Wilkes wasn't sure why he felt so nervous. He laid in bed, waiting for Nanny, thinking of the wonderful evening they had just shared. They had enjoyed a lovely meal, although it had not exactly been his preference, Nanny's enthusiasm for the new ethnic concoctions had made him daring and he had very much enjoyed watching her sample the foreign food. They sat at a candle lit table, danced several times and had gone for a brief walk. They had cut their walk short, since they wanted to save energy for the rest of their evening.

He exhaled thinking about the day. His business was sold. Nanny had agreed to marry him. A life changing day to say the least. Things were falling into place. Tomorrow they would leave Africa for Europe, where he hoped they could be married.

Looking down at his pajama top he wondered if he should take it off. Was that too familiar? Should he let her take it off? He then looked to the lamp. Should he dim it? Why WAS he so nervous? They had been intimate many times in his suite at the Plaza. Why was this different? Because they weren't hiding any longer, he realized as he lay back trying to relax.

They were finally openly together and that changed everything. He didn't wish to give her any reason, no matter how insignificant, to regret her decision to marry him. He wanted tonight to be perfect. It was a special night as well, making it even more important that it be exactly what she would want it to be. Wilkes looked up from his deep trance when he heard her laughter.

"You look rawther lost in thought", she said, closing the bedroom door behind her and giving him a small smile. She was wearing a short black lace slip which had been packed for her by Eloise along with the other things.

"Yes... Well", he replied. What had she said? With the current sight of her, there was no way he could concentrate on speech. He had never seen her quite so... Alluring. Of course he always found her appealing. Very appealing in fact, and passion had certainly never been a problem. However, there was always a guarded demeanor about her presence in his bedroom, which had held them both back. That now was gone. She stood before him looking confident, and perhaps even proud.

"Cat got your tongue Love?", Nanny asked with a laugh, as she made her way over to him.

Wilkes, forced himself to look away from her legs, which were so long! He had never seen her walk across a room with so much of them revealed. He smiled in reply, "I do apologize"

"For what, what, what?", she asked, coming closer. This was new to her, attempting to be alluring for a man, and yet by the look on his face she was doing rawther well.

All he could think of as he watched her move closer was how much he adored her. She was sexier then she would ever realize, and yet she had the most endearing awkwardness to her as well. The way her legs were spread apart a bit too much as she walked towards him, the way her hair fell out of her up-do.

She leaned down to him at the edge of the bed, her lips brushing over his slightly. She raised herself back up, smiling down at him lovingly. He sat up, patting the spot beside him on the bed.

"No", she said softly, shaking her head slowly, "It's a special night Love"

"Yes... Of course!", he replied, a bit confused.

She smiled down to him, offering her hand. He took it, making his way out of bed.

"Where are we going?", he asked as they walked hand-in-hand out of the bedroom.

"I just 'ad an idea", she explained. Crossing the living room to the screened terrace and sliding open the door, "It's a lovely night".

"Indeed", he said, following her out, "You'll get cold however my dear"

"Aoww no. I am fine, fine, fine", she said, letting go of his hand and making her way over to the railing and looking out into the night sky.

He followed close behind her. Watching her lovely profile in the night air. She had to be cold, he reasoned, and so he removed his pajama top and draped it over her shoulders, moving behind her and wrapping his arms around her afterward.

She turned in his arms, smiling, "I 'ave been thinking... About our engagement Love. I would like you to know something"

"You are a Russian spy?", Wilkes teased.

"Aoww! Willie, I am serious Love!"

"I do apologize", he replied, rubbing circles on her back.

"I would LIKE you to know my reasons"

"You're reasons?"

"For not, not, not wanting to marry you before today"

"Ah", he said, sighing, "But why does that matter now my dear? You were afraid. I do understand. The most important thing is that you have changed your mind and we will be married"

"For sure, sure, sure, but I would still like you to know my reasons Love, and then we can move on with our night"

"Very well"

"Alright. 'ere you 'ave it. Too, too, too old! Too, too, too different... Walks of life I mean! And lastly, Eloise. Those three reasons. Rather silly. Itn't it?"

"Frankly? Yes my dear. Rather"

Nanny smiled in reply, "As I've said. I was frightened", she said, rapping her arms behind his neck, "Eloise will always be a part of my life. She'll 'ave a new nanny who can keep up with 'er now and she'll carry on"

"Indeed she will"

"And as far as our stations go... It might look like we are completely mismatched on paper, but we are very much alike in our 'earts"

"Oh yes!", Wilkes replied, melting a bit at her words, "We are, er, birds of a feather I suppose you could say, in all the ways that count"

"For sure, sure, sure! And as for being too, too, too old..."

