Snow Queen's Sonnet

Shall I compare thee to a winter's day?
Thou art so lovely yet not temperate,
Pure frost do still the biting winds of day,
And winter's snow hath all too short a date,

Sometime too cold the eye of flurry goes,
And often hath thy madness make me run,
And every wails of wind tell of my woes,
By then, the beauty of snow no more fun,

Yet thy slow and cold winter will still fade,
And lose possession of that fair thou ow'st,
And my soul not thine to keep in thy glade,
Even when from time to time my fear grow'st,

So long as I can breathe and seasons gone,
So long lives this, thy darkness shall be known.

From Sonnet 18, William Shakespeare.
From Snow Queen, Hans Christian Andersen, 2002, Hallmark Entertainment.
All rights reserved.
This is merely done for self entertainment, as a means to improve the comprehension of English as a student of English Language Studies, and no part of this project will be reproduced for profit, either in part or in whole, without express permissions by the owners. Whoever they are. Don't sue me!

Snow Queen has many versions. The one I'm basing this on is the 2002 movie from Hallmark, and even then, since I haven't seen the movie for so long some details might be off. Sorry if there are any inconsistencies...

And, this is sort of like a fanfiction, right? I figured I should post something...