Being of the Dea al Mon Khismet was used to snarly males, but they were used to her being snarly back. She had only been Little Terreille for a week and she had already pissed off every male she'd come across. Everyone here seemed to follow some form of protocol she had never learned. There were the basics of course, that everyone of the Blood had to follow or it would be seen as a serious violation, but even on those points these people seemed to differ on what was acceptable up to a point. She was exhausted just from trying to keep up with all the different ways they did things here. It didn't help that she was uneasy here either.

She knew about how Witch had cleansed the blood of the taint that had spread from Terreille to Kaeleer, but something about Little Terreille just didn't feel right. Could that taint have been passed down and children had just been to young for it to affect them? Or was this something new altogether? Her headache was coming back, she never had headaches in her home territory. She couldn't wait to get home, but not before she had accomplished her task here. She could easily go to the SaDiablo estate in Dhemlan and appeal to the wife of the Warlord Prince of Dhemlan, who was part Dea al Mon herself, the Lady Surreal, but she wanted to prove to her father and brothers she could accomplish this on her own. It was in her web that she had seen what needed to be done after all.

Khismet was a red jeweled Black Widow, and her webs of late had been disturbing to say the least, but the last one had shown her the death of many of her loved ones if she didn't find a certain witch in Little Terreille, and the woman was proving to be damnably hard to find! Not that it was that much of a surprise given that all she knew of the woman was that she was a Black Widow walking the twisted kingdom and what her face looked like, nothing useful like a name. There was a dark shadow that followed the woman, and she would need both before she knew what it was she needed to do to save many lives, especially that of her beloved twin sister, who had come down with an illness that no one could explain.