"That is ludicrous! Oh, not that I am saying your thoughts are... Just, well..."

"No, no, no Love. It was ludicrous! You are never too old to follow your 'eart. Never too old for love or marriage"

"Precisely", Wilkes replied happily, "Did your talk with Abena have anything to do with your changing your mind?"

"Yes. It did. She pointed out my fears and I suppose that is all I needed"

"I do hope she and her and Mr. Imani patch things up. They had quite a falling out"

"Yes I know. It is a pity for sure, sure, sure", she replied, shaking her head, "But they will follow their 'earts I believe. Just like we 'ave. That is all we can 'ope for"

"You are an amazing woman my love and I could not agree more. Love has no expiration date... Nor does passion"

"That's right", she replied smiling, and running her hands down his chest, "Now then. Where were we Love?"

"Oh, well... I suppose about here", he said, leaning forward to kiss her lips.

She immediately placed her hand on his chest to stop him. Holding up her finger as their lips broke apart, she released herself from his embrace and moved backward toward the patio lounger. She sat on it, leaning back and motioning with her index finger.

"Oh! Well... But you're not implying..."

Nanny laughed, "I am. Why, why, why not? It's a lovely night"

"Oh... Well", Wilkes replied, a grin on his face. This was a very tempting scenario, but they really shouldn't. What if another guest were to come out on their own terrace and see them?

"No one will see Love", she said, as if reading his mind, "I've never made love outdoors. I thought it might be rawther nice"

"Yes. Certainly. However there are other guests..."

"Sides, we practically made love in the jungle upon our arrival for Lord's sake! This is much safer itn't it?"

"Well, but still...", he began, but then he started to really look at her. Her lovely face was even more lovely in the moonlight. Her attire all too alluring. Her hair straggling from her up-do almost whimsically. The smile on her face deliciously naughty. Her legs long and exposed to him, only for him. The way she leaned back so welcoming... He was a bloody fool.

He quickly strode over, dropping his pajama bottoms, and climbed on top of her.

"Oh my Lord! Someone 'as changed 'is mind!", she said giggling as he enthusiastically kissed her neck from his position on top of her.

"I am sorry I even hesitated", he stated, moving on to her collar bone.

"If you kiss me any lower we might wake the neighbors. Just warning you bout that right now Love"

Wilkes chuckled, looking up, "That is a risk I will have to take I believe", he said as he slid the silk straps from her freckled shoulders.

"Oh thank the Lord!", she replied, as he slid her slip all the way down and payed her attention to be ample cleavage and chest. She moaned in satisfaction, wondering if anyone at the Plaza would have ever guessed what a good lover he was.

He stopped after a few long moments, looking up to her, a happy expression on his face.

"What?", Nanny asked as he stared at her. What she had wanted to say was 'For Lord's sake! Why did you stop?!'

"Oh. It is nothing. I just, er, realized... Well, you are not hiding yourself from me. You know,as you usually do. Under the covers that is"

"We don't 'ave any covers", she pointed out.

"Yes. Quite right, but all the same. Your hand is not covering the part of your stomach that you hate and you are not shrinking into yourself with embarrassment"

"No", Nanny said, realizing it was try, "I guess, guess, guess I'm not. Well... At this point I feel comfortable with you I suppose"

"I'm glad", he said moving down to kiss her stomach.

Nanny exhaled. Thinking how true it was, "You make me feel beautiful Wilkes", she admitted .

He stopped kissing her stomach to reach up and cup her face, "You are my love, the most beautiful woman I have ever known", he told her sincerely.

"Make love to me", she whispered. Feeling so much love for this man.


The next morning Nanny awakened to the sound of a tea cup clattering. She opened her eyes to see the night stand with a steaming cup of coffee sitting on it. Opening her eyes wider, she moved to sit up, but felt a pair of strong arms wrap around her from behind. She smiled and turned to him.

"Good morning", she said when she saw his face.

He smiled silently back, brushing hair from her eyes. She blushed as he watched her so contently, rubbing a slow circle on her hip, which was covered by only a silk sheet.

"Good morning", he finally said when he was ready.

