This story is with my new High Krawl OC: Amaia. After the High Krawl failed, Krux creates Amaia, a super-powered High Krawl who needed to infiltrate in the NPP building. While she is there, Rallen falls in love with her. But Jeena sees through her and tries to get Rallen away from her. RallJeen. A picture of Amaia can be seen on deviantArt by Spectrobe-Drawah. Link: .com/#/d50saz6


A dark voice echoed on the dark walls of Krux' palace. 'Why can't you do anything good? You are all failures!' he screamed, pointing at a light violet Krawl women. 'But master...' she said, with frightened looks on her face. 'Nothing 'but'. I don't want to hear anything from you again, Maja.' Krux sneered. A dark blue figure was stepping forward, a shadow sneaking behind him. 'It was all the humans fault. Don't blame her.' 'Yes,' a Krawl red as fire said, 'Maybe we just have to try again.' 'No, Gelberus.' Krux' voice sounded dark and down. 'This time, I'm doing this different. We need an infiltrator. Someone who gets inside the NPP buiding and wipes out that Rallen kid.' An evil grin came on his face. 'But you aren't going to do that..'

On that moment, shadows began to gather around him. 'A new power is coming to the universe!' Krux screamed, while more and more shadows gathered. The High Krawl went back, only Gronos, the void Krawl, stayed there. 'Master, you can't do that to us! You can't abandon us like that!' Krux' grin got bigger. 'Yes I can. And you will be beautiful parts of the Krawlosphere, when I'm done with you!' The shadows around him slowy creeped towards Maja, who was shaking on her legs. 'Please don't, master Krux! You'll need us another day!' she said with a shaking voice. On the moment the shadows where about to reach Maja's feet, Jado, the blue Krawl, came in front of her. 'Run,' he screamed, 'Run while you still can!' And she ran. Hard, very hard, while looking backwards to see how her lifesaver was being engulfed with shadows, how the life was drained out of him. She ran out of Krux' palace, scared and filled with fear. And she teleported away to escape the shadows, who came after her later.

Back in the palace, Jado, Gelberus and Gronos struggled to break free, but with no effect. They felt weaker and weaker. The power was drained out of them. Then, Gronos was lifted up. The shadows grinned, and brought him to the Krawlosphere. Above the big ball of Krawl, the shadows vanished. And poor Gronos fell in, screaming for help and mercy, while the cruel Krux was watching. The same happened to Gelberus and Jado. And Krux grinned. 'And now, its time for a being much more useful than you retards.'

With those words, the shadows melted together and formed a female figure. A women, around 17 years old, stepped out. Her dark brown hair glowed and some parts moved up and down. She had a light gray skin with pink Krawl markings, a purple-black suit, a dark blue cloak and wings, black bat-like wings that emitted a dark energy. She looked up to Krux and said: 'Master... What can I do for you?'