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Chapter Three - Elizabeth Jane Malfoy


Dumbledore's funeral is tomorrow. Harry was finding it hard to see past the numbing pain that started after he found Dumbledore's body at the bottom of the tower, where he knew it would be. There was also the intense pain in his scar, that he was trying to ignore, but was finding it extremely difficult to do so. Suddenly it seared.

"Why didn't you do what I had ordered?" A high cold voice asked.

"Because he was too well guarded, I couldn't get to him, and then when I could he mesmerized me."

There was a grunt of pain from the blonde as Lord Voldemort twitched his wand. A child's laughter could be heard from around the corner. "Mommy, where's Drakey?