House's "death" sparks a chain of reactions that no one could've foreseen. Set after season finale (Everybody Dies). Cameron/Chase

So you're taking these pills

For to fill up your soul…

You'll be the vein

You'll be the pain

You'll be the catalyst

-Anna Nalick

Allison Cameron swore that when she came back for House's funeral, she wouldn't fall prey to the memories, wouldn't talk to or ever look at Chase; she was happily married, after all.

But then, who was she kidding? She was going to a funeral, and where better to reminisce than at a commemoration of someone's life?

Walking through the doors of Princeton Plainsboro was hard. Seeing House's face again, frozen in his trademark scowl, was hard. Looking into the eyes of her old colleagues and coworkers, was hard. But the hardest of all? The realization that after her departure, things had never really been the same. All these new doctors, trying to fill Cuddy's requirement of having woman on the team; House's stint in jail; Chase's haircut and his own departure from House's department; Wilson's imminent death…it was all too much. Cameron could feel the tears welling up in her eyes, and angrily shook them off. No. The speeches hadn't even begun, and she was not going to cry before she gave hers.

"Allison?" a voice said softly.

She sighed. There was only one person who had that trademark accent.

Turning, she brought her eyes up to his. So much for not looking at him, she thought. "Robert."

He looked unsure for a moment, and Cameron was reminded strongly of when he first asked her out, when he had the same uncertainty and hope in his eyes. Gone, her mind whispered. The Robert you knew is gone.

"Allison, I-" he paused. "Would you like to come sit by me?" He didn't have to add the unspoken, I don't want to be alone.

Because even though House was an arrogant asshole, a selfish jerk who cared about no one but himself, he was undeniably brilliant. He was a genius, a savior, no matter how much he denied it. He had taught all of them, shaped them, nurtured them. He was the father figure Chase never really had, and Cameron understood that, as much as she blamed House for the whole Dibala incident. House had needed them, and in a way, they had needed him too.

And now he was gone.

Cameron found her traitorous eyes tearing up again, and allowed Chase to take her arm and lead her to their seats.

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