as he wishes… but my word… it's looking horrible and it scratches something shocking!" Juu grimaced as she let a long heartfelt sigh escape her lips.

Bulma twirled her fingers through her own shoulder length locks and then blew some strands free from her blunt fringe. "Who knows Juu, when it's trimmed and maintained you may even grow to like it" Bulma said with a somewhat teasing tone, it was not missed by the ladies of the table and the group fell into a twitter of giggles.

It was second latter that Bulma noticed a young Saiyan girl coming towards them carrying a tray of delights. Bulma didn't say anything but cocked a brow as the timid creature laid the tray out for the women to help themselves to. The girl had short cropped hair was had been brushed back as best as she could and wide set eyes that stared at the floor at all times. She looked a little pathetic.

"Oh Juu I didn't know you had taken on a new maid" Claudia from two houses down mentioned as she reached for a cherry tart.

"Hmm that would be because I haven't, I just replaced one" Juu snorted as she too laid a well manicured hand upon the treat tray. "It was a sad affair really. This one is better mannered, but… shame… not as well at cooking. But we make do don't we ladies?" Juu said and earned a round of sympathies and head nods from the table girls.

No one seemed to question Juus decision, well no one but Bulma, to which when Bulma spoke up all the women groaned inwardly.

"Why did you need to replace Chichi, she was a good cook… and doesn't Marron adore her?" Bulma piped as she rest and elbow on the table… much to Juus displeasure… elbows didn't belong on tables after all.

"She was late… again. I had important meetings to attend to and I was forced to stay here with Marron. It was disgraceful. To have to excuse myself from the charity committee to wait for my maid! She came barreling in 3 hours late! Telling me that he son had been ill and she dare not leave his side, I doubt it highly, she was just lazy mostly. I mean, I am a caring woman, but you have a job to do. why do these Saiyans have children they can't even afford to care for, that and she could have rang me to tell me she was going to be late, to which… to which I say ladies, she did not….. but that is not the only thing, some of my good silver has been going missing. The snake must have been stealing and pawning it off I'm sure, I can't have that kind of person around my family" Juu finally finished with a huff and a jerk of her head before she decided the topic was closed for debate by giving Bulma a pointed look.

"Oh my that's horrible… " Launch uttered and grasped at her belly protectively and she was joined by a chorus of other condolences for her horrible experience.

Bulma sat there in shock. Shock, horror, mortification, disbelief, astonishment, call it whatever you would… she felt all of them. Juu had fired this woman for taking care of her sick baby. How could she? Bulma knew Juu to be a cold and hard woman, but she was a mother too… didn't see have any sympathies?

Bulma felt mildly sick as she sat there and watched everyone fuss over Juu before settling back into the game at hand as well as the tarts.

"I'm... ah... I need to go" Bulma stated suddenly as she stood up from the table, jarring it as she did so causing things to clutter.

All the women looked at her slightly alarmed, wondering what ever could be the matter with her.

"Are you ok Bulma?" Launch asked with worry etched on her face.

"I feel…. Ill… I need to go home I do think" Bulma replied as she started to make her way towards the door, picking her bag on the way. "sorry girls, continue without me".

Bulma couldn't help but hear Juu sniff and commence to say something about Chichi probably have had brought some kind of germs into her house hold. She would need to get her new maid, known as Sipuli, to do a right proper clean.

It only made Bulma want to vomit.

-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-

Bulma was slowly driving down the long dirt road of her family's property leading up to her home when she noticed scattered leaves all along the road as well as a shock of black hair and tanned… toned… marble back muscles.

"Hey Vegeta" Bulma called as she pulled her car to a halt by his side.

The moody Saiyan didn't even bother to look back at her from his work. He had been hedge clipping for well over three hours and he still need to do the other side of the road, pick up all the clipped leaves and dispose of them before he took on a list of other things that needed attending to around the place. Being the gardener also seemed to enlist in him being part handy man as well… there was some broken weather boards that needed dealing with.

Bulma slowly opened her car door and stepped out. She was wearing a summer frock, that molded down her towards a dropped waist hemline and then falling out loosely just above her knees. It was coloured deepest jade and had chopped sleeves with a white collar, she was clearly dressed to impress someone else, as if it was just for her… it would have been more scandalous.

She eyed his work for a while. He didn't pay her any mind. In fact the only sign that he even knew she was there was the way his tail tightened ever so slightly. He was in no mood to entertain the bitch.

