Title: The Reader's Special: Second Edition

Author: Disasteriffic Kaz

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Dean groaned as Sam's hand increased the pressure. "How's the arm?" He tugged over Sam's left arm and hissed at the mangled state of the brace and the angry, red skin beneath it. Sam paled as he moved the arm.

"Don't…move my arm. Please." Sam gasped and increased the pressure on Dean's leg as he fought to stay conscious. The pain was impressive.

"Breathe, Sammy." Dean told him and took his own advice. He allowed himself a moment to just feel relief that Sam was still there to scowl over him. He'd been sure he would be too late. He looked up at the sound of wind outside, frowning as it became stronger and rattled the door in its frame. "Oh crap."

"How are your legs not broken anymore?" Sam asked suddenly as the pain threatened to take him under. "Phantom? We imagined it all?"

"Yeah." Dean nodded and stretched to pick up Sam's shotgun again from the floor. "And I think it's back for more." He raised the gun toward the door as the wind became stronger and something large thumped against the outside of the door.


The pounding grew louder, the door rattling in its frame as the wind outside increased in ferocity. It howled around the little shack. Dean looked down at his brother huddled over his arm and back at the door.

"Come on, Sam. Gotta get you up." Dean planted the barrel of the shotgun on the floor and used it to push himself up. He reached down and grasped the hand Sam held up to him and pulled. "Whoa, don't fall down." Dean grunted as Sam swayed and he worked to keep him upright. "You'll take me with you."

Sam nodded and planted his feet, taking more of his own weight. "I'm ok."

"Doesn't look like there's any salt in this shack." Dean raised the gun to the door again. "Can't keep the phantoms out."

Sam glared at the rattling door as it shook as though from some violent impact. "Tired of these damn phantoms." He could feel the edges of madness creeping about the periphery of his thoughts. He'd been there before and knew what it felt like. First phantoms and then Viktor and more phantoms and now again…he shook his head and felt rage overtake him. "I've had enough of this."

"Sammy?" Dean watched him take a step toward the door and then it burst inward. "Son of a bitch! Sam, get back!" A Werewolf stood in the door, chest heaving from the effort it had taken to beat it in. Its golden eyes glared in at them, malice dripping from the fangs it bared in feral growl.

"I have had it with these damn phantoms!" Sam bent and darted his hand into Dean's right boot. He came out with the silver knife he knew Dean kept there. "This isn't real and I've had enough!" He charged straight at the Werewolf before Dean could react. Like Dean, the wolf seemed shocked by the move and froze as Sam barreled into it. He drove the silver blade into the beast's chest and up into its heart with a rage-filled cry.

"Sam!" Dean sprang forward and raised the shotgun. He knew the salt rounds wouldn't kill the creature but it might blind it long enough to save his brother. He couldn't imagine what had possessed Sam to charge the thing. He aimed at the Wolf's face and just as he squeezed the trigger, it collapsed. "Holy crap." He skidded to a stop next to his panting brother and stared in surprise as the Werewolf died. He took a death grip on Sam's right arm. "What the hell were you thinking?"

"What? It's not real." Sam shrugged as he turned to look at him.

Dean tightened his grip on Sam's arm. "Sam. Look." He turned his brother and pointed.

Sam looked down at the floor to where he knew there would be nothing and then staggered back. There was a very real, very dead Werewolf lying on the floor in the door with a silver dagger protruding from its chest. He started to shake and stumbled into Dean. "What? But…it was a…a phantom. Oh god." The reality of what he'd done slammed into him. He'd let the madness rule his head and could have died; could have left Dean alone to deal with the aftermath, the wolf, the phantoms, the leviathans. He felt himself start to shake apart in reaction.

"Sam." Dean gave him a shake, not liking the growing vacant look on Sam's face. "Sam!" He yelled his name. "Dude, don't make me slap you." He pulled Sam back from the door. The Wolf may be dead but the phantom wind was still howling outside. He stumbled on his bad leg and only his grip on Sam's arm kept him standing. "Come on, dammit. Sam!"

Dean's voice finally broke through the panic consuming him, that and the vice like grip above his right elbow dragged Sam back. "Dean." He instinctively reached out with his left hand to steady Dean. The pain from his left arm and the mangled brace shot straight to his head and took him to his knees in a fog. "Crap."

Dean went down with him, unable to support both their weight. "Dammit, Sammy. You ever do anything like that again." He waited until Sam turned glazed blue-green eyes to him. "What the hell were you thinking?"

"You were so disappointed in me." Sam mumbled and looked away.

"What? When?" Dean was certain Sam hadn't come back completely from wherever he'd gone when he rushed the Werewolf.

"At the motel only…wait. No." Sam shook his head and cradled his aching arm. "Jody said that wasn't…wasn't you. Dammit." He closed his eyes. "God, I'm losing it."

"It's ok, Sam." Dean sighed and made a mental note to tell Jody not to keep things from him; things like Sam hallucinating bad crap about him for example. He took Sam's good shoulder and squeezed. "Dealing with this friggin phantoms man…half the time I can't tell what's real. You're not cracking up. You hear me, Sammy? You are not cracking up." He gave Sam a gentle shake. "Now pull it together. You gotta get me outta here." Inwardly he seethed that Lucifer had taunted his brother with his face again, had made him feel so worthless he'd charged a Werewolf like a madman.