"Well, was waking up beside me everything you thought it would be?", she asked, knowing how much it had meant to him, but deciding that it sounded cocky, she added with a laugh, "My breath must be 'orrible"

He continued to smile at her, his thumb brushing over one cheek as he held her tightly with his other arm, "It is, by far my darling, much better then I could have ever imagined"

"I love you", she told him. Sincerely adding, "I can not wait to become your wife"

"I love you too", he said, leaning forward to kiss her briefly, before pulling back, but keeping his grip tight on her.

"Thank you for ordering my coffee"

"Of course. I thought you may like it as soon as you woke"

"You know me well already don't you Willie?", she said with a laugh. She simply had to have her coffee first thing in the morning.

"Tell me. If I could arrange it... Would you care to be married in the next week?", he asked her suddenly.

Nanny smiled and felt her head nodding. Not needing to think about it at all it seemed. They both smiled broad elated smiles before they sunk into one another's warm welcoming lips. Their mouths instantly fitting together perfectly, tongues moving with precision, as they held onto one another as if they never wanted to let go.



"I am sorry Nanny. I know things didn't work out as you had liked", Kay, Eloise's mother, had said regrettably.

"Well. We can't always plan these things Love", Nanny said, trying not to sound too, too, too sad.

"You must miss Sir Wilkes"

"Aoww. So, so, so much! But I will be fine Love"

"Would you like to stay up and watch some television with me?", Kay asked, trying to cheer up the older woman, "We can order from room service and see if a boxing match is on"

Nanny smiled at her dearness, "No thank you Love. I am rawther tired. I told myself that after Eloise went to bed I would do the same"

"Alright then", Kay replied, sitting on the sofa with her fashion magazine. Nanny was certain she had never seen a boxing match in her life and that spending her evening with the glossy pages of her magazine was much more her preference. Still, it had been a sweet gesture, "Good night then"

"Good night", Nanny replied, heading for the door.

"Come and have breakfast with us tomorrow!", Kay said as Nanny was about to leave.

Nanny smiled, "Aoww, Now Kay I appreciate what you are trying to do, but I will be just fine, fine, fine Love!"

"You've been so good to us. I don't like you being alone", the younger woman admitted.

"Eloise has a new nanny now. It would be silly for me..."

"Yes, but you are not just a nanny to us. You are family. I do hope you realize that"

Nanny blushing, walking over to kiss Kay's cheek, "Thank you Pet. You 'ave turned out so well. I am so, so, so proud of you"

Kay smiled in reply. Even though she was a grown woman now, with a child of her own, this woman, her former nanny's, opinion of her still meant the world.

"I will see you tomorrow, but not for breakfast. I think I may sleep in"

"Alright", Kay replied as Nanny again went for the door, "Sleep well"

Nanny sighed, knowing she wouldn't. She missed him too, too, too much, "Thank you Pet. Night"

"Goodnight Nanny"

Nanny walked down the hall to her own suite. The one in which Wilkes had very romantically carried her over the threshold of earlier in the year. She fought back her tears as she thought about how lovely their wedding day had been. Just a small affair in Central Park, but just what she had wanted it to be! He had made sure she had everything just as she had wanted... That dear sweet man. Nanny would never forget the look on his face when she had walked down the small isle to him. In his eyes lived the most sincere form of love, and she knew she had been very lucky to have been given the gift of his love.

Nanny shook away the memories as she unlocked the door. What a silly old woman she was becoming. Putting down her things, she went over and collapsed on the sofa. She was rawther tired. She was no longer used to keeping up with Eloise, but when Kay had called her a few days before and explained that Eloise's nanny was sick and that she, Kay, had some very important meetings lined up for her upcoming fashion line, Nanny had reluctantly agreed. No matter, tomorrow things would go back to normal.

Looking up she saw a pitcher of water was on the table. That's funny. She didn't remember taking it out. Getting up, she went over and picked up the pitcher, preparing to put it away and wash the glass on the table. That's when she saw it. The cigar in the ash tray. Wilkes' cigar. Her eyes widened as she reached down and touched it. Still warm. How had she not smelt it as soon as she walked in? She looked up then towards the bedroom excitedly, just as the bedroom door opened.

"Willie!", she yelped as she dropped the pitcher and ran to him.

"Oh!", he said, laughing, as she threw her arms around him.

She leaned back to see his face and took it in her hands, kissing him longingly. He kissed her right back, deeply and thoroughly. Finally they broke a part.

