Chapter 2: Gravity

Set me free, leave me be. I don't want to fall another moment into your gravity. -Sara Bareilles

Chase watched as Cameron finished up her hospital duties, musing at days long past. He had missed her, more than he'd ever admit to anyone. He'd missed her soothing presence at the hospital, missed the way her golden hair would spill over her shoulders like sunlight, missed the concern in her eyes- because she cared, unlike everyone else. Cameron seemed to glow from within, her cheeks flushed a pretty pink as a little half-smile lifted her lips.

Although he had checked up on Cameron periodically over the past few years, Chase's knowledge about her personal life is virtually nonexistent. He started toward her, thinking maybe to ask her out for a couple of drinks, to catch up… like old friends would, right? They had parted on relatively good terms, after all.

Midway, his whole body froze. What the….?

Unfathomable. While he'd imagined Cameron dating someone else, it was inconceivable that she had gone and gotten married and had a kid.

Bloody hell.

It seemed that while he was stuck in the same place, performing the same routine tasks for the same boss, Cameron had moved on quickly, altogether too quickly.

God, how many husbands does that woman need to have? he wondered bitterly, turning away from the saccharine scene before him.

Snatching up his jacket, Chase headed to the nearest bar- to a solitary night of drink after drink.

A/N: So, due to the reader feedback, I've decided to continue this. I know the chapters have been short so far, but it was just sticking with canon. We'll start deviating from it now. (Plus it's rather difficult for me to write long chappies... -_-) Thanks for reading and reviewing.

Oh. And I forgot. There may be some inconsistencies in the chapter- I don't really know what Cameron was doing on the computers, but she was wearing scrubs. And I have no idea if Aussies actually say "bloody hell," but it sounded a lot better than "what the hell." Let me know if there's a slang phrase that they actually say that would fit better. I'm all for making it realistic ;)

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