"Sorry. I'm ok." Sam got shakily to his feet and reached his right hand down to Dean. "Come on." He pulled Dean up and held on to him while he steadied himself on his wounded leg. He gave a quick glance to the door and the dead beast and shuddered. He wasn't going to let that happen again, he promised himself. "How's your leg?"

"It'll keep." Dean caught his eyes, giving him a searching look and nodded. "That's better." He shook his head. "Took ten years off my life, Sammy when you charged that thing." He smirked. "No more Don Quixote moments."

Sam startled a laugh. "You only read that cause you thought there'd be dragons."

"Bite me, Sammy." Dean shot back.

"Dean! Sam!" Bobby ran through the open door and stumbled to a stop over the dead Werewolf. "Balls! What the hell have you two been up to in here?" He looked up to the brothers and scowled as he took in their battered and bloody appearance. "You boys look like hammered crap."

"Gee thanks, Bobby." Dean walked stiffly to him, Sam hovering at his elbow. "That psycho from the hospital won't be bothering us anymore." He waved an arm toward Viktor's body.

"Did a number on you boys." Bobby took Dean's arm when his leg faltered. "You ok?"

"Asshole stuck me in the leg." Dean grimaced. "Not before he buried Sam under the damn floor."

"Good grief." Jody came in and stepped around the beast's corpse to take Sam's good arm. "Aw, Sam what'd you do to this?" Her hand hovered over his left arm, afraid to touch it for fear of causing him pain. "Hang on." She went to Viktor's body and knelt. She pulled a knife from her boot and started cutting strips from his shirt.

"Wonder why she-bitch aint comin' in after us yet." Bobby looked out the door to where the wind was whipping leaves and small tree limbs around.

"She-bitch?" Dean asked confused.

"It's that old woman of yours controlling the phantoms." Bobby nodded at the surprised look on Dean's face. "Was her all along. She was playin' us."

"Sinopa. Awesome." Dean rolled his eyes. "I'm gonna enjoy ganking her."

"Ok, Sam." Jody came back and smiled. "I'm gonna put a sling around that arm. It's gonna hurt."

Sam nodded miserably but gave her a small smile. "I know." He felt Dean slide an arm behind his back as Bobby took his right arm. "Do it." Jody tossed the makeshift sling over his head and pulled it down to adjust it before taking hold of his left arm around the mangled brace. The pain was instant and shot through his entire body as she gingerly moved his arm.

"I'm sorry, Sam. Almost done." Jody bit her lip maneuvering the twisted brace in against his chest to slip the sling around it.

"Hang on, Sammy." Dean grunted as Sam's weight suddenly settled in to him.

Bobby hauled up on his shoulder, keeping Sam standing. "Come on, son. Stay with us." He wished they could spare the kid the suffering. He could feel Sam's erratic, speeding pulse under his hand on his arm and tightened his grip to remind him they were there.

Sam groaned and realized his legs had collapsed under him. His brother and Bobby were the only things holding him up and Jody was peering worriedly at his face. The agonizing fire in his arm had receded a little and he could feel it strapped securely to his chest now. "That…sucked."

Dean sighed in relief and smiled at Bobby. "You with us, tiger?"

"Yeah." Sam got his legs under him, grateful for the hands holding him.

"We need to get the hell outta Dodge." Bobby nodded to the still blowing windstorm outside. "She's gonna toss something at us we keep sitting here."

"We'll go for our car first." Dean said surely. "It's closer and no way you two are walking back through those woods alone. Trust me." He scowled at the visceral memory of having both his legs broken. "We'll drive you back around to the cabin and your truck."

"Ok." Bobby let go of Sam, hovering for a moment to make sure he stayed standing. "You alright, son?"

"Yeah. Thanks Bobby." Sam smiled gratefully as Bobby patted his shoulder.

Dean kept his hold on Sam's arm not just to steady him but himself as well. He wouldn't admit out loud how badly his leg hurt but he was looking forward to lying flat somewhere for a week and not moving. "Go on. I got him." Dean waved them ahead.

"Can we just shoot her and get the hell out of this town?" Sam asked with a lopsided smile. They hobbled drunkenly toward the door and went around the Werewolf's body.

Dean snorted. "Yeah I'm done with this job too. Maybe a nice easy Ghoul hunt next time."

Sam chuckled and then gasped as the door in front of them slammed closed after Bobby and Jody stepped through it. "What the hell?"

"Aw come on!" Dean shouted. He could hear Bobby and Jody calling from outside and saw the door rattle as Bobby no doubt threw himself into it but it didn't budge. The winds that before had been outside now blew up inside the little cabin. Dean shouted as he was picked up with Sam beside him and thrown backwards. He felt his head connect with something hard and blackness overtook him.


"Dean?" Sam groaned and rolled his head. He frowned when something brushed his leg and cracked his eyes open. He was lying in a cramped aisle of seats; above him, to his intense displeasure, a clown looked down at him with a maniacal grin. "No. No, come on. Please. Dean!" He struggled to get himself up with one arm, the other still taped uselessly to his chest. He realized the soft thing cushioning his head was Dean's ankle. "Dean!"

Dean opened bleary eyes and raised a shaking hand to his throbbing head. "Wha' the hell?"

