Rude Noises, Flying Scissors and Crash-Landing Dictionaries




I receive no answer.


Still nothing.

"6, you inky little fool! Get here now!"

A striped head pops and makes a rude noise at me before retreating. I sigh. Well, if 6 won't answer me I'll just have to get somepunk else. I shout for 2,, and am rewarded – sort of – with a tired "oh, what do you want now?"

"Get me a knife, 2."

"Yes, your majesty," I hear him mutter as he turns away. A minute later, a scissor blade swishes through the air and lands – thunk- in the floorboards about a foot away from me.

"Aaargh! You hit me!" I lie, just to see his reaction.

"1, if that had hit you, you'd know about it."

The cathedral is peaceful today. No catbeasts or anything similar disturb me, nor any annoying inky fools, nor blue clicking beings...


I jump as a huge book crashes to the floor, inches from my foot. My optics catch the sight of two hooded heads disappearing over the side of the bucket lift.

Those damned twins! They've played this trick on me many times, but it never fails to make me mad.

"What did you do that for?" I screech. "You almost killed me! With the Oxford English Dictionary, no less!"

Mischievous clickings echo from within the sides of the lift.

"Get down from there, right now!" I shout. Of course, they ignore me completely.

At this point, I simply feel like crying. I'm supposed to be the protector, and they don't even do anything I say! If only I had some way of enforcing my authority...

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