"You know… you're good at this… your father did it pretty sloppy" she mumbled, admiring her work. She didn't even pay any mind to what she had said to him. Had she seen his face she would have seen it darken considerably at the mention of his father's shoddy work.

Vegeta kept clipping with the large snipers, if not maybe a little more forcefully, trying his best to will Bulma away… or better yet into nonexistence.

Bulma just stood there behind him, her hair blowing in the summer air. She wasn't sure how she should interact with him anymore. It had been so easy before… but now it seemed a little awkward since she saw him get his ass beaten in town… and on top of that she really hadn't spoken to him in about a whole month.

She sort of just rocked back on her small heels slightly waiting for something to happen between them, but Vegeta seemed determined to not notice her. It all felt silly and childish her just standing there like a garden gnome, she needed something to grasp to get some kind of reaction out of him… a good reaction would be preferable.

Gazing down at the ground she notice of all the little clippings littering the ground. Vegeta would need to pick those up; her Gran would never allow that to remain there. There was a large black plastic bag not a little ways off that looked as if it was stuffed with some of the leaves. There was a rake off to the side of that and it sprung forwards an idea to Bulma. She strode over to the items, snatched them up and then started doing her best to help him gathered up the scattered leaves.

The sound of the rake scratching over the earth caught Vegeta's hearing pretty much instantly and it caused him to cock his head to the side to see what that twit of a woman was doing. Raking… she was raking up the leaves, and in the meantime dirtying her pretty porcelain hands.

What was her problem? Why couldn't she just go away? She was a plague on him that he couldn't shake. "Stop" he grunted and turned to look at her in a brooding stance.

Bulma looked up at him from her own self appointed work and smirked at him "see I knew those boys didn't cut out your tongue. Stop ignoring me… it's rude and ungentlemanly like" she huffed and then as if to prove a point went back to her own task, trying to ignore him now.

"Oh for fuck sakes, do not feed me that kind of crap" he grouched as he turned back to snipping twigs and leaves from the hedge, slowly moving down and away from her.

Bulma had to scurry to keep up with him, he seemed to be trying to get away from her, he didn't have much hope, she was rather determined.

"Why do you have to be such a butt Vegeta? Here I am trying to make nice with you…. and you're being a right… well… prick" she smiled as she watched his feet shuffle slightly away from her.

Vegeta grunted loudly as he eyed her from the corner of his vision. Her head was down and she was busying herself with the fallings. "I'm not being anything. You are just intolerable. Let me do my job in peace. Go back to you home and 'tend' to your grandmother like a good little girl should" he mumbled as he wiped some sweat from his brow, letting some of it run down his neck to drip down onto his bronzed chest. Bulma was looking up at him now while he made these movements and found a lump trapped in her throat that she struggled to force down.

"I'm sure that Ellia has he taken care of" Bulma smiled kindly as she straightened her back to regard him.

He simply looked tired and put out by her being there. His face showed signs of being in the scrap last month in town, as well as a few other knocks here and there. Despite the fact he seemed to be trying to look at her as bored and aloof as possible to her he always had this hot, molten gaze that somewhat set her on fire. She wasn't sure if she was intrigued or disgusted some times.

The way his Adams apple bounced in his neck with every breath and his square chiseled features stuck out at her. He was so…. forbidden.

Why did he have to be shirtless too… showing that coffee cream skin layered over steel hard muscles… she shouldn't have been looking… correction staring.

Vegeta didn't give up on his glare at her, hoping she would scoot off out of intimidation. This didn't go as planned however. He noticed… instead of cowering away like a good little human… she started to seemingly check him out. As soon as this became fact to him he felt his cheeks stir up a lovely shade of red and he turned his whole body away from her and jumped back into his work with a new speed.

Bulma was a little startled at his sudden action as well. What was his problem? One second he was trying to stare her down and then he latterly tried to run away. He was so weird some times. She sighed softly and shook her head as she followed as closely as she could picking up his mess.

After about 10 minutes she dared to start to chatter. Nothing special, just about an article she had been reading about the possibility of interstellar communications. She hoped this would peak his interest considering his own views and studies. She was wrong. He had to ignore her. Bulma didn't back down though.

"Just think if you magnified such a thing the possibility to reach into deeper spa-" she was jolted back to reality when she bumped hard into a now non moving Vegeta. She had grown used to his fast tempo of work and wasn't ready for him to suddenly stop next to her.

she stumbled backwards and lost her footing in the bag of leaves to her side. That was it... She was going to fall ass over in the dirt. She could see the look of amusement on Vegeta's face already.