"Clowns. Dean there are clowns." Sam couldn't help the distressed tone in his voice.

"Huh?" Dean pulled himself up and widened his eyes in shock. They were on a plane and…all of the seats seemed to be occupied by clowns. "You have got to be kidding me. Oh you bitch!" He shouted. "Sam." He reached for him.

"Tell me you see them." Sam said desperately. "Please tell me this isn't in my head."

"I see 'em, Sammy." Dean grabbed his shoulder. "I see the freakin plane too. Crap." The plane tilted suddenly, sliding them down the aisle and making Dean's stomach drop away. "Oh crap."

"Phantoms." Sam said and nodded. "Not real clowns. Not a real plane. They can't really hurt us."

"That bitch Sinopa is screwing with our heads again." Dean growled and planted his feet between two of the seats to stop their slide. "It's not real, Sam. Just like my broken legs. Not. Real."

"Ok." Sam nodded. He shouted in surprise when white gloved hands wrapped around his shoulders and dragged him away from Dean.

"Let him go!" Dean launched himself up from the floor of the cabin, reaching for Sam as he was pulled away. "Dammit!" The plane tilted again throwing him to his left away from his brother and into clown filled seats who chortled happily as he fell into them. The familiar panic at being in the air assailed Dean. He latched on to the seats in fear as the plane rolled one way and then another. He could see Sam being thrown about by the clowns as though he were a plaything. "Son of a bitch!" Dean planted his elbow in the gut of the clown beneath him and climbed back into the aisle, delivering a kick to the one across from him as the plane rolled again.

Sam knew what Dean had told him; this was the phantoms. It was Sinopa, not his hell madness again but as the clowns leered and jeered, laughed and pummeled he felt his mind beginning to lose its grip. As if punctuating that fact, Lucifer came down the rolling aisle with a serving cart in a stewardess's uniform whistling a jaunty tune.

"My, my Sammy you do play with the most interesting psychopaths these days!" Lucifer chuckled and tossed a bag of peanuts at him. "Mind your head!"

Sam grunted as he was thrown up into the low ceiling and swallowed a cry as his left arm was jostled in its sling. He came down in the same aisle as Dean and for a moment he let the anger take him. Sam kicked a foot into the face of the clown coming for him and grinned as teeth and blood spattered the seats. He elbowed the one behind him and then threw himself down the aisle toward his brother.

"Dean!" Sam shouted and grabbed Dean's arm as the plane dipped again. He dragged him to the floor and wedged them between the seats.

"No place like home, Sammy." Dean shouted and closed his eyes tight as the plane took a sudden nosedive. They held on to each other ignoring the hands clawing at them and the quickly falling plane. He wrapped a hand around the back of Sam's neck and squeezed, trying to offer him some small amount of comfort amidst the madness.

"What the hell are you idjits doing on the floor?" Bobby's voice startled both their heads up.

"Son of a bitch." Dean groaned and traded confused looks with Sam. The plane and the clowns were gone. They were once more in the cabin, sitting on the floor huddled together near the body of the Werewolf. "I really…really hate that bitch."

"That's it." Bobby strode over to them. "No more splitting up. Jody!"

"Yeah…oh no. She did it again?" Jody hopped over the creature's body and pulled Sam up from the floor as Bobby got Dean standing. "Are you ok?" She asked them.

Sam pushed away from Jody and grabbed Dean. "Dean, no. This isn't real. It's not real. You're right." He glared at the visions of Bobby and Jody, not willing to give into the phantoms again. "Don't talk to them. It's her. It's Sinopa and those damn phantoms again." He pulled Dean back, stepping in front of his brother protectively.

"Sam. Son, it's us." Bobby held his hands out in placation. "It's really us, kid. Come on."

Sam lunged for the shotgun on the floor and leveled it at them. "Stay back. You're not real." He jacked a shell into the chamber.

Dean looked frantically around for something. Sam's hell-addled brain was cracking under the constant deluge of hallucinations. He spotted the discarded chloroform soaked rag Viktor had used to capture Sam. "Sammy, you watch them." Dean told him calmly. He nodded quickly at the surprised look on Bobby's face, trying to tell him he had a plan. "You just watch them." Sam nodded and Dean limped away to pick up the rag. He came back to his little brother, arms shaking as they held the shotgun and put one hand on his shoulder.

"It's ok, Sammy." Dean said softly. He hated himself a little for what he was about to do but Sam needed his help and sometimes that meant knocking him down. He whipped his right arm out and clamped the rag over Sam's nose and mouth while wrapping his left arm around Sam's chest, pulling the shotgun down as well. Sam went wild, struggling, shouting beneath the rag but Dean held on. "Breathe, Sam. Just breathe. It's ok, I promise." He hated himself, more than a little as Sam whimpered and finally went limp by degrees in his arms. "Bobby." He called as his leg gave out under the combined weight. He ended up on the floor, holding on to Sam and threw the rag away with a snarl.

"You had to, son." Bobby knelt beside him and patted his shoulder. "Poor kid's just had too much." He smoothed Sam's ever increasing shaggy hair from his forehead tenderly and sighed.

