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Chapter 4

On the gentle fight down, Arthur couldn't help but feel the excitement rushing through his veins. His first mission! He ran through the orders in his head.

"There's some demons down in England. It's your job to make sure they don't take a spirit that recently died down to hell," Michelle's voice rang in his head.

"But why us?"

"Because it's near Peter's home."

It kind of hurt him how he wasn't included in that….

"… Don't tell me it's – "

"No, it's not Peter. It's one of his friends. He died of a heart attack while watching TV…."

Poor lad, he had so much potential.

They fluttered their wings as they landed. Arthur was breathing heavily, but everyone else looked fine.

Approaching the house, the Brit definitely heard noises inside. Screams of agony, a crying child – the one who died – Peter probably wouldn't hear about it until it was made official…. He felt his hands turn into fists and tears roll down his eyes.

Then there was a hand on his shoulder. "Arthur, you don't have to go in there if you don't want to, aru," he heard Yao suggest. "Feliciano is the Guardian. You can wait for us out here if you, aru."

"N-no," the Brit replied. "I-I'll stay with my team."

"…If you want to, aru." The rest of the team began to move towards the house, the blonde forcing himself to follow.

Inside the house, the walls were a plain white and the floor mostly wood, but there were strange places where black smoke drifted into the air. Arthur reached down to touch it, but Kiku grabbed his shoulder before he did. "That'll hurt if you touch it. It's the only sign a demon is – or was – here. It burns like the fires in their home if an angel touches it." When he was finished, Arthur just nodded and walked on, the other following behind him.

The room the boy was in stank of sulfur and there were bodies of black fire in the middle of the room, a crying baby boy in front of them. Well, a spirit boy, but that's beside the point. The bodies of fire had a different color around where a person's head would be. From what everyone had learned, these were the demons. Four of them had blue fires around their eyes, one had green, another purple, and the last one brown.

One seemed to notice us and you could feel his grin behind the flames. "Well," it purred, "look what we have here~ A couple of snacks~" The thing chuckled deeply, turning toward us. Its voice was more of an echo than anything else, and had no identifiable accent, but it made the Brit's head ring.

Arthur could see Yao whisper something to Feliciano, who nodded and dashed forward, taking the kid into his arms and tried to fly away, but a blue-eyes demon caught him and pulled him close, instantly frightening the Italian angel, who tried to fly away. "Let me go! Let me go!"

"No thank you~" The demon grabbed his hair, and then the others were on us, Arthur faced with another blue-eyes, who almost instantly pinned him to the wall.

"Let me go, git!" he shouted as he struggled to break free, spitting into his eye.

"No –FUCK!" The demon was going to say something, but now it was rubbing its eye, growling. Arthur took this chance to free his other hand and go help the others.

Yao was fighting a green-eyed one, it holding him by the wing, Feliciano was crying and waving a white flag he produced out of nowhere, Kiku was actually winning against the big violet-eyed one, while Tino was being held close to another blue-eyes one and… blushing? Arthur didn't understand it one bit, but he should probably get back to fighting. He was about to got help Gilbert and… who was he again? Mathew, he guessed. They were back-to-back fighting two demons, but before he could rush in and help, he felt a strong pain in the back of his head and a mocking echo.

"You'll learn not to do that~"

And the world went black. All too familiar.

It took Arthur a while to process the situation when he awoke. He was blindfolded, his head hurt like hell, he couldn't move any limbs, and he felt cold metal underneath him. Where was he? "Is there anyone there?" he called into the room, almost not caring who answered. Almost, but he didn't want to be alone like this.

"So, you're finally awake, mon cher~" a French-accented voice replied, walking up to him – or at least it sounded like it. It was confirmed when a finger rubbed under his chin. "You look like you'd be a handful if we didn't knock you out like we did~"

"WHAT?! YOU'RE THE ONE THAT KNOCKED ME OUT?! LET ME GO, FROG!" he began to struggle against the bondage, stopped only from the shock of lips against his in a soft, yet passionate, kiss that made his eyes widen under the blindfold.

"I wasn't the one~" the – from what the blonde was guessing now – demon purred, breathing over his face. "That was one of my partners~ I was fighting a different angel~"

"Well," the angel responded, panting a little – the demon only broke away when he needed to breathe, "why did you take us with you?"

"We wanted to~" Arthur could feel the demon's breath move down to his neck, planting little butterfly kisses along it.

"Nnug," Arthur moaned a little. "Wh-what are you doing?"

"Your body is just so amazing~ I want it so badly~"

"Wh-what are you going to do to me?"

"Whatever I want~"

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