AN Okay. Just so people know, this is my first fan-fic...ever. I do not own anyone or anything from the Percy Jackson series. However I do take full credit for Lee, John, Karla and Glade as well as anyone else who is a part of their lives (mortal family member/ancestor etc). I just hope I'm doing this right. Anyway, please enjoy and tell me what you think. Without further ado, I give you...

The Cursed Demigod

Chapter 1 Of Dragons And Snake Women

As if things couldn't get worse. The last thing I needed in my life was to have some evil snake woman strangling my best friend just so she could take him home and cook him up in an extra-large cooking pot. Not my idea of a quiet day playing hoops in the park.

My name is Lee Harvey-King. And I am currently looking at one of my worst nightmares. A giant woman that was half boa constrictor. So I'll make this quick for you. I'm a fifteen year old male with grey eyes and scruffy black hair. I ran away from home seven months ago and met my best friend, John Smith, two months later. He's been on the run with me for three months now. We made a new friend nearly two weeks ago now, and we were planning on showing him how to play basketball today. That idea was quickly destroyed by the evil snake woman strangling my best friend. And that is where you came in.

It was still pretty early in the morning, so not many people were up and about. That was good for me. But apparently it wasn't good for John. I leave our makeshift camp for five minutes as the sun comes up and when I return I find John struggling in mid-air, trying to get out of a head-lock with a demon. And the only thing I had for protection? Let's see, there was the basketball which we had found in the junkyard a few blocks away, and there was that crowbar which John stole from the hardware store just so he could get me out of that cage, and then there were the twigs and branches which we had collected to make our campfire…

I took the basketball and the crowbar.

" Hey, Granny!" I called, aiming the basketball at the snake woman's face. "Eat this!"

Then, with as much power as I could muster, I threw the basketball at her face. It was a goal worthy of John and I knew that I wouldn't be able to do it again. I may be smart, but I'm not that good.

" I'll get you for that, you little brat!" the snake woman hissed.

My response was to charge her with the crowbar. I didn't get very far. The reason? My other friend decided then was a great time to wake up and came face to face with one of his worst nightmares. He screamed. And not one of those war-cry like screams, either. I mean a really high pitched scream that changed into a goat's bleat half-way through. My poor, sensitive ears will probably never be the same again.

" Glade! Shut up!" I yelped in pain.

Glade did the next best thing. He grabbed two rather large branches that were almost as big as him, not to mention as thick as his neck. The first one he threw at the demon. He climbed up the nearest tree with the second one and managed to balance on the lowest branch with ease, cloven hooves and all.

Just so you're clear with this, Glade Bushell is a satyr. We found him in the junkyard as well, chowing down on scraps of metal as if they were bars of chocolate. What he was doing in there, I sure as hell don't know. What I do know is that he wasn't an ordinary satyr. He was about as tall as a ten-year old kid, though he claimed he was twenty-three years old (human years, not satyr years), and he liked his face to be clean-shaven. He also tends to be a bit brutal when it comes to fighting…that is after he gets over the scare factor. And then he tends to get himself in trouble. On more than one occasion (and for more than one reason) I've wanted to kill him. This was no exception.

You see, my eyes weren't on the tree-climbing satyr. They were on the branch that he had thrown. My immediate thought was that it was going to hit John in the head and knock him out cold. Apparently that was what John was thinking too. His sky blue eyes went about as wide as saucers when he noticed the flying mass of wood and despite the fact that he was being strangled, he tried to duck out of the way.

Instinctively I picked up the basketball which had rolled back to me and pegged it at the branch; right on the far end so that it angled away from John. I sighed out of relief. Now that it was on its new course, it was aimed at the snake woman's head and not at John. The only problem was Glade. Screaming out a war-cry at the top of his lungs, he had done a running leapt at the demon and was now waving the second branch like a lunatic. This time I was sure John was going to get knocked unconscious.

" Die accursed Lamia!" the satyr screamed as he flew through the air.

The good thing: I now knew the name of our attacker. The bad thing: Glade somehow managed to knock himself out with his large weapon. The other bad thing: John's struggles were starting to lessen, which meant that he was close to passing out. And I was standing with a crowbar in my hands, wishing that it was night and I was still in my wolf body.

At that moment, when everything seemed like chaos, Glade's first branch went point first into Lamia's left eye and through the back of her head. Then she burst into dust, leaving a gasping John free-falling from her grasp. I dropped the crowbar and dashed under him, managing to catch him. Then I sat him down and let him catch his breath while I went to fetch the unconscious satyr who had managed to save the day.

Once I managed to wake our dazed saviour (it's amazing what the power of scrap metal had on this guy.), I went and picked up the basketball and crowbar. Who knew when we would need them again? But I also found a snake-skin pouch with a ton of coins spilling out of it. I picked up the coin pouch and went back to the others. Then together the three of us, me with the crowbar, John with his guitar and Glade with the basketball and the coin pouch, picked up our sacks and decided we needed to leave.

But where I thought the monster was dead, guess again. Things got worse. And I instantly thought my day was never going to see a good thing until tomorrow. At the hissing sound I turned. Now there were two snake women…with two snake tails for legs. I know they weren't Lamia, who had one snake tail, but for all I knew they could have been her spawn. With Glade still a bit dizzy from his own attack and John definitely in no condition to fight, I didn't want to stay and find out. I grabbed hold of their arms and high-tailed it out of there.

We only paused to kick a cab-driver out of his car so that we could make a really fast getaway. John and Glade scrambled into the back seat while I took the wheel and floored it. Was I scared? With an angry, screaming cab-driver and a pair of twin snake women behind me, you can bet your life I was. I was also an under-aged, unlicensed person screaming down the roads and highways in a stolen vehicle. The last thing I wanted to see was a cop car.

Somehow we managed to get out of the city without dying. That was a good thing. The bad thing was I was that scared for my life and my friends' lives that I didn't want to lift my foot off the brake. And Glade screaming directions in my ear didn't help the situation, not to mention the crunch of metal under his teeth as I realised he was slowly but sure devouring the only proper weapon that we had.

" Dude, give me that!" I ordered, snatching the crowbar away from the satyr. "What if we need it for the next demon that comes along and wants to make soup out of us?"

" Sorry, Lee. I'm just stressed out." Glade replied, sounding it too.

" I can see that." I grumbled.

I looked in the rear-view mirror and gave a forced smile at the satyr. He smiled back, but his brown eyes were dark and his normally smooth hair was wild. It was clear that he knew I was forcing it. And it was clear that he was pretty stressed. But for someone who had just been strangled almost to death, John didn't look very riled up. His blond hair was neat despite sleeping outside for so long and his eyes seemed more excited than anything else. I was beginning to wonder if he was going to break into song with the perfect smile he gave me, when I noticed that we were heading into a forest.

Now I usually like forests. Just not when they're coming at me at 110 miles a minute and while I'm in a car. Bad things will usually happen. Like driving over strawberry field signs and swerving around trees to avoid them. But we all screamed when we saw the dragon. I took my foot off the brake, finally, but we kept going. The last thing I remember seeing was my reflection in the dragon's eyes, my sad grey eyes and scruffy black hair looking at me as if I couldn't believe that I was about to become a dragon's lunch, then I hit my head on the steering wheel and everything instantly went black.