"I know." Dean had heard the tension in Sam's voice; had been sure he'd been moments away from firing. Granted it was only rock salt but that didn't mean it wouldn't hurt like hell and he knew his little brother. Sam would never have forgiven himself as he still held on to guilt for shooting Dean with the same so long ago in an asylum. "I'm sorry, tiger." Dean rested his hand on Sam's neck, soothed by the steady pulse beating there. "Let's get him out of here and get him safe."

Dean scowled around at the room as Bobby lifted Sam from his arms. "When we find that bitch, I want first shot." He growled as Jody helped him up. "Phantoms and that lunatic buried him alive and more phantoms and…Bobby, what if he doesn't come back?" He finished quietly, desperately.

"Shut it. He'll come back." Bobby said firmly. "He always comes back." He nodded and smiled at Dean as he hefted Sam over his shoulder. "For you now let's get you idjits outta here. You drive with that leg?"

Dean took a moment to quietly absorb the simple truth of Bobby's words and then nodded. "Yeah. Hell yes."

"Then let's get the hell out of here." Jody said softly as she slid under Dean's arm. She gave only a cursory look toward the body in the corner with not a single twinge for his death as her eyes passed over the hole in the floor. Good riddance, she said silently as they stepped out into the night.

Sinopa seemed to have spent herself temporarily as their trip back to the car and then to the truck were uneventful; not a single phantom to plague them. Dean pulled into the motel parking gratefully and with a sigh of relief, Bobby's truck pulling in beside him. He reached over to Sam and sighed. He was still unconscious, likely catching up on much needed sleep given how the last few days had gone.

"Hey, Bobby." He said as the passenger door opened and Bobby leaned in.

"You go on up. Jody'll get you up the stairs." Bobby smiled and pulled Sam's legs out of the car.

"I can help." Dean insisted and opened his own door, climbing out to find Jody waiting for him.

"Oh don't be a stubborn ass." Jody grinned and shook her head. "You're not much better off than Sam right now. Bobby's got him."

Dean looked over to see Sam draped carefully over Bobby's shoulder as the older Hunter made his way around the car and toward the stairs. "Wish we'd gotten rooms on the ground floor." Bobby said ruefully as he started up the stairs.

Dean stayed close behind him with Jody at his side, unwilling to be more than a few paces away from his brother as Bobby lugged him up the stairs. Bobby was gasping by the time they reached the top.

"No more Wheaties…for Sam." Bobby said as he started down the balcony toward the room.

Dean chuckled as they followed and reached a hand out to Sam's head, keeping it from swinging into the railing as Bobby turned to open their door. He hovered over his brother as Jody and Bobby settled Sam in his bed, refusing to move while Bobby pushed him down and threaded four stitches into the puncture in his leg.

"You smell, Dean." Jody said finally and smirked. "Honestly, whatever you were rolling in out there in the woods…you need a shower."

"She's right." Bobby leaned over and sniffed his shoulder dramatically. "You're ripe, boy."

"Bite me." Dean grumbled but he got up with a last look at Sam and headed for the bathroom. He closed the door behind him and just leaned his head against it for a moment. So far this job had been a string of near misses, one after the other and his nerves were beginning to fray. He turned and got the water running before Bobby decided to knock and check on him, then stripped off his clothes. He wrinkled his nose as he dropped them on the floor. He did stink.

He stepped into the shower and under the spray of hot water. Dean sighed and stretched his arms out, planting his hands on the wall under the shower head and let it pound the back of his neck, his head bowed. His chest tightened and the tears he couldn't stop were lost in the water sheeting over his face. The hopelessness welled up without warning to shatter his normally steely control. No matter what he told his brother, he was waiting; just waiting for the day when Sam would lose it for good because he knew it was coming. They were Winchesters and they never caught a break. Every time Lucifer and memories of Hell overwhelmed Sam, Dean was sure it would be the last time; that he would lose him forever and he couldn't save him. He sobbed in a breath at his own uselessness. It was his job to take care of Sam; to protect him but how was he supposed to protect him from his own mind? He couldn't face the thought of the day when Sam wouldn't be there. He couldn't allow himself to even consider a life on his own and he knew if…when that day came it would be his last. They'd given enough, so much even down to their souls and the rage he felt at that swallowed him up.

"Hey! You ok in there?" Bobby's voice made him jerk his head up.

Dean looked in surprise at the hole he had punched in the tile below the shower head. "Yeah. Fine. I'm fine." Dean told him. He heard Bobby grunt and the door close. "Dammit." He took a few deep breaths, washed his bleeding knuckles under the water and then got out. The bathroom suddenly seemed too small. He managed a weak smile when he saw his duffel bag sitting inside the door; Bobby no doubt and he pulled out fresh clothes, dressing quickly. He took another breath to settle the rage back where it belonged and opened the door.

"Hey, Bobby I…" Dean trailed off in shock, frozen in the open door. Sam still lay still on the far bed but before him stood two Bobbys and two Jodys. "What the hell?" It hit him in the gut then. Sinopa had somehow managed to get her phantoms inside the room. He dove for the gun he'd left on the table and leveled it at the four of them.

"Dean!" One of the Bobbys shouted and raised his hands. "What the hell are you doing?"

"Shut up! You better tell me who's real right now." Dean cocked the hammer back, trying to decide which one to aim at. One of the Jodys took a step toward him and he turned the gun menacingly at her. "Back the hell up."