Bulma braced herself for impact, but it never came. She looked outwards at her hand to see it grasped at the wrist by a strong callused male hand.

Vegeta looked back at her with all the seriousness of a natural disaster. He held her steady and then in one graceless yank he ripped her back towards him, aiming to get her back on her feet. What he didn't calculate was her un-readiness for such an action as she stumble forwards smacking into his glistening chest.

Bulma stood there in shock none to say the less. Her small hands placed on Vegeta's sweaty shoulders and her body flush up against his.

If she was in shock, he was suffering from mortification. The small human, who only just came under his own height, was pushed up against him, balancing her weight against his. Suddenly every sense he had was on high alert as well as some senses he didn't even know he even had! He could smell her jasmine perfume mixed with her own natural scents. He could hear her breath in his ear. He could feel her heart beat against his chest… heck he could even taste her sweat on the air. A feeling not to un-similar to electricity race up his limbs and then the panic started to set in.

Bulma had been left blinking like a dumb deer in the middle of a road as she braced against Vegeta. He was sticky and hot to the touch. As she went to move her hands she notice the solid build that he was… he was like a walking fridge, mildly taller than herself… but built like a brick wall! She could feel his muscles move under the exposed skin she touched and it made her body temperature soar. She slowly lifted her head to look him in the face instead of his thick neck that she had been.

As she looked up he seemed to tilt his head down and they caught each other's eyes. Hers crystal blue and his deepest brown locking in a moment. They were so different, it was actually painful to conceder.

As quick as the moment had happened, it ended when Vegeta ripped himself away and stood a good 3 feet away from her looking ruffled like a chicken that had been caught in a gale.

Bulma was in no better stance. Her legs a little bowed and hands still rested up in the air where Vegetas shoulders had been only seconds ago. She looked just as frazzled as he did.

"Well…. um… thanks…. I think" she uttered as she righted herself, straightening out her dress quickly and tucking some of her hair back into place.

Vegeta just snorted and then hurriedly looked back to his work. His face was stone cold now… not an inch of emotion to be seen.

Suddenly there was heaviness in the air that crashed down upon Bulma like a tidal wave. She couldn't breathe and she worried that something horrible might have transpired. She needed to glaze over that quickly. "Óh dear, fuck fuck fuck… say something"she scolded herself quickly as she struggled to come up with something to say.

"Did you hear what happened to Juu's maid Chichi. She got fried just for trying to take care of her baby… I really hope the poor thing is ok" Bulma sighed, hoping she could bring his attention back. She had never been so awkward and worked so hard just to talk with someone and at the same time brush out a strange incident.

Vegeta grunted an acknowledgement to her and then brought the blades of the sippers together roughly, it caused the leaves to flutter about and then sail down to sick to his chest. He reached down and brushed them away as he spoke "He'll be ok. That brat has been sickly from day one, if he hasn't died now I doubt he will".

Bulma rubbed behind her neck softly as she considered it, she was already forming ideas in her mind of anyway she could maybe help. She didn't know why, but it seemed like the right thing to do. a struggling mother and child was a struggling mother and child no matter what race they where.

"If I remember correctly, Chichi was a mighty awesome cook, surely she'll get another job" Bulma sighed as she watched his busy himself with keeping clean from the leaves and then go back into cutting away. She needed to remind herself that she had dedicated her time to pick up those leaves, but now she wasn't feeling the spirit of it anymore.

"She won't. The town see's her as a dirt thief, she'd have better hope at selling her open thighs then getting a job even licking the ass of any of those women in town now" Vegeta grunted with a deep frown on his face.

She never thought after such an awkward incident that she would have been granted speech from the stony man next to her. He never paused in his work, but he did seem to be able to budge a sentence from his firm mouth. It wasn't the most pleasant or elegant of sentences, but girls gotta take what she can.

Bulma leaned against the rake she was holding, suddenly considering calling it a hoe…. she sighed deeply and loudly, earning Vegetas ire. "That's a real shame. She really is astonishing with her skills in the kitchen. I mean Ellia is…. adequate at best, Chichi would be a gem" she muttered with her chin now resting on top of her hand.

Vegeta eyed her from the corner for a second as he saw a smile slowly slither onto Bulmas face. She was creeping him out and he fought the urge to slink back into the darkness and make a bolt for it.

"She is a great cook" Bulma mentioned again. Vegeta started to think maybe when he had jerked her back he had knocked her brain loose against him. She was a total loony sometimes.

