(A/N: I know I'm beginnig another story without finishing my other, but I thought it unfair to make you guys suffer when I have writers block for one story, and chapters for another. I hope you guys enjoy this one, I just love the idea, if I do say so myself ;-)

Chapter One:

Lucius Malfoy looked disdainfully at his surroundings. He'd rather be facing three angry hippogriffs than sit in the kitchen at the Burrow, but here he was, afraid to touch his new robes on the grimy table. Arthur was seated across the table from him, waiting for Lucius to start. Molly was hurridly trying to clean the kitchen.

"Molly, dear, have a seat." Arthur said, and Molly, looking longingly at a pile of clothes near by, reluctantly sat. "So why have you come, Lucius?"

Lucius gave a huge sigh, then began. "I have a proposal to make, Arthur. I want you to hear me out before you say anything...I want your daughter, Virginia, to marry my son, Draco."

Molly's eyes shot wide open, and Arthur's brows furrowed together in confusion.

"Just hear me out." Lucius said, seeing the protests bubbling in the Weasley's mouths. "The Malfoy blood is growing thin and weak. As you know, Narcissa is my second cousin, and we Malfoy's have married each other for years. It seems our blood can no longer take it, and we need new blood. Out of all the wizarding families, yours came highly reccomended."

Arthur raised an eyebrow. "Why don't you marry your son to the Parkinson's daughter? Aren't your families close?"

Lucius rolled his eyes. "I will not have the hier to the Malfoy fortune look like a pug! Your daugher is attractive enough, and you have proven to be exuberant people. Your daugher will have everything her heart desires, she will be taken care of."

The Weasley's did not doubt this, seeing as Voldemort had what was remaining of himself banished the year Ron and Harry graduated. Now the whole wizarding community knew for certain Voldemort was gone, and all his followers returned to society as nothing happened. They did not fear this to be some plot...at least on Voldemort's behalf.

"Who reccomended us?" Arthur questioned, wanting to know the name of the idiots who would reccomend a Weasley marry a Malfoy.

"I did a spell, actually." Lucius said, as if he were bored, and was explaining to a small child. "I used a Goblet of Fire and put every promising wizarding families name in. I was quite reluctant to put yours in, but thought I had better. I then asked for the name of the family that would best see to the needs of my, er, problem. Your name obviously came out."

"We'll have to think about this." Arthur said.

"But, Arthur--!" Molly began, but was quieted by Arthur.

"Molly, dear, we'll talk about this, alright?" Molly gave him an angry expression, and nodded.

"I would like a reply at the end of the week, I would really like the arrangement to be carried out as soon as possible."

"But Ginny is still at school and won't be expecte home until next week." Molly protested.

"Then I suggest you owl her." With that, Lucius stood, and quickly disapparated.

"Arthur, what do you mean 'think about it?'" Molly questioned, rising from her chair. "There's nothing to 'think' about! Our daugher is not marrying Lucius's son!"

"Molly, we never were able to provide for Ginny. We can't afford to send her to a University. We're living far from Wizard society, and even Muggle society. We have nothing more to offer her, but this chance." Arthur took Molly's hands in his. "We could let her decide, you know."

Molly sat, jaw clinched. There were so many things she wanted to say to her husband, but refrained. Having Ginny decide seemed to brighten the situation. Virginia would never voluntarily marry a Malfoy, so Molly nodded.


Ginny was talking excitedly with her friends at the Gryffindor table. One more week of school, and they'd graduate! They were all talking about what they'd do when they got out; go into the Ministry, go to a University. A snuggling couple at the end of the table didn't need to give their reply. Their engagment rings told all. When the question came to Ginny, she shrugged her shoulders.

"We'll see." And she began eating breakfast.

Just then a sworm of owls came flying through the windows and dropping off parcels and such. Ginny looked up and saw her families new owl, which had been given them by the Ministry, drop a letter onto her lap. Ginny pocketed the letter, wanting to read it after she ate.

She walked out onto the grounds. She had finished most of her exams, and the didn't need to be at any classes soon. She thought what a lovely day it was, warm, but not hot. A gentle breeze came from the lake, playing with her long red hair. She took a deep breath of fresh hair, then tore into the letter expecting congratulations from home. But after she read the letter, it fell from her hands.

"Marry Draco?" She questioned herself. She fell to her knees and grabbed at the letter, looking for some sign that this was a joke. Maybe Fred and George sent it...but they didn't have access to Cressida, the family owl. Mum and Dad would never joke about that. She thought.

We feel we should let you decide, honey. But we would like a quick reply. We love you and will respect any decision you make.

The letter ended, and reading between the lines Ginny got the impression her Father was leaning towards the marriage, while her Mother was completely against it.

After the first initial shock, Ginny seriously began thinking about the proposal. Would it be so bad? She thought. She'd be rich, which was a pro. She'd be a Malfoy, which was a definate con. But what else was she going to do? She had no plans after Hogwarts, like her friends had. She felt like she was just going to drop of the face of the earth. And here was her ticket to something better, if a bit repulsive. She hadn't seen Draco in over a year, and wondered what he looked like now. Was he still such a stuck up aarogant snob? Probably.

Ginny walked back up to the common room, a dazed expression on her face.

"Ginny, are you ok?" A friend asked.

Ginny turned her eyes to Angel, one of her room mates. "Huh?"

"Ginny, you don't look well." Angel said, coming closer.

Angel led Ginny to a vacant chair, and sat her down. Ginny, in one quick breath, explained her predicament.

"Marry Draco Malfoy?" Angel's face mirorred the shock Ginny felt. "You aren't seriously thinking about it, are you?"

"Well, he's sort of handsome, and I'm not attatched to any one, so it's not like I'd be betraying anyone else's love. I'd have money, I could go to a University. It seems to be my only answer."

"But you'd be Ginny Malfoy." Angel said, repulsing Ginny.

Ginny rubbed her temples with her fingers, feeling a headache come on. She didn't know what to do. Angel was of little help, she really didn't give her a valid reason not to marry Draco. All the pros were beginning to outweigh the cons. That night, Ginny took a quill to a piece of parchment, and simply wrote, "I will."

She sent it home the next day, wondering what her parents reaction would be. When Arthur and Molly read it, Arthur looked grieved, but gave a weak smile. Molly collapsed into a chair, crying. Arthur knew it wasn't the usual crying of a mother at watching her daughter marry, and leave the house. He knew Molly's tears were for her daughter marrying a Malfoy. Before Molly could protest further, Arthur quickly wrote a reply to Lucius, and sent it directly.

The reactions at the Malfoy Manor were much the same. Lucius had a determined visage, even if the idea was his own, he didn't like it. Draco, almost completely certain no Weasley would comply to marry him, had played along with his Father's wishes, but definatley did not expect this.

"I'm not marrying her!" Draco shouted, pointing to the letter.

"You will, and you are! I'm making the arrangments for the end of the month, you have twenty days left of bachelor hood, my boy." Lucius smiled. It made him feel better to boss someone around, even if it was his son.

And the marriage preperations began.