My first fanfic any questions just ask, I really hope I explained things well and stuff.


1, 2, 3… that's how quickly he fell in love.

His heart fluttered inside his chest, his mind became a useless lump of tissue inside his skull, his hands sweated, and his tongue became limp and heavy in the bottom of his mouth.

His Mamwa once told him, that all it took to fall in love was 3 seconds. In love the moment your eyes fall on them. He hadn't believed her and had rudely told her at the tender age of ten that it was more like 'lust' at first sight. If he hadn't been lying in a hospital bed already when he told her that - he might have ended up there anyway.

Now here he was standing in the middle of Hoboken Memorial Children Hospital, staring stupidly at the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Drool was actually escaping the corners of his mouth.

"I asked if you could point me in to room 333." The girl spoke again with a slight frown. She looked uncertain all of a sudden and even touched her mouth as if expecting something to be there.

"Oh…yeah I do." He managed to get out. He took a swallow and tore his eyes away from her, and pointed down the hall he had just come. "You go down that hall and take a left. It's towards the very end of the hallway."

The girl smiled, thankfully – the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. She took his breath away with just one look.

"Thank you," she began moving down the hall, and he watched her. She froze a few feet away and turned back to him smiling again. "Do you also read to the children here?" She asked.

Robbie blinked. So that's why she's here. "Y- Yeah," he half-lied with a stammer. It wasn't a complete lie because he really did sometimes read to the children here.

She nodded pushing a strand of coco colored hair behind her ear. "I guess I'll see you around then." She waved.

Then she was gone, quickly scuttling down the hall, her hair flowing behind her….

"Robbie!" He came out of his daze when he heard his name being called. A second later a heavy hand landed on his shoulder, and he turned to greet his Doctor. "How are you feeling today?"

"Dr. Mellow," the boy greeted with a half-smile. "I've felt worse." He answered truthfully looking behind his doctor at his parents. "I guess all's in order and I'm having another stay here, right?"

His doctor smiled – one filled with pity. Robbie hated being pitied. "Well yeah, and we got you the best room and extra pudding for dinner." Dr. Mellow was always bad at making jokes, and lightening moods.

To humor the man Robbie laughed lightly. "Thank you."

"Well let's head over to your room and get you situated." Dr. Mellow began leading the boy to his room, he and his parents had said there byes earlier.

"Which school is sending over volunteers to read this year?" Robbie asked casually.

Dr. Mellow gave him an odd smile. "I saw you talking to that girl." The man laughed, much to Robbie's displeasure. "Was it 'love at first greeting' like your grandmother talks about?" He laughed again opening Robbie's room door. "I've never seen you look like that before."

"Dr. Mellow, you really suck at being funny." Robbie rolled his eyes his eyes looking over his room.

"I suppose I do," the man scratched his face. "I believe its Hollywood Arts… the high school you use to go to."

Robbie frowned. He guessed if she went to Hollywood Arts she must be new. He had never seen her before, and he would have noticed her.


Robbie cautiously peeked around the corner into the commons room, and there the girl that made his heart flutter was sitting in all her glory. She was playing a card game with little Mary-Ann, it looked like old maid.

Looking down at himself and giving himself the once over, the boy cautiously stepped in to the room.

"Robbie!" Mary-Ann shouted once her eyes found him lurking. He quickly shot a finger up to his lips, hoping to remind the little girl about a discussion they had last night about not telling her new friend that he was also a patient.

Mary-Ann nodded eagerly and gave him thumbs up, as the older girl turn to look at him. He made his way over to the two, trying to look a casual as he could muster.

"So your name is Robbie." He was relieved when the girl spoke, because his mind had gone blank.

He nodded a little late. "Your… name is?" He really needed to ask Dr. Mellow about ways to fix a nervous stutter, he realized.

She gave him another smile that gave him confidence to assume the girl didn't believe he was a complete creep. "My name's Victoria but mostly everyone calls me Tori." Tori, huh? "I go to Hollywood Arts. Which school do you go too?"

Robbie had to think fast. "I… uh, go to Northridge."

"Oh," she mumbled. An awkward silence flowed between them. "Do you wanna join in?" She motioned toward the card game.

"No way, he cheats all the time." Mary-Ann piped up receiving a light glare from Robbie.

Tori found the little girl's accusation funny. "I'll watch him." Tori dramatically pointed at herself. "No one cheats when Captain Tori is on watch!" She announced in her best news caster voice.

Robbie found her joke to be hilarious, and laughed good-naturedly while Tori smiled brightly at him. Mary-Ann on the other hand only stared and mumbled something about 'weird teenagers'.


"This isn't illegal right?" A boy with a thick brown mane of hair asked, sounding only half serious as he threw Robbie a bag, before taking a seat in a chair in the room.

Robbie looked through the bag of clothing and grinned at his friend thankfully. "Thank you so much, Beck."

The other boy shrugged then leaned forward in his chair. "So, tell me more about this girl your making me break the rules for. Why are you trying to keep the fact you're a patient here a secret?"

Robbie chewed on his bottom lip nervously. "Well, I think she goes to Hollywood Arts."

"Really… What's her name?"

"Tori…" Robbie watched as Beck tensed, which wasn't exactly the reaction he was expecting. "What, what's wrong?"

Beck finally smiled after what felt like forever to Robbie. "Nothing, she's new to Hollywood Arts." He leaned back in his chair. "You remember Trina right?" Robbie nodded. "Well she's Trina's younger sister…" Beck laughed at Robbie's disbelieving expression. "Yeah, that's what I said. Anyway she took Trina's place in a showcase a few months back and performed amazingly and was offered a place at Hollywood Arts. It was crazy."

"Sound like I missed a lot." Robbie whispered sadly to himself.