"Dean, what's wrong?" Jody stared in shock. She couldn't believe he was actually pointing a loaded weapon at them. "You have to tell us what's wrong."

"What do you mean?" Dean aimed at the two Bobbys again. "All of you, by the door. Now!"

"All of…" Bobby looked over to Jody in complete confusion. "Dean it's just us. Me and Jody. What's got into you, son?"

"Don't you call me that." Dean warned in a low voice. "You don't get to call me that you bitch!"

"Somethin' aint right." Bobby backed toward the door with Jody beside him. He looked down to the line of salt and frowned. He'd been hunting a damn long time and he knew what salt should look like. He knelt slowly, trying not to spook Dean and dipped a finger into it and then brought it to his lips. "Balls! It's sugar! That witch must have got in here."

"So he's seeing…what?" Jody asked, trembling and imagining all the ways this could go horribly wrong.

"I dunno. Dean." Bobby took a step toward him. "Son, it aint real, what you're seeing."

"No shit. I said back off!" Dean shouted again. His patience gone, he fired a warning shot toward the door just as it opened. A strange man with long, blonde hair stared at him in surprise as blood spattered from his shoulder before he dropped like a stone, unconscious. "Who the hell is that?"

Bobby didn't wait. He used the distraction and tackled Dean to the floor. "Dammit, Dean you're gonna kill someone!" He wrestled his adopted son, using every trick he knew to keep the upper hand and it was a fight. Bobby was pretty sure the only reason Dean hadn't flipped him across the room yet was because he wasn't in his right mind. "Let go of the damn gun!"

Jody left Bobby to deal with him and ran to the man on the floor. It was Sam's friend from the day before, Wil. "Please don't be dead." She whispered as she knelt beside him and heaved a sigh of relief when she found a strong pulse.

"What's going on?" Analise sprinted along the balcony with Lya close on her heels. "We were down in the diner and heard a shot. What's happened?"

"Let me by." Lya moved Analise and dropped beside the stricken Will going instantly into Paramedic mode. "It's not that bad. Through and through, might even have missed the bone." She felt along his shoulder, grimacing at the warm blood. "How'd this happen?"

"Long story." Jody sighed and turned back to find Bobby had wrested the gun away.

"It's me, you idjit!" Bobby told him again, pinning Dean with his weight as he tossed the gun away out of reach toward the door and Jody.

Dean looked up at the familiar face and felt his blood go cold as Bobby sneered at him. "Son of a bitch!" Dean heaved and lifted Bobby an inch or two, trying to throw him off.

"Sorry about this." Bobby said and quickly drove his fist into Dean's face. The older Winchester's eyes rolled back and he went limp beneath him. Bobby climbed back to his feet and rubbed a hand under his ballcap. "Gonna be pissed when he wakes up." He turned around to check on Jody and gasped as Sinopa materialized inside the room between them.

"So nice of you to take them down for me." Sinopa said sweetly, taking in the carnage around the room. "So stubborn those two and strong. No one has survived my phantoms this long."

"You bitch!" Bobby lunged for her, pulling a knife from his belt but he never got there. Sinopa used her power to easily toss him across the room. Bobby flew backwards and slammed through the bathroom door. He felt the mirror crack behind him and the sink slam into his back before darkness took him, his last thought for his boys and Jody, now unprotected.

Jody could only watch as Sinopa threw Bobby and she swallowed the instant fear at seeing him so still. "Analise." She scooped the gun from inside the door, sliding it behind her leg and stood. She took the woman's arm. "I need a distraction. Something or we're going to end up dead." Jody knew she couldn't just walk in and shoot the old woman; she'd already seen how that would end. "Please help us!"

Analise nodded quickly even as fear threatened to shake her to pieces. She had already seen the damage Sinopa could do, hard as it was to believe of someone she'd known all her life. She sucked back the fear and ran past Jody straight into the room past Lya and Will.

"Sinopa! Stop, please!" Analise screamed and let the hysterical fear she felt come out in tears and shaking hands. "What are you doing? You're killing them, please! You have to stop!"

"Silly girl." Sinopa turned to Analise and smiled evilly. "I will do whatever I please. I was going to leave you be. I do rather like your cooking but you know too much now, don't you dear?" She raised her hand toward her and screamed in pain as a gunshot deafened the room again and blood blossomed on her chest above her heart. Sinopa looked up and saw Jody over Analise's shoulder, the gun still aimed at her.

"You're done." Jody said softly and fired again. The bullet took the old woman between the eyes and sent her over backwards to crash into the table and then the floor, dead.

Analise fell to her knees, tears streaming down her face. She had understood that Jody was going to kill her but seeing it…she looked down to the deep red spattered across the front of her dress and covered her face. "What did I do?" She had been evil but Analise had once trusted her, even loved her a little.

"Analise." Jody touched her shoulder gently and tucked Dean's gun behind her back before pulling the distraught woman to her feet. "There was no choice. I'm so sorry. I am."

Analise nodded slowly, shaking. "I know but…it still doesn't feel right."

"Can you…can you help me get Dean up on the bed?" Jody asked softly and the woman nodded again. She said nothing as she helped Jody, taking Dean's legs while Jody struggled under the weight of his upper body to get him up on the bed. "Thank you."

