As I put on my pilot suit, I looked really sad. That's because my brother, Sirius, has turned against us. He has sided with the Shadow Angels. If that wasn't enough, he has the Shadow Angels' blood along with the feathers. I got that as well. Because of that, I got no choice, but to fight him. Even so, I'm planning to bring him back; back to his senses, that's what. Well, I did get help from Apollo and Reika. That's nice. Even if they found out what I truly am, they still trusted me, and fought by side against Sirius. Now I know I have people who can help me to bring him back.

I walked for preparation for action. Just then, I took sight at Reika. I could feel in myself that there's something I need to tell her, something very important. I approach her, and she takes her eye at me. She noticed that look in my face; I was looking sad. I needed to tell her something to make me feel better.

"What's wrong, Silvia?" she asked me, wondering about the look in my face.

The time is now for me what I needed to tell her before I left to find out where all this snow is coming from.

"It's just too much," I replied. "What happened to Sirius; siding with the Shadow Angels. Not only, but I'm just like him, having their blood. All I could think about is, 'What should I do?' Seeing him turning against humanity really has hurt me. He has good friends and a good sister. Suddenly, he threw all that away."

Reika then comes close to me. This is the moment I'm trying to find comfort with. I guess she could understand of what I'm trying to say.

"Yeah, he trusted you, he trusted me, and we all betrayed him."

"Listen, Reika," I said, ready to tell her what I needed to find comfort. "I'm sorry. Forgive me."

She looks puzzled at what I have to say. In fact, this is the first time she just heard an apology coming out of me. "For what?"

"Some things," I remorsefully said it. This is the moment I'm trying to make of. "Like when I shouted at you for having bad luck powers that could hurt Sirius, and when I blow you off for trying to console me about him leaving us."

As Reika takes a look at me, she could find understanding in my eyes. Those words coming out of her mouth really did find happiness for her. She then gives me a hug, finally giving me comfort from all what is happening right now.

"I forgive you."

This is the moment that could be remembered for the rest of our lives. Then she lets go.

"Thank you," I found not only comfort, but also a friend that is really helpful.

"Despite all that, we make a great team, saving the children from a Shadow Angel at the bottom of a lake, and what we're doing right this moment."

"I'm thankful for those moments. Both of these moments, you helped me. Anyway, it's time for me to get going, huh?"

"Yeah, you should."

As I left Reika, I went off to find out the source of all that snow.