This idea came from a conversation I had with someone. He told me animals can't love, and I wanted to show him how an animal can love. So, this story was born.


As she transformed back to her small cat form, she stared at her master, watching her with a bit of sadness in his eyes. He waved, almost saying goodbye as she was forced back to her animal form, her 'true' form as Simba had told her.

She mewled sadly, not wanting to be a cat, rather be a person, to be with her master. She pounced on his leg, laying down on his lap. Toan smiled a sad smile, petting her. She purred, however the sadness she felt in her heart still lingered.

A few days later, Toan came into the house, bringing Paige behind with him. He talked to his mom Renee, in a language Xiao no longer understood. Renee cheered happily, hugging Toan tightly. She crawled towards Toan, staring at him. Toan blushed at his mom embarrassing him, but Paige giggled. He smiled, leaning in towards Paige.

Xiao's heart felt like it hit the floor. She felt sadness well up inside her, as Toan and Paige participated in the human's way of showing affection, a kiss. She mewled sadly, however she wasn't heard. She crawled onto a chair nearby, lying down as a single tear escaped her eyes.

'Master loves Paige. Master doesn't love Xiao.' She thought bitterly. She stared back at the two, noticing how master seemed happy with Paige. 'At least master is happy. That's all Xiao wants.' She said, closing her eyes and drifting off to sleep.

Months seemed to drift by as Xiao watched the couple become happier and happier. She became slightly sadder, but still felt joy seeing her master so happy. One day, she fell asleep outside in a bush. Unbeknownst to her, Toan and Paige were moving to Queens, to be able to live together. They packed up all their stuff, and moved that day, leaving Xiao behind.

When she woke up, she saw that no one was around anymore. She searched around the village, not finding a sign of them anywhere. She laid down inside her bush, mewling sadly as tears fell down her eyes.

'Master doesn't love Xiao anymore. Master left Xiao behind.' She thought, bitterness, and sorrow filling her already broken heart. She closed her eyes, feeling something inside her body seem to slow down.

'Xiao will always love Master…But master will never feel the same. ' She said, closing her eyes as her heart slowed down to a whisper, her age finally catching up to her. A final mewl, and then silence as her spirit passed on.

Any person who says that animals, any animal from dog to cat, don't have emotions, think about this whenever your dog is waiting home for you, think about this when your cat purrs in your lap, your dog laps up your face. Think about how all the animals feel, when their own owner abandons them, leaving them behind. Think about all the heartbroken animals in the street, becoming feral from bitterness, anger and hatred they have felt from being nothing but a toy.

Review if you want. I don't care about earning review, what I care about is teaching everyone that animals do love. Anyone who says otherwise, I sincerely hate you.