MGLN challenge:

Main Character: Takamachi Nanoha

Magic Style: Belkan

Device: Raising Heart – it would be better if you change RH's name into a German one.

Secondary Main Character: Arisa Bannings or Tsukimura Suzuka

Pairing: Preferably NanohaXFate and ArisaXSuzuka

Synopsis: After seeing her father bedridden from his injuries, Nanoha takes up her family's swords and trained to be a true Takamachi protector and vow to protect those who were dear to her. (You can change this if you want to)

Unlike in canon on which Nanoha has no formal training in combat until the start of the series, here she will have experience through learning and practicing Fuwa-ryuu swordsmanship. Before the start of the series she found a device called Raising Heart.

Rules and Preferables (I do not know the correct word):

-Nanoha is a skilled melee fighter even without magic.

-Nanoha found about magic before the start of the series due to finding an old belkan device (Raising Heart).

-Her armour should be like in the movie version.

-As a Belka magic user, she will not do the same beam as her canon self but she can still do spam in a different way.

-Preferable if you base her to Exia/00/Quan-T Gundams from Gundam 00.

-A mode/attack/spell of Raising Heart must have Bits/Dragoon/Fang or whatever you call it

-Preferable if she has two different persona's: normal - canon personality; fighter mode – cold personality (OoC if you say it)

-In terms of skill: Nanoha is less skilled with the sword than Signum but makes it up for Power-output and beam/sword-bit spam.

-Instead of Nanoha it would either be Arisa Bannings or Suzuka Tsukimura will hear Yuuno's help and come to his aid though preferably it is Arisa.

-The device that is with Yuuno is not Raising Heart but has the nearly same modes. You can decide the name of the device.

-Nanoha will not jump immediately into the fight for the jewel seeds. Preferably Nanoha will meet Fate and Arf during the hot springs when the latter two fight against the secondary main character but in secret thus Yuuno and the second main character will not know that Nanoha is magical until the climax.

-Nanoha will not have Divine Buster spell but…

-Nanoha will still have STARLIGHT BREAKER!

-The secondary heroine will have a spell on the same power output as Starlight Breaker (minus the gatheration-of-depleted-magic-thingy of Starlight Breaker)

-Will follow the main series.

-PM me if you take the challenge.