"I…I need to go…do something…somewhere else." Analise stared starkly at the floor so she wouldn't see the body on the other side of the room. "I can't…I'm sorry." She turned and left quickly, unable to stomach what she'd been party too regardless of the need.

"You guys need a new day job." Lya said from the door and startled Jody. She'd forgotten for a moment she was there.

"How is he?" Jody asked as she headed for the bathroom.

"He'll live." Lya came in behind her and took her shoulder when she would have pulled on Bobby's shoulder. "Don't move him yet. Let me look." The younger woman bent and ran expert hands along Bobby's head and neck, then down his back. "I called my Dad. That poor guy out there needs a hospital."

Bobby groaned and opened his eyes to find Jody and Lya both leaning over him. "Wha' happened?"

"You had an argument with the sink." Jody smiled, relieved to see him awake and more so when he moved.

"Who won?" Bobby asked and didn't argue when Lya took his shoulders to guide him up.

"Doesn't look like you." Lya said and smirked.

"Cute." Bobby growled and then bent over on a groan with a hand to his back. "Holy crap."

"Hang on." Lya tugged the back of his shirts up over his protest and hissed. "You're going to have some pretty bruises back here soon." She felt along his spine and ignored his curses with a laugh. "Doesn't feel like anything's out of place. You're lucky."

"Yeah, I feel lucky." He looked up to Jody. "Where's that bitch?"

"Dead." Jody said simply and waved an arm toward the room.

Bobby stepped out of the bathroom and sighed. "Nice shot." He smiled at Jody and couldn't help the moment of pride that crossed his face or relief that she had been able to not only protect herself but all of them as well. "Do we know who that guy is?"

"A friend of Sam's from college." Jody said and watched as Lya went back out to the balcony to check on Will. "Met him yesterday. Strangest thing him running into us like that."

"Kid's got lousy damn timing." Bobby shrugged and went to stand over the dead woman. "Best get this out of here and taken care of before someone finds her."

"I'll help. Lya?" Jody called. "Can you stay with them for a few minutes?"

"Oh, I'm not going anywhere." Lya gave her a sad smile. "Believe me, this isn't the worst thing I've ever seen. You do what you have to." She gave a hard look to Sinopa's body. "Dad explained it to me. She needed killing. I just can't believe it was her all along."

"It's always the ones you least expect." Bobby moved the table out of the way, righting it and smiled. "Nice of her to land on the rug like that." He pulled one side up over the old woman and rolled her in. "You grab her feet. We'll get her down in my truck and I'll…take care of it. Witch's body's gotta be salted and burned or they get up to all kinds of mischief after they're dead."

"I don't even want to imagine." Jody said firmly and helped him lift her, angling carefully out the door and around Lya and the wounded Will. They got her down the stairs and in the back of Bobby's truck just as Doctor Geery pulled up beside them.

"What's happened? My daughter called and said someone had been shot?" The Dr. looked concerned at both of them and Bobby smiled, pointing up to the room.

"Patient's up there, Doc. I gotta go…clean something up." Bobby ran a hand through Jody's hair before he climbed into his truck and rumbled out of the parking lot.

"Come on." Jody touched his arm lightly and smiled. "You have a few patients to look at. It's been an eventful night."

"So I gather." The Doctor watched Bobby's truck leave and decided he didn't really want to know what needed cleaning at that hour. He followed Jody upstairs and jogged the last few yards to his daughter. "Good grief." He said on seeing Will and the blood.

"I think he's ok, Dad." Lya smiled and leaned into the hand he cupped to her face for a moment. "Still hasn't woken up but that's likely shock."

The Dr. glanced into the room, taking in Sam and Dean unconscious on their beds and his eyes widened at the unmistakable red stains on the floor and back wall of the room. "I uh…was going to say let's call an ambulance but I don't think that'd be such a good idea. Help me get him down to my car? I'll drive him to the hospital myself."

Jody sighed and rolled her shoulders. "This is getting to be a habit." She took Will's feet, the Doctor taking his head and they lifted him carefully with Lya walking alongside to stabilize his shoulder. "Sam's going to need a new brace by the way. His arm's in rough shape."

Doctor Geery frowned. "It really has been an eventful night." Once they had Will lying across the backseat of his sedan he took his daughter's hand. "Lya, can you stay and watch after them until I get back?"

"Of course, Dad." Lya leaned up and planted a kiss on his cheek with a smile. "Go on. I can handle this lot. They're a mess."


"Sam Winchester if you try to get up again I WILL handcuff you to that bed." Jody warned in her best 'Mother's' voice as he swung a leg to the floor. She grinned triumphantly when he put it back on the bed. "Good boy."

"It's my arm that's broken you know. Not me legs." Sam said petulantly.

"So we shouldn't mention the multiple concussions, blurry vision, bumps, bruises and hey how about the part where you were drugged twice?" Jody tsked at him and laughed. "Stay put til Doctor Geery gets back." Lya had a left a short while ago, needing to start her shift with firm orders that Sam not move around too much. Dean she had allowed to get up after he'd stood and done a little jig for her.

Dean laid on his bed, arms behind his head and tried to come to terms with the fact he'd fired at Bobby. "He's alright, isn't he?" He asked again. "Shouldn't take this long to salt and burn that bitch."

"He's fine, Dean." Jody smiled at him. "Just a little banged up and not from you."

