Title: The Reader's Special: Second Edition

Author: Disasteriffic Kaz

Info: Set post 7x08 S7TfaW- This is the Reader's Special where you tell me what YOU want in each chapter & I write it. Every event prompted by you after each chapter. Hurt/limp/awesome/caring!Sam/Dean/Bobby etc…

Author's note: This is the Second Edition. The first went so well I was amazed at the brilliant prompts you all gave me. If you weren't involved the first time around, I recommend going to have a read. :D It was fantastic fun. This story, like the last, will be entirely driven by Reader Participation! So, get those prompts ready kids! Can't wait to be put through my paces again. :P

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Dean tossed the newspaper he was reading onto the cluttered coffee table and looked over to his adoptive father almost hidden by the ever present stack of books at the kitchen table.

"You got anything on the big mouths yet, Bobby?" Dean asked and smiled when the grizzled face rose up to scowl at him.

"No, idjit and I aint gonna find nothin' any faster with you asking every five minutes." Bobby sighed and sat back. "You boys need something else to do. You're driving me nuts."

"Short trip." Sam commented absently as he walked in with his laptop balanced on his right hand.

"Boy, I will take you out back." Bobby growled, making Dean chuckle.

"Well I'd say let's go do Vegas…" Dean started and Sam threw him a dirty look.

"Don't even start." Sam warned him and set his laptop on Bobby's desk. "I think I found us a hunt in Browning, Montana."

Bobby turned the machine around to look at the screen and frowned as he read. "Well that aint somethin' you see every day."

"Ok, I'll bite. What is it?" Dean stood and moved around the desk to see the screen.

"Eleven victims over the last two years. Some with bites, some who were clawed, there's one guy who was gutted." Sam nodded to the screen. "There was even a woman who had every bone in her body broken. Every bone."

"Ouch." Dean bent in and read along with Bobby. "Strangled, drowned, buried alive?" He looked up and Sam nodded grimly.

"Think I'd rather be strangled thanks." Sam said seriously. "You know that's why they used to put bells above fresh graves with a string that went down to the dead persons…"

"Ok, geek boy. Got it." Dean chuckled. "Save the lecture." He went back to the coffee table and grabbed his beer. "So what are we looking at here? A whole bunch of nasties in one spot or one really creative monster?"

"No idea." Sam headed out to the kitchen for another cup of coffee. "Something's chewing through civilians up there though."

"Or a whole lot of somethings." Bobby closed the laptop and eyed Dean. "You boys get out there and find more than you can handle, you call me."

"We can handle it." Dean said surely.

"Uh huh. You forget I know you two morons." Bobby smirked and tipped back the rest of his beer as Sam came back in. "I'll trust you to call me if it gets too hairy."

Sam dropped onto the couch beside his brother with a short laugh. "Promise Bobby. If Dean gets scared I'll call." Dean's elbow whipped out into his upper arm and Sam leaped up from the couch as coffee spilled out into his lap.

"That'll teach ya." Dean grinned as Sam furiously tried to pull the denim away from his favorite parts.

An hour later Bobby watched them pull out of the cabin's yard and sighed at seeing his boys leave in the beat up, baby blue Dodge Challenger. The Impala was practically family he thought with a chuckle, and seeing them in a lesser car just didn't seem right.

"Idjits." Bobby said and went back inside as his phones started ringing. "Gonna be one of those days."


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