"A REALLY great cook!" Bulma chimed brightly as she dropped the rake down on the ground and fastened her hands over her hips and sashayed back towards her car far down the drive.

Vegeta had to pause as he watched her stroll back to her car. What the hell was that? The bitch be crazy as a bag full of cats! He couldn't believe it really. He was starting to think that maybe it was he who was crazy and he was simply imagining what has transpired before him.

Vegeta pulled his mouth down into a dramatic frown and his eyebrows leveled up towards his hairline. There was all sorts of weird pouring out of the deep foreboding whole that was Bulma Briefs, he prayed to whatever god dared to listen that he never stumbled and fell in.

-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-

Sweat poured in torrents down Vegetas body as his breath came fast and ragged as he stood poised to duck or bounce back at any second now. The stark light of the summer moon pierced down casting his shadow long before him and down over the man standing before him.

Goku stared Vegeta down with a vicious sneer creasing up his youthful face as he shook off the blow that had plowed his head sideways and sent him stumbling back a few steps. His lip was swollen and uneven, blood dribbling out of his mouth where he had sliced his tongue on his teeth. He had been a tattered grazed mess before, now he just looked like a tenderized steak piece, or at least he felt like it.

"S'a cheap shot Vegeta!" Goku snapped in uncharacteristic annoyance as he steadied himself.

"Ya mama's s'a cheap shot" Vegeta snorted with his emotionless face. He didn't look that much better then Goku honestly. His ribs ached and his head hurt. In fact he felt like one big hurt all over really, it was becoming difficult to figure out what parts of him actually ached since everything felt the same or worse.

Goku rolled his eyes as he rolled his shoulders over. He couldn't really stay mad at Vegeta right now. When the smurf sized Saiyan had stormed over to his home and almost dragged him out by the ears to engage in a light spar, how could he say no when he had only just been given the great news. He hadn't dared to bring it up with Vegeta yet, but he was walking up the gall to do so.

"Stop act'n lie a fucking twat, FIGHT!" Vegeta Finally snapped and surged forwards, ready to rip Goku into confetti.

Goku took the punch in his stride this time, bracing himself and riding it out before grappling Vegeta by the elbow and lifting him up and over his own shoulder, slamming him forcefully to the hard ground.

Vegeta felt the air get flushed out of his lungs, leaving him looking rather much like a stunned fish on the ground. He wasn't able to gather the air back fast enough it seemed as he arched his back in his scramble to regain his bearings.

Goku leaned over him. His smug childish grin plastered all over his face. "Not a good time to be layin down yer Geta" he smiled bubbly, bracing himself on his knees with his palms.

"Don't call me dat!" Vegeta managed to wheeze out as he stared almost unseeingly up through Goku's skull at the starry sky.

"Oh, since you be down there n all. I gotsa say thanks n all" Goku smiled in all his perky glory, only pissing Vegeta off further.

"Why" Vegeta grunted as he folded his arms over his chest, guarded and disgruntled even when he was back flat on the ground.

"yer know. You got Chichi a job at dat place yo workin" Goku winked.

If possible, Vegetas frown deepened further. "I did no such thing" he snapped brutishly and started to heave himself up. He wasn't going to admit it out loud, but he was finished with fighting with Goku for the day. He wanted nothing more than to go home and flop down like a boneless jelly creature and never move again.

"Yer ya did. Miss Bulma Rang us. Offered Chi a job n all cooking for them. Not just em ladies of the house either, she gotta go and feed the whole plantation" Goku said with an attempt of looking thoughtful and serious as he nodded his head. "Might even be paying her real fine like" he suddenly beamed as he gladly rubbed the back of his head customary.

"That Bulma, she's a nice gal. Really sweet n all. Ya lucky to work here she lives hey" Goku sighed as if he was talking about some kind of super idol.

Vegeta was in the midst of dusting himself off when he made a strangled snorting sound in Goku's direction. "She's a rabid mad cow, who sooner needs a bullet to the head then a gawking fan!" He snarled snidely as he shot Goku daggers from his dark scowl.

Goku pulled a mildly upset face at Vegetas brutal tone and wording. "Nah nah, Bulma, da younger one… not her old ma" Goku corrected Vegeta.

Vegeta groaned loudly and started to walk off towards his home. He'd had enough of Bulma. Bulma this Bulma that. she was like a fly in the heat of summer, always returning to the same spot on your face no matter how many times you tried to swat it away. "You're a fuck head, n so's she!" Vegeta called over his shoulder as he sulked on home.