The sound of a key in the lock made them all still, Dean reaching under his pillow for his knife, Jody taking his gun from behind her back.

"Don't shoot the delivery boy." Bobby said with a chuckle when he opened the door and saw them waiting. He held up two large bags. "Anyone hungry?"

"Oh hell yes." Dean rolled off the bed and grabbed a bag. "Starving."

"You could have called." Jody shook her head, amused as they started laying out a cheap Taco feast on the table.

"I decided not to go to the diner." Bobby gave her a sad look. "Don't think Analise much wants to see any of us right now." Jody nodded. "Only place open was this little taco place. Don't look too bad." He took a large, wrapped burrito looking thing from the bag and went over to Sam with a smile.

"I got you the salad in a shell thing. Eat up." Bobby handed it to him. "And none of that you aint hungry crap."

Sam unwrapped one end and looked dubiously at it. "What's this brown stuff?"

"Meat." Bobby replied with a grin. "Just eat, Sam."

Sam considered arguing, he really wasn't feeling hungry but the trio of resolute looks told him he'd get no peace until he did. "Thanks, Bobby." He took a bite and chewed, managing to smile without grimacing. "It's actually not that bad."

"Mmf. I's great." Dean mumbled around a mouthful of burrito.

"I'll uh…" Jody watched the three of them eating and pushed away her own. "Not a fan of Mexican."

Sam managed half of his and set aside, figuring he'd eaten enough to keep them happy. He glanced up at the knock on the door and watched again as they all tensed before answering the door. This job had driven them all into paranoia he thought sadly.

"Hey, Doc." Dean smiled and opened the door wider so Doctor Geery could enter.

"You boys are certainly keeping me busy." The Dr. smiled around at them. "How's your back? Lya updated me." He asked of Bobby.

"Hurts like hell." Bobby shrugged stiffly. "It's nothing' I aint had before."

"I'll believe that. Dean, how's the leg?" The Doctor pushed him at the bed until he sat.

Dean smirked at being manhandled but allowed it. "It's good." He hissed in a breath when the Doctor straightened his leg to shove up his pantleg and have a look.

"Uh huh. Stay off it for a day or two." The Doctor chuckled. "Or maybe a few hours if you can manage it?"

"Oh he'll stay off it." Bobby said surely and glared at Dean. "Jody's got handcuffs."

"I don't think I want to know." The Dr. laughed and rose to go over to Sam. "Now, let's have a look at that arm."

"This is gonna suck." Sam said and took a breath to steal himself as the Doctor reached to undo the sling binding his left arm to his chest.

"Your friend Will is going to be fine." The Doctor smiled as he gently drew Sam's arm out. "He heard shouting in the room. That's why he opened the door when he did. He was concerned for you."

"Sounds like Will." Sam said, breathless from the pain as his arm was held out.

"We'll go see him before we leave town." Dean said and got the smile he wanted from Sam. It was the least he could so for someone he'd shot who'd only been trying to help his brother.

"Lya was right. This needs replacing." He gave Sam a concerned look for the pallor of his face. "It will feel better once the new brace is on, I promise." Sam only nodded so he set to work removing the twisted brace.

Sam held his breath and did his best not to move; even so he couldn't help the twitches as the pain overpowered him. He looked up at the Doctor and reared back seeing Lucifer's smiling face instead.

"Whoa." Dean knew what that look on his brothers' face meant. "Hold up, Doc." Dean went to the bed and sat, taking Sam's shoulder. "It's alright, Sammy." He waited until Sam's pain glazed hazel eyes met his and smiled. "Stone number one." Sam nodded and closed his eyes, leaning in to the grip on his shoulder. "Ok, Doc. Go ahead."

Doctor Geery watched them and wondered again at the strength of their bond and what could possibly happened to the younger brother to damage him so. "Almost done Sam." He extricated Sam's arm from the metal finally and smiled. "I don't think the fracture is any worse. There'd be more swelling if it were. Just hold still."

"He's good." Dean told him and moved his hand to the back of Sam's neck, squeezing as the Doctor slid the new brace onto his arm, tightening it in place. "Breathe, Sam."

Sam nodded and gasped in a breath. The tightening of the brace around his forearm actually helped to lessen some of the agony. He raised a hand to wipe at the sweat that had broken out on his face and bumped another hand. He looked up to see Jody as she laid a damp towel on his face.

"You're ok, Sam." She told him kindly.

"All done." Doctor Geery dropped the destroyed brace into his bag and stood. "His arm should be fine in a few weeks and then you can…Sam?" He caught the look of distress on his young patient's face, watched him pale and his eyes widen. "What is it?"

Sam couldn't tell them. He scrambled off the bed and staggered into the bathroom where he fell in front of the toilet and the vomit he'd felt crawling up his throat spewed out everything he'd eaten and then kept going.

"What is it? What's wrong?" Dean squeezed past Jody and Bobby into the bathroom. He wrapped an arm over Sam's straining shoulders to support him and held his newly braced left arm in his other hand, keeping it safe.

"I don't know!" Doctor Geery set his bag back on Sam's bed and then saw the half eaten burrito. "Oh no. Who got food from El Pablo's?"

"I did." Bobby said, confused at the look of disgust on his face.

