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This was their moment, and how beautiful this moment was.

"So young Master – to me. " Sebastian rasped; lowering his head and then capturing Ciel's mouth with his own. are, my young Lord.

He was 'precious' to Sebastian. It meant so much to him, whether it be lies or truth, he was pleased all the same. And like winds beneath his wings, Ciel was lifted up and up and up and he soared into the sky filled with erotic ecstasy... to Sebastian's warm awaiting embrace.



The Earl Phantomhive cupped his palm against the demon's cheek. He blinked slowly. "Sebastian," Ciel whispered, but the name rolled off his tongue unlike all the other times. The intensity of his desire encompassed his person so that he trembled and quaked against the demon's form. When Sebastian leaned in even closer, Ciel's eyes glistened as a ring of intense cerulean surrounded his dilated pupils.




Ciel's lips upturned into a small

Smoothing a piece of hair from his young lover's face, Sebastian kissed him gently, passionately. And then the rush of the second madness began. The madness of a crazy wonderful surge of feelings that sucked him into a whirlpool so fast, he couldn't make heads or tails of anything.

Sebastian kissed the young Earl with all the love he felt inside of him; tenderly, lowering him down into the bed.

His hand snaked to Ciel's leg, slowly moving toward the inner thigh, gently easing the Earl's legs apart, he savored the feeling and the moment – when Ciel moaned into his mouth, his cock twitched with want. He stroked his young lover; caressing up and down – back and forth...strumming the young Earl as if playing a harp. And the music that was Ciel's moans were like a choir of angel singing a lullaby of lust and desire.

How melodic you sound, my young Master.

Sebastian's kiss made Ciel forget everything he once felt. Gone were the loneliness, the yearning, the heartache of his parents' deaths. It made him forget all else but the need to be held in Sebastian's powerful arms. When the demon broke away, he was loathed to leave the warmth of his embrace; Ciel clung, his lips begging the butler for more.

He was in a trance. A wonderful, delicious, erotic trance.

"Sebastian," he murmured, closing his eyes as the demon's hand slid down from his waist and began stroking his aching length.

Quickly he parted Ciel's thighs and set to work teasing Ciel's cock; manipulating it with virtuosity. As Ciel cried out in rapture, Sebastian's movements became stronger and more steady. The Lord Phantomhive let all the world around him slip away. He was utterly helpless. Capable only of erotic babble as his nerves lit up and heat swept through his body.

"Please, Seb-Sebastian...more..." He knew he would do anything as long as Sebastian continued to feed him this delirium, this rush of ardor, this drug, ...namely, Sebastian.

Ciel was wet and dripping long before the demon's finger found his cock. Sebastian toyed with the tip of the Earl's shaft brushing the pre-cum over his thumb, and then carried it to Ciel's mouth; who parted his lips to accept the taste of his own juice, sucking every last delicious drop from the demon's digit. Sebastian's finger delved down towards Ciel's dripping cock again, this time the juices went into his own mouth and he tasted his master's pleasure fluid. Their minds spinning from the haziness of the fluid – like powerful aphrodisiac.

Sebastian pulled away, gazed into Ciel's eyes for a moment – smirked – before lowering his lips to Ciel's ear.

"Young master..." He whispered erotically against the lobe.

"Haaahhh..." his master responded. Sebastian kissed the sensitive spot on Ciel's earlobe, licking and flicking his tongue so that the young Earl was squirming and moaning beneath him. The demon let him writhe before moving lower toward his neck, sliding his tongue in the hollow of Ciel's throat.

The little gasp from Ciel was both involuntary and instinctive as Sebastian caressed his arousing cock. Ciel felt Sebastian's gentle loving fingers trace over every part of his cock and suddenly the demon's mouth was on his chest, licking first between the valley and then attacking each areola in turn. His tongue trailed around the outer perimeters of the soft sensitive flesh. Sebastian's tongue played and teased while his hand stroke Ciel's phallus, building his passion to such a need Ciel would almost have to beg his butler for release.

"Unnnggghhhh..." A sharp gasp left Ciel when Sebastian's hot mouth finally closed over his stiffened nipple. The hot tongue rolling around the proud nub created a tingling sensation so powerful it felt as if his whole chest would burst right through the nipple and into the loving mouth that was feasting on him. Ciel's weakened hands caressed his butler's head into him, using all his human strength to draw the demon as tightly in as possible. Lord Phantomhive said the only word he was able to utter...


