A/N: This is meh first fanfic. Yayz! I don't know what to put here, other than I wrote this in school while I was bored. Horray bordom!


A sigh escaped the blonde's lips, annoyed. His little brother, Peter, was annoying him.

"I'm hungry! Get me something to eat, you jerk!" the 12-year-old pestered, hitting him in the side.

"Fine!" the Brit shouted, sick of the whining. "I'll make you some scones."

"No! I don't want you to make me anything! Your cooking is horrible!" Peter continued banging the side.

"I thought you were hungry!" the older man – Arthur – shouted, holding his hand out to keep his younger brother from hitting him more on – what he was sure of – his new bruise, caused by the latter.

"Order some take out or something," Peter yelled, "just don't cook, jerk of jerks!"

"Fine! You stay there while I go order some Chinese," Arthur growled as he walked towards the house. "Don't go anywhere."

"Good!" With that, the smaller one began to play with his ball. Unfortunately, it was blown into the street, Peter chasing it soon after.

"There, happy now?" Arthur almost growled as he walked back outside. Lack of response followed. "Peter? Peter?" Now he started to panic. He wasn't anywhere nearby.

As he rushed, the ball landed in the very middle of the street, and Peter in the same place catching it.

"Peter? PETER!" Arthur found him at that moment. "Why are you out there?"

"Getting my ball!"

"Well, get back here before a car comes!"

"Fine!" Peter began to slowly walk towards him. There was a faint sound of police sirens, quickly growing louder.

"P-Peter hurry up!" Arthur called, starting to move forward, the sirens making his voice almost inaudible.

Peter began to run faster. Not fast enough, though. A bright red car came rounding the corner, headed straight towards Peter.

"Peter!" the Brit broke into a run, getting to him before the car and pushing him out of the way.

There was impact. No pain, just impact. Red vision blurring everything. Car screeched. Blackness. Someone shaking him.

Then, nothing.

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