Rallen was trapped by Amaia. He meets Pegatinum, who'll help him later. Enjoy reading...


Her laugh sounded cold. Rallen was shivering hearing it. Two shadow monsters were strangeling him, while the third one attacked. 'Gasp... gasp...' Rallen became dizzy, enduring the attacks of the High Krawl girl. His mind tried to find out a way to defeat the monsters, but with no effect. So, the plan was now to endure the girl's attacks. Amaia's eyed widened all of a sudden. 'You... can resist my attacks?' She lifted up a strand of hair, steering it towards Rallen like a whip. Oh no. One of those attacks and I'm done for, he thought. Then, in a fraction of a second, a heavy voice droned through his head.

'You... Rallen...' Rallen's eyes widened. 'Who... Who are you?' He closed his eyes. A vision striked across his head. A beautiful being, blue and white. Its wings left vague rainbow stripes behind. 'I am Pegatinum. Use the beings of light, before it is too late...' 'I... How did you..' Rallen was confused. 'No questions. Just do it...' Pegatinums wings slowly stroked Rallen's face, leaving rainbows on it. 'Just DO IT...'

Rallen's eyes opened quickly. 'SPECTROBES!' he screamed, thinking of the pain that soon had to come. However, a Spikanor jumped out of the Prizmod, ripping off the hair strand, leaving the girl screaming of pain. With a mighty swing of its tail, the shadows fell down at the ground, hissing when they became nothing more then a puddle pool of a bubbling, purple liquid. Rallen had a big slice on his shoulder from a shadow attack. He looked at Amaia. A rafle was where her hair was supposed to be. Pink blood was dripping from her forehead. 'That was my precious hair! You're going to pay for this, space scout!' Amaia shouted, helding the brown hair strand tight.

Suddenly, her face began to change. The purple liquid that the monsters left behind was drawn at the angry girl. The stuff sticked on to her body. Where it touched her, a dark purple glow shone. Rallen was disgusted seeing this scenery. He stiffened. Amaia transformed into a Krawl. Her hair slowly moved up and down, except for the part ripped off by Spikanor. Spikanor stepped forward, ready to attack. 'Wait, Spikanor.' Rallen's hand blocked Spikanor's movement. 'Why not...' Spikanor hissed, impatiently looking at the Krawl girl, with narrowed eyes. Rallen didn't answer, not taking his eyes off Amaia. She was fully transformed now. Her eyes even more blue and glittery. Black wings grew out of her back. 'Ahahahaha! Now I will show you, you puny, little Spectrobe master! And your little Spectrobe friend there won't help you!' Seven monsters pushed the Spikanor to the ground. All of her calmness disapeared. Rallen growled: 'Grhh. You'll see when I'm done with you!' Amaia's eyed widened, laughing at the angry guy standing there, without any form of defence.

On that moment, the elevator was ringing. The shadows fell apart. Quickly, Spikanor jumped back into the Prizmod and Amaia transformed back into a human girl. Quickly, she hided her ripped off hair and her blood, that turned red again. A male officer stepped out of the elevator. Rallen heard Amaia cracking her knuckles and muttering some words. 'Oh. You are here,' the officer smiled. 'Come, your partner want to see ya,' he said. Amaia looked at Rallen villainously. Rallen didn't see that. Together, they walked back to the ship.

'Rallen? Amaia? What happened? Why you're all wounded?' Jeena's voice stroked Rallen's ears. Oh... So good to hear her again. 'Well... we... ehh...' He looked at Amaia. Her eyes glittered. A voice in his head said: 'Tell her. That women attacked you! She deserves a lesson.' Another voice came in. 'No... Don't tell her. She DID have attacked you... But give her another chance...' Rallen thought for a second.

'I was attacked by her!' he shoutedm pointing at the brown-haired girl. Jeena laughed. 'Ow.. Come on Rallen. That's impossible. She's nice, I've talked to her. You must have gone crazy or something... I'll go get the bandages.' Jeena walked away. Amaia smirked. 'Looks like she doesn't believe you... Eheheh. I'm not done with you yet,' she said when striking some blood off her forehead. Rallen grumbled.

Then, Jeena returned. 'Hi.. I've got the bandages..' She started cleaning up Rallen's shoulder wound. 'Wow.. this is heavy stuff. What happened?' Before Rallen could say something, Amaia muttered: 'We got attacked by a Krawl. Very strong, with shadow monsters accompanying it. The thing cut Rallen's shoulder, and my forehead.' 'Really?' Jeena asked. She started with Amaia's forehead. 'This also... is pretty hardcore. How did you ever survived this?' Amaia's eyes narrowed. 'I... don't know...' Rallen was furious. She survived it because she was a Krawl! I need to tell this to Commander Grant. 'Aww... It hurts.' he groaned. Jeena's arm was on Rallen's shoulder. 'Just rest, guys. I think you need three days to recover,' she said soft and kindhearted. 'Thank you, Jeena..' Rallen said. He coughed a few times. Amaia had some kind of 'ugh, I hate this stuff' look on her face.

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