Without hesitation, the demon obeyed.

Sebastian spent so much time suckling at Ciel's nipples they were becoming sore from all the attention, even so, the Earl never wanted him to stop. The feeling of the demon sucking on him – hands strumming him – was so intense and exquisite Ciel would have gladly died in those able arms.

Tremors wrecked Ciel's body in the most exquisite way as he gripped onto the duvet, the feel of Sebastian's lips pressed so heatedly against his flesh sent a frisson of sizzling excitement skittering across his burning skin.

"Ahhh...Ugggnnhhh...Seb– "

The way Ciel would moan and cry out held him enthralled, coaxing, encouraging him to never stop – to keep going...lower...longer...

More...always more, young master.

Within moments, Ciel began gyrating his hips, his erection hard and demanding; his breath quickened when Sebastian blew hot air across the tip of his cock. The young man gasped, sinking his fingernails of one hand into Sebastian's shoulder.

"Seb- Sebastian, pleeaase," he pleaded desperately. His breathing ragged, coming in shallow pants as Sebastian flicked his tongue across the dripping tip, moving his long, hard fingers around Ciel's rigid cock. Sebastian worked his hand into the cleft between Ciel's cheeks. His thick fingers probed the Earl's crevice until he found the sensitive portal of Ciel's ass. The young Earl flinched, but he did not shy away.


"Relax, young master. It will feel good...I promise," the demon's voice was low, casting a spell over Ciel's aroused body.

Ciel nodded against the duvet, unable to speak as Sebastian continued to toy with him. Then the demon's tongue replaced his fingers. The young Earl twitched and groan against the pillow. And as the demon continued to lick him, he started to open. Sebastian delved inside, then retreat, sucking on the surrounding skin and gently biting on the outside. Ciel couldn't help but moaned loudly – unabashed.

Sebastian's finger circled, tracing the hole of Ciel's virgin ass. The Earl shuddered beneath his butler and a low moan rippled from his throat. Smiling to himself, the older man slid his middle finger into his mouth, allowing plenty of his saliva to coat over the digit and then his slick finger urged Ciel's nether hole apart.

"Se-Sebas...tian..." the young Earl exhaled. He bit his bottom lip and held his breath.

Sebastian worked his finger in up to the first knuckle. "That's good my Lord, just relax...I will find your spot soon enough. I want you to cum again for me," his blunt words heightened Ciel's arousal, and the Earl exhaled. Ciel whimpered as Sebastian's finger found its way fully into his ass. Each nerve ending in his body became fully alert.

"Haaaaaaaa...!" The young Earl sighed in pleasure.

"Very good, my Lord." In a smooth undulating motion, Sebastian withdrew the digit, only to slide it back in again, then repeated. "Do you feel it, young master? The pleasure...?" Ciel mumbled incoherently. "It is difficult to decide if it is pleasure or pain isn't it, my Lord?"

"Mmmpphh!" Ciel nodded.

"But you do not wish for me to stop do you...Ciel?"

The young Earl shook his head, his moans muffled by the fist he'd wedged between his lips.

The slow even thrusting motion of Sebastian's finger brought with it a fullness unlike any other. What first had alarmed him, now brought him to a new heightened awareness of his body's reaction to Sebastian's touch. As Sebastian slipped a second finger deep inside him, Ciel pressed his knees together.

"There's no room for embarrassment now, young master." Sebastian eased his finger from the Earl, massaging his tender anus. His soft touch assuage Ciel's sudden defense like snow in Summer, and his knees fell back onto the comforter.

Sebastian continued to dip his fingers into Ciel's channel, his fingers slipped in and out as he made Ciel ready for him. One finger became two, and two slowly became three, making Ciel feel as through his body was being stretched like some sort of tight rubber.

Ciel knew what Sebastian was trying to do – what was waiting for him, but he tried not to think what it meant for Sebastian to be stretching him like that. Sebastian's fingers filled him completely, yet it was not near the size of his thick shaft when he was fully aroused. The thought of Sebastian's huge cock thrusting up his ass made his body so hot, so tense, he thought to set the whole bed on fire.

Sebastian blew on the tip of Ciel's erection and the sensation was more than the young Earl could bear. He tried to push away from the demon, but Sebastian pinned his hips and licked him from root to tip; fingers fucking his ass raw.