"What, what, what are you doing 'ome so soon? Aoww, not that I am complaining! I 'ave missed you so much !", she said breathlessly.

"I wrapped things up as quickly as I could. I missed you too much my love. I simply couldn't spend another night away from you"

"You should 'ave told me you were returning today. I would 'ave 'ad something waiting for you to eat and I would 'ave been 'ere when you got in"

"Thank you my dear, but I ate on the plane. I thought it might be a nice surprise arriving home early"

"Aoww, well it IS a nice surprise Love!", she said, kissing him again, more briefly this time, "Did you wonder where I was?"

"I had supposed that you would still be at Kay's and heading home soon. How has the last week been my darling? You have sounded so tired on the phone"

"It 'as been fine Love. I 'ave been a bit tired, but that is mostly due to lack of sleep, sleep, sleep"

"Ah. I could not sleep without you by my side either", Wilkes admitted.

"Itn't it funny? We both slept alone for decades for Lord's sake! We've only been married a matter of months and we can not due without each other"

"I like it that way", he said with a smile, tightening his grip on her.

"Me too", she admitted, "I 'ad 'oped to take this trip with you! It would 'ave been so nice to see Abena"

"She had missed seeing you as well, but they have promised to visit next season. I told them I am holding them too it, as they would disappoint my lovely wife if they changed their minds"

"Oh! I do 'ope they come!"

"They will. They promised", Wilkes said, kissing her forehead.

" 'Ow was the meetings Love? Did you get everything worked out?"

"Oh yes. Mr. Imani just needed a bit of help with a few things. He will be just fine now"

"I'm glad... And I am glad 'e and Abena are doing well"

"Indeed. As am I. I believe you had something to do with that my love", he said proudly, kissing the tip of her nose.

"No, no, no! I didn't do a thing!"

"Are you sure about that? A very wise... and beautiful woman once said that it is not the gifts wrapped in ribbons and bows that count, but the ones that come from the heart. Abena has become a good friend of yours. She was inspired by you following your heart and that helped her follow her own"

"That is a sweet thing to say Love and one way too look at it for sure, sure, sure, but I think Mr. Imani just finally realized that 'is wife needed more. 'e is doing well now, and good for 'im!"

"Indeed... and may I ask. Does my wife feel like she has needs that need to be fulfilled?", he asked with a grin.

"What?! Oh no, no, no Willie! I am very 'appy! You are the most, most, most divine 'usband Love!"

"Thank you", he said, rubbing her back with his hands, "And you are the most wonderful wife... However, I was referring to something, er, else"

"You were? ...OH!", she said laughing, and wrapping her arms up behind his neck, "Well. It 'as been a long, long, long week without you Love"

"Mmm", he said, kissing her.

Lord, she had missed his kisses for sure, sure, sure! She thought as his tongue glided over hers. She angled her neck, so that he could kiss her as deeply as possible, a moan escaping her when he did. She ran her hands down his chest, yanking the shirt from his pants and quickly pulling the belt from his pants.

"Oh. Oh my", he said as she touched him in all the right places. He scooped her up then, carrying her to the bedroom.

"Don't 'urt your back Love!"

" Tosh, tosh", he said as he carried her into their bedroom.

"My knight!", she said as he laid her on the bed, "Never leave me again Willie. I don't ever, ever, ever want to be apart from you for more then a few hours"

"Never!", he said with a smile, kissing her briefly before crawling over her and laying beside her, "I never would have gone if they hadn't, you know, needed me so much"

"Aoww, I know Love! I know. You did the right thing for sure, sure, sure... And so did I, staying with Eloise this past week"

"Indeed. Now let's get back to more important business", he said with a grin, leaning down to kiss her neck.

"Oh, I do, do, do like the way you think! AND the way you do what you are doing right now", she said with a cheeky laugh, referring to him touching her.

"Is THAT the reason you married me?", he teased.

"No, no,no. I married you because I loved you more then life itself for Lord's sake!"

He stopped his attention to her body to reach up and kiss her lips, "Thank you my darling. I feel the same. Naturally. That is certainly a good reason"

"Yes, yes, yes. Now... Where were you?"

Wilkes chucked in reply, continuing his attention.

"It's a very, very, very good reason", she said softly to herself, as she laid back and let her husband love her, "True, unconditional, deep love. The only reason that matters"