"Didn't you see the yellow sign on their door?" Doctor Geery groaned and started digging in his bag. "They've been shut down five times now by the health department for making people sick." He straightened and tossed a bottle to Bobby. "Should help with the nausea and sadly it's all I can do for this."

"Aw crap." Bobby groaned.

"Dude if I get sick, I'm puking in your shoes." Dean gave him a dirty look and turned back to Sam, rolling his eyes. "He didn't mean to try and kill ya, Sam." He said, chuckling when Bobby sputtered.

Sam's vomiting finally stopped and he collapsed back into Dean's supporting arm, spent from the effort and the last few days combined. "Shoot me. Please?" He asked, only half joking.

"It'll be ok." Dean told him and took the cool, damp cloth Jody handed him. He laid it across Sam's forehead. "Better?" Sam nodded. "Ok, let's get you back in bed. Come on, sasquatch." He lifted Sam from the floor and held him when his legs threatened to buckle. "I've got ya. Make a whole." Dean said and steered Sam past Bobby, Jody and the Doctor and back to his bed.

"As soon as he can keep a little water down without vomiting, give him two of the pills I gave to Bobby." Doctor Geery took Sam's right wrist and checked his pulse; he nodded, satisfied. "I've dealt with this several times now." He smiled ruefully. "He'll be miserable for a couple days but otherwise fine. Just keep him hydrated."

"And no more Mexican." Sam groaned and curled around his stomach and arm.

"Aw hell, son. I'm sorry." Bobby felt miserable at making Sam so sick after what he'd already been through.

"It's ok, Bobby." Sam smiled weakly at him.

"So chicken soup for you for a couple…" Dean's hand stilled on Sam's forehead and he swallowed hard. "Oh…oh crap." He dove for the bathroom and managed to grab the little wastebasket as his dinner too came back for a second showing.

"Balls." Bobby bent to help Dean and then whirled, looking frantically around the room. Jody saw him and made a mad dash toward the door. She came back with the other wastebasket and thrust it under Bobby's head a moment before he dropped to his knees and started throwing up as loudly as Dean.

"Great. Pukefest." Jody groaned. She went and opened one of the windows, needing to let some of the smell out of the room.

"I'll help Dean." Doctor Geery struggled not to laugh. He didn't think they'd appreciate the humor of the situation just yet.

"Thanks." Jody pulled Bobby slowly to his feet. "You make it to our room, old man?"

Bobby glared at her as his stomach eased slightly. "Don't make me kiss you."

"Ewww." Jody groaned, laughed and pulled him toward the door.

"Come on, young man. Up you go." Doctor Geery tugged Dean up from the floor and pointed him at his bed.

Dean hugged the little trash can and sent Bobby a rude gesture as he left. He snorted. "He's gonna be…sucking up…for a month to make up for this. Oh god." He bent over the can again.

Sam groaned. "Help?" He could feel it coming again and didn't have the strength to even get up, let alone make it to the bathroom.

"Oh…oh dear." Doctor Geery started to pull Sam up as Jody returned. She ran around the beds and handed him a new trashcan.

"Since Bobby took the other one." She smirked at the relieved look on his face. Jody rubbed a hand on Sam's back as he poured his guts out again. "Bobby's being an ass. Puking does not bring out the best in him." She leaned across the space between the beds and laid a hand on Dean's forehead.

"You gonna…mother us all night?" Dean said grumpily and Jody chuckled. He groaned in appreciation when she laid a cool cloth on his forehead. "I take it back. Mother away."

"You have your work cut out for you." Doctor Geery laughed and patted her shoulder. "I have to get back to the hospital but I'll come check on them in a day or so."

"Thanks, Doc." Jody gave him a genuine smile. "For everything."

The Doctor bent and picked up the bottle Bobby had dropped. He handed it to her. "Good luck."

Jody went into the bathroom and wet a second towel. She sat beside Sam who was panting after his second bout, eyes closed and laid the cloth along his neck. "Just relax, kiddo." Dean dropped back onto his bed and Jody grabbed his bucket. She rinsed it out quickly in the bathroom and had it back beside him before he could start again. She snagged a chair from the table and set it between the beds, settling in the seat to take care of her boys. She smirked and shook her head at herself but couldn't help the way she felt.

"Next time…I'm picking the job." Dean said tiredly.

Sam snorted softly. "All yours…Puke-a-rella."

"Dude, I will come over there and kick your ass."

Sam chuckled. "Like to see you…" He finished the thought with his face in the trashcan, heaving again.

Dean began to laugh and then paled, quickly pulling his can closer and emptying his stomach into it again. Jody chortled happily at the two of them and the fact they could be so light-hearted after all they'd been through and were now suffering. Jody looked up in surprise as Bobby opened the door and shuffled into the room cradling his trashcan. He dropped heavily into one of the chairs and let his head thump back into the wall.

"How in hell was I supposed to know…the food was bad?" Bobby said miserably.

Jody got up and detoured into the bathroom once again for yet another cool washrag. She went over to Bobby and laid it gently across his forehead. She smiled. "I'd kiss you old man but I really don't like Mexican, especially when its regurgitated." She chuckled at the disgusted look on his face. "I don't think you're allowed to pick the food anymore."

"Amen!" Came the resounding shout from Sam and Dean in unison.

Bobby rolled his eyes and growled. "You're all idjits."


The End.

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