I'm sorry about the OOCness of the characters in this, I just had this idea in my head, and thought that I should get it out there. So tell me your thoughts. I may make this into a Chapter story, I'll have to wait to see what happens to it. Bear with me, I promise that it get's better in the chapters. This is not the greatest epilogue, but it does get better. Enjoy.

Suddenly a curse flew through the air, and hit a red headed woman in the chest. The hall was shocked when a black haired man appeared from no where and yelled, "SECTUMSEMPRA!" The curse hit Bellatrix Lestrange in the chest, and by the time she had fallen to the ground, Harry Potter had reached Ginny Weasley's body.

Ginny raised her hand up to Harry's face, "I.. love you.." She whispered, before her hand dropped, and her head fell to the side.

Harry Potter stood up, with tears streaming down his face. People moved out of his way, as he walked towards where Voldemort was dueling Professor McGonnagall and Professor Slughorn. Out of no where Voldemort screamed, and the professors were blasted back from where they stood, and Voldemort turned to Harry. "HOW DARE YOU!" Tom yelled, sending a curse sailing towards the Chosen One.

Harry dodged it, and threw a curse back at him. "You will die for what you've done." He yelled, throwing another curse. "You will die for all of the people that you've hurt."

The people standing around the room just watched the two. "And you're going to stop me?" Tom yelled out. "You have hidden behind others, just to watch them-"

"NOOOO! Ginny wake up! Please move, Ginny. GINNY. GINNY! Wake up." Molly Weasley called, when she reached her daughters body.

Tears fell down Harry's face as he stalked towards Voldemort, with his anger building up. "You will die for what you've done!" He screamed, before flinging out his hand and yelling his second unforgivable curse, "CRUCIO!" Voldemort's wand fell out of his hands as his body twitched in the air,and Harry walked closer. "DOES IT HURT RIDDLE? BELLATRIX told me that I had to mean it. Does it hurt having one of your favorite curses used against you?" Harry yelled.

Harry moved his wand away, and Voldemort fell to the ground in a heap. Voldemort stood up on shaky knees. "What's wrong Potter? Did your filthy little blood traitor girlfriend get murdered because of you?"

Harry threw a curse at him, and he flew backwards. "DON'T YOU DARE TRY TO PUT THIS ON ME! This happened because you're insane."

Voldemort tried to stand up, only to be blasted off of his feet again. He managed to get up, and he turned towards Harry, before raising his hands out to the side of him. "Then Kill me Potter. Kill me so that you can go and feel guilty about being a failure." Voldemort walked up to Harry, and put his forehead against the tip of Harry's wand. "KILL ME POTTER." He yelled.

Harry moved his wand back, and in the second it took a triumphant look to appear in Voldemort's eyes, Harry's fist hit his jaw with a loud crack. Harry put his knees on Voldemort's shoulders and pummeled his face with his fists. When Voldemort stopped moving, Harry stood up, crying again, and turned towards Ginny. What he saw devastated him. Ginny was being cradled in her mother's arms, and Molly Weasley was crying. Harry didn't think, as he raised his wand up to his head, and pressed it to his skull. His tears were falling in earnest as he stood there and watched Ginny's family fall to pieces. "I love you," he whispered, before muttering two words that he had never said. Before muttering the curse that killed his parents and so many others. He pressed his wand into his skull, and muttered, 'Avada Kedavra.' He fell to the side, not noticing the people rushing towards him, trying to stop him. His eyes unmoving stared towards his love. Stared towards the person that he had wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Ginny.

What did you think? I don't even know if it's possible for one to use avada kedavra on themselves, but again, this idea hit me kind of out of no where.