IMPORTANT Author's Note:

Hi! So it's probably a bit of a surprise to hear from me after MONTHS of going missing in action, but I do have a few good reasons for it, trust me.

First of all, 2020 is definitely not a good time for most of us, what with the worldwide pandemic, and it hit me especially hard, especially since I picked a bad time to launch my video business (I launched it in 2019). And to top it off, I caught COVID a few months ago, and the side effects are really bad on me to the point that I was basically told that I can no longer continue being a videographer. So yeah, my business is about to go down the drain, and I'm now looking into what I can do for a new business; so yeah, I am in neither the right health nor the mindset to even update some of my stories.

Not that I've sworn off fanfiction entirely. I'm still writing, just not as often, and I'm more often on A03 right now than FF. My username is starian_nightzz, and you can find me at (archiveofourown). (com/) users/starian_nightzz

If you would like to support me in any way that you can, I do have a Buy Me a Coffee page, and you can find me at (buymeacoffee).(com/) writerscraft

(P.S.S. Just remove the brackets and spaces.)

I'm still setting up my page, but I'm definitely still writing - both fanfiction and my original novels. Every bit of 'coffee tip' helps me at this point when I'm down both financially and health-wise, so every bit of support definitely helps! And on that note, I often had messages and even reviews about my readers wanting to know where they can buy my book since I did mention here and there that I am also a novelist.

I am pleased to announce that my book is out on Amazon!

You can find the ebook and paperback version on Amazon at (amazon).(com/) dp/B08PXD4F1Z

(P.S. I haven't entirely stopped writing fanfiction. I'm just into a more unknown fandom at the moment, and I'm currently putting together ideas on what to write for Soar to the Skies next. Also, I'm more on A03 right now)

So yes, that's the whole reason why I've been MIA for over a year.