Affliction. For the burning sensation of desire.

Intoxication. Under this beautiful demon's sensual spell.

Shame. For he, the head of the Phantomhives.

They all flood through his feeble mind. Ciel's muscles froze and his heart stopped. He wanted to scream but he didn't have the breath, all that came out were pants of desires and longing through the angst and despair. With a chuckle, Sebastian took Ciel into his mouth and began to suck. His tongue working Ciel's cock with expert strokes, up, down, around, in circles and in more ways that Ciel thought possible. This was nothing like how he had sucked Sebastian moments ago.

Sebastian sucked him, over and over, allowing his saliva to drip abundantly onto the young Earl's ass. He knew when he would finally take the young Earl that his demonic lubricant – which had both healing attributes as well as an aphrodisiac effect - will help Ciel enjoy the coupling more than a typical virgin would.

Ciel's climax build up in his balls, his sac drawing tightly against his body. His chest rose high and fell low with each of Sebastian's suckling. He writhed in the exquisite feeling of pleasure with abandon. Sebastian moaned in response, sliding his mouth up and down Ciel's harden dick, sucking and swirling his tongue, teasing and tempting him. Unbidden, Ciel's hips thrust between Sebastian's lips, his cock slipping in and out of the demons mouth in tune with Sebastian's fingers entering and exciting his asshole. Harder and faster Sebastian pumped and deeper his young lover would thrust.

Ciel gripped Sebastian's hair as tightly as he was able and tried to push in as far as he could go. A spark shot from Sebastian's gentle fingers, sending a hot message throughout his body, and Ciel writhed and wiggle his hips to prolong the feeling. Sebastian's mouth wrapped tightly around his cock, and with each hum from Sebastian turned his spine into a tuning fork and he felt his orgasm imminent, but right before it became too much, right before he exploded...Sebastian pulled away.

"I need you, young master. I will deny myself no longer..." He'd lost his inner battle of hormones and without warning, those fingers were replaced by the velvet head of Sebastian's cock, pressing, easing, encouraging his young lover to open.

Ciel's respiration labored, and in his mind he could see the bulging head of Sebastian's cock demanding access. With his heart thundering, Ciel watched Sebastian between his legs. The demon had lifted Ciel's knees up and then spread them widely to allow himself a full uninterrupted access to the young Earl's tight entrance. Ciel looked at Sebastian's beautiful cock standing tall and proud with the budging veins ridging the whole expanse of his shaft – ridges that would provide that extra pleasure when the demon would penetrate and stretch him for the first time.

Sebastian settled himself over the frail frame of his master, delighting in the softness and the warmth emanating from his welcoming body as he gently crushed Ciel down into the mattress. Their lips met in a long lingering kiss, tongues once again entwining as his cock-head search for the tender opening, the sensitive glans on target like a heat seeking missile.

Society frowned upon the coupling of the same sex and prevent what should be a natural progression of love between two beings –and only a few find the path to the ultimate love. Sebastian's love for his master was unconditional, and he was so stiff hard because it was his young master he was about to mount – the forbidden fruit, an unattainable dream, but there Ciel was beneath him, surrendering himself over. Soon connection will be made, and an unforgettable reaction will take place.

Sebastian...Tonight I will let you take me away down a path of no return...

Sebastian's cock came up against the obstruction of Ciel's sphincter; he pulled his lips away from the Earl and looked into those cerulean eyes so filled with lust for the demon that was seconds away from fully taking him.

~I will allow you the liberties of my body...of anything and everything you want from me...Sebastian...

For long moments they held each others' gaze before Ciel slowly closed and opened his eyes, clearly giving Sebastian the "yes" signal to proceed forward.

There was a vague thought somewhere in Ciel's mind that said he shouldn't have let this thing started, now he couldn't stop. Didn't want to. He needed it NOT to.

~...tomorrow, young Master, I will no longer be in your life...~

Sebastian's voice kept replaying in his mind, twisting at his heart.

~Tonight I will give you the freedom...Take everything you want, Sebastian. If only for your Master, I will allow be special to me. Just for tonight...because, tomorrow... I will let you go...

Sebastian saw Ciel's beautiful face winced a little as he made his way in, then felt his sphincter tighten and then relax once more. Ciel never pulled away even though the small grunts of pain was evident. And then ...then the head of Sebastian's cock disappeared up his ass.

~Ālea iacta Sebastian...

The Earl let out a huge rush of air as Sebastian's cock was much bigger than his matter how many had enter his rear end just minutes ago. He grimaced in pain, but found himself craving the exquisite sexual feeling as Sebastian slid back and forth. Ciel's pain eased, for the demon kept his rhythm slow, but going deeper and deeper with each stroke.

Ciel experienced fiery pains each time Sebastian moved that was quickly replaced by a sizzling pleasure, a flame so great, he thought he might explode into a thousand pieces of light. He was full in more ways than one; Sebastian's cockhead wedged inside of him, filling him; while his own cock was full and hard, wanting, waiting, needing to cum.





And everything else in between...yet, none of those matter.


Nothing else mattered.


...was all that mattered to him.

In this moment. In this second. Sebastian was his reality. Sebastian was his truth. Sebastian was his...everything.

Even in the instant where he knew Ciel was totally his, like no one else before his young fact, there had been no other...he never felt so connected to anyone like this, and it was more than the literal of the word at the moment, Sebastian did not want the closeness to ever stop. Despite the thrill of knowing the physical effect he had on his master, he desperately - desperately - wanted to win Ciel's love.

"Gooooddddd..." Sebastian elicit a shuddering moan, fire exploding across his skin, rippling like thunder drumming through the sky. "I have breached your entrance, young master. Very soon I will slide my length all the way inside." Sebastian held Ciel's hips, reaching under his cheeks, spreading his buttocks apart further, entering the Earl slowly, tenderly.

"I-idiot! Sh-" Embarrassment mixed with heated arousal seared his skin. "Sh-shut-up! Stop...mmmpphhh...talking!" The arousal in his tone betrayed his anger.

"So...tight," Sebastian growled, ignoring his master altogether. "So very tight, young Master!"

"Se-Sebastian!" ~Please,, not enough...I need more...deeper...

"That's it young master, call my name."

Ciel bit his lips, trying to deny his evident pleasure. They forced themselves through anyway. "Ohhh...Gooddd," the young Earl gasped. "Seb-Seb-as-Sebastian! Sebastian!"

"Yes, young master. Tonight you are mine, so call my name so that I know it is I who brings you this kind of pleasure..." Sebastian nudged himself a little further in, with a gentle pulsing notion as Ciel's anus adjusted to his size – increasing the stretching sensation. "So — " Push. "That —" Pull. "You'll—" Thrust. "Remember." Repeat.

"Se—Sebastian..." Ciel's long whisper was of a drunk, so inebriated on the overwhelming flow of lust that was oozing through him.

Sebastian slowly pushed in and kept rocking his hips gently as he forced his way past Ciel's sphincter. It hurt. Oh dear heavens it stung.

The burn was excruciating.



~Just for tonight...I will give you matter how painful. No matter how precious they are to me; they are all yours, Sebastian.


He was determined to have Sebastian inside of him. Determined to let the demon get what he want. Vowed to fulfill the contract. But his body seemed to have a mind of it's own, tightening around the demon's cock so hard that Sebastian felt stuck.

"Ciel..." Sebastian grunted. The effect of my saliva should have taken effect by now...but he's still so...tense..."Young Master...pleeaasse relax," he whispered again.

Ciel whimpered.

Sebastian began to move against him, sliding out and pushing back inside him with the utmost tenderness. Slowly the pain faded, and his body trembled with an unknown bliss, an emotion so powerful, so extreme, he was sure to shatter under its intensity.

Once he was a little past halfway in, Sebastian pulled back a little and started riding the young Earl. He reached forward, stroking Ciel's cock in time with his thrusts. Soon Ciel found his rhythm and joined him in maintaining it. He had allowed the demon entry into the depths of his very soul and being. He groaned involuntary as Sebastian's cock progressed into his love tunnel and the excessive stretching of his tight asshole began. Never, had he felt anything more wonderful in his life.

Sooo young master.


Sebastian started pumping his cock faster, keeping his fuck strokes long and low - extracting every little pleasure out the act as he could. For every thrust of his huge cock into Ciel, he stroked the young Earl twice. Ciel's tight ass choking his cock, and the feel of the Earl's cock in his hand made his mind reeled. The little gasps that Ciel tried to hold back were soooo damn sexy.

"Seb...mmmpphh...Sebast—" Gasp... "...tian..." Exhale.

"Young master..." the demon's voice, a soft whisper, caressing the Earl with its rapture. "Ci...el,"

And I am yours...

The weight from the whisper of his name, dropped onto the young Earl. He wanted. He needed.

"Sebas...Sebasti...SEBASTIAN!" Ciel cried, clawing his hands to touch and feel warm flesh, no longer could he hold onto the duvet for support, he needed to feel the warmth of the man above him – inside of him.

Hearing his name, Sebastian leaned down and kissed Ciel deeply. His young lover found his kiss more delightful with each waking moment, and he eagerly sucked on the demon's tongue, seeking, begging to take everything for his own selfishness.

~I must have...!...I must have you, Sebastian...

For Sebastian it was the moment of truth, which was the instant he confirmed with himself that he couldn't live without his master – his lover, the reason for his existence - Ciel had now become his very soul. The young Earl wasn't the injured little robin with a broken wing that required mediocre therapy, but a young strong man who would thrive and heal on love.

On this servant's love! My love, young Master.

Crushing Ciel's body lovingly beneath his, Sebastian's movements began to consummate the deep love he felt for his master. Sebastian, licked, nipped, kissed and soothed his young lover's perfect skin. He was trying so hard to keep his passion under control.

"Seb-" The Earl cried as his butler thrust forward. "Mmmmmph..." Ciel's moans were music to his ears. That was when Sebastian paused, and inhaled a long, ragged breath.

"I'm trying to be gentle, young master, but..." His voice was deeper, huskier. "But, youn-" Ciel fisted his fingers on the demon's hair, pulled him in and devoured the demon's lips. The beast residing within the butler shattered through his self-control.

And then the demon splintered.

With a deep, primal pulse the tension broke, ebbing and rising like waves lapping at a shore. Sebastian's thrust abruptly grew hard and fast, almost in time with the beat of his heart. He bared his teeth in a savage grin, kissed Ciel hard, and drove deep inside the young Earl - all the way to the hilt.

"NnnnGggggHhhhh!" Tears pierced Ciel's eyes.

Arrived – the ultimate feeling of being so thoroughly filled, Sebastian's balls connecting with his ass while the tip of the demon's cock bounced off the deepest part of him - of everything that he was, is, and will be.

His innocence torn asunder.

He was ripped.


Yet the young Earl Phantomhive moaned, chest heaving with each pleasured pants; the pain only feeding into that fire of passion and indescribable ecstasy. Then came seemingly, the endless pleasure of slowly being fucked. The demon gently withdrew is cock, then took his time pushing back in.


Thrust forward.


"" Ciel breathed, long and low as the demon stuffed his fat cock inside him over and over.

Sebastian stroked his cheek, fingering a loose tendril of hair before smoothing it back. Ciel's lips were soft against his. For a moment he just savored the feel of them - and the feel of his young Earl, in his arms - but very soon, it just wasn't enough. He deepened the kiss, sucking lightly at Ciel's lower lip until he gasped. Sebastian pressed his advantage a little, tasting his mouth, sweet with Ciel's purity. He flattened one hand against the small of the Ciel's waist, drawing the young Earl to him, and felt his young lover's fingers curl into the muscles of his shoulders.

Satisfaction fizzed in his veins.

He couldn't take it anymore. Years of frustration and lust overwhelmed him. Sebastian began driving his cock into Ciel's clutching asshole as deeply as it would go. The moment he felt his hips smack Ciel's buttocks, he pulled out. His hips began twitching and pumping uncontrollably; very uncharacteristic of a Phantomhive butler. But, he was in a state of complete rapture – appearances and roles did not matter.

He had lost all composure. Sebastian could give a damn!

Forgetting Ciel's delicate human body, Sebastian began fucking his slight frame as he would any mature lover – demandingly – almost brutally ripping into him as hard as he could. He heard Ciel sobbing but quickly realized they were moans of pleasure, sobs of joy, not despair; and that his young lover loved the brutal treatment dealt to him.



"Seba -ngh!"

Ciel gripped the base of his butler's cock with his ass muscles, while the rest of his body was weak, those muscles were still strong and powerful and milked mercilessly at the rod he was impaled upon. Sebastian started moving faster, his stomach rubbing against Ciel's young prick, his monster stroking the Earl's insides. Lord Phantomhive grabbed a tight hold onto the demon, scraping, clawing, keep pace with the him.

Ciel's hands groped everywhere, like he was afraid Sebastian would disappear before he could fully have him. Sebastian knew the feeling. Their bodies would be covered with little finger-shaped bruises and scratches come morning, and Sebastian welcomed them. Welcomed every bit of evidence of Ciel's passion, of his master's lusts and needs for him.

The gates to Utopia opened wide and welcomed him.

"UgggnnnnNNnHHhhhh!" There was no way the Earl could silence his desires any longer, even if he wanted to. "Seb..Sebastian...more..."

Ciel bucked against him, moved with him. His cries were feral – almost reverential; Sebastian's moans matched his'. With long slow strokes Sebastian fucked him. Fucked him eight ways until Sunday. And even though they had both cum already, the demon felt his orgasm drawing near again. Sebastian slowed down, trying to draw out the heady sensation. He pulled his cock out, but just as the head of his cock reached the exiting point, Ciel's tight muscles pulled him back. Sebastian felt his pre-cum dripping inside Ciel's ass and he knew it would be over soon. The demon inside him seemed to take over completely. Overwhelmed by the animal inside of him as he became lost to the sensations and pounded into Ciel. The young Earl was moaning, groaning and grunting, crying out for Sebastian with each thrust.

Sebastian fucked him harder, his hand pumping the young Earl's cock faster. He wanted Ciel to cum. He ached the Earl to lose it – he needed it – he was like an animal rutting against his mate; using his thick cock to boldly announce to the world that Ciel was his.

"SEBASTIAN!" Ciel cried out, panting heavily. Ciel's cock twitched and spasmed against the demon's hand, and then warm fluid jetted from his body, covering Sebastian's hand, up his heaving chest and all over the bedding.

He was an utter mess. A beautiful mess indeed.

How lovely...

Sebastian drove into him deeply, once, twice, thrice and then exploded. His cock did not want to stop, as it convulsed over and over again, jets of cum spilling into Ciel's warm, welcoming body. As he twitched in his orgasm, he felt Ciel's asshole gripping his cock rhythmically. Sebastian thrust into him one last time, spent, and felt Ciel convulse, the gripping sensation of Ciel's sphincter around his cock drained him completely dry.

When the convulsions stopped, he collapsed completely on the young Earl – all 127 pounds of him – panting and trembling. He had never known this driving force before and had been powerless against it; Sebastian loved it. Never in his life had he felt so thrilled, so sated, so, so...very...happy. Complete.

My cup runneth over...

Even though he felt squished, Ciel accepted it – Sebastian's weight felt wonderful on him. As their breathing finally eased, Sebastian softly caressed him. He leaned up and smiled. "My apologies, young master. I got so carried away...Did I hurt you?"

Ciel heard the faint voice of his butler, felt his head moved slightly but he wasn't there. Ciel's eyes were glassed over...his mind gone from the world.

Sebastian kissed Ciel passionately and then held the Earl's face, his eyes gentle and content, and slowly slipped himself out. A few minutes later – and in one motion – he pushed himself up in bed, and took his young master up with him. Ciel came limply, given over to the solidity of the demon's arms; he curled up to Sebastian's chest and pushed his weak thoughts away as he rested his dripping bottom in his butler's palm. Sebastian smiled, placing kisses along Ciel's sweaty forehead.

They stayed like that for lingering seconds. The monstrosity of their taboo suddenly rose from them in stinking heat. Sebastian's other hand petted Ciel's sweat soaked hair from his eyes. The Earl opened his eyes to find the demon smiling at him.

Sebastian then kissed him, deep and hot. He licked at Ciel's teeth and nibbled his lower lip. He delved his tongue into the Earl's mouth and caressed it with his own. They kissed each other so long and so hard; they almost suffocated each other.

Gently the demon leaned back onto the mountain of pillows, cradling his master with him so that they faced each other, but his lips never left Ciel...continuously exploring, kissing, caressing all over the fine porcelain skin...he knew he could never, would never ever get enough of his master. And then he felt Ciel's steady breathing and grinned.

Just as he envisioned, dreamed; it happened – his young lover had fallen asleep in his arms.

"Thank you," Sebastian whispered. "I love you, my young Lord."

"I. Love. You."

He whispered it again and again.


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