"Oh brother dearest, where hast thou been? Searched thee did but thy was nowhere to be found." Minnie cooed softly with worried-looking eyes. They were having a stroll in the garden but along the way they were somehow… separated.

Here he was, the little prince of death, sitting on the rotten meadow accompanied by tombstones. Junior's hood was lowered and he had a distant look in his mismatched eyes. Junior sighed, failing to notice his sister's presence.

Minnie, washed all over with worry slowly approached the teen in daze…and kissed him. It brought Junior back into reality and it made him flushed. A kiss so tender and innocent, yet full of passion. Junior released at once, feeling the heat rising up his fleshed cheeks. Scooted away, far away, toward a tombstone and far from little princess death.

"M-Minnie! You scared me!" Junior stuttered half-true. It would be a lie if he said he did not realise Minnie for they had been aware of each other's presence ever since they were aborted out of their mother's womb. She stared at him, as if deep in thoughts. Both of them stared into each other's eyes (or eye in Junior's case). It felt like a millennium when both actually snapped back to senses when a loud crash made its way into their cochlea.

Junior flinched, a cold shiver he felt. A very, very disturbing feeling lurking deep inside in his capsule called "heart". "Brother dearest, a feeling so ugly that mine heart hath felt! What ever that is happening in our home? Let us be haste, for we have no time to spare!" Minnie felt it too, and she broke into a cold sweat.

Yes, something deep, dark and ugly had caused a ruckus. A ruckus so loud and destructive that even the undead hid tightly inside their a word, Junior grabbed Minnie's hand and transformed into his nergal self. As fast as the wind could take him, he dashed his way back to the castle, their home,silently praying that nothing ugly happened.

Strange enough, the wind blew with caution and the water was at still as it can be. Minnie was put down from Junior's back, her ebony eye glimmering. Anything could happen among the ruckus, and this is one of the many happenings that turned Junior and Minnie's afterlife...for the worse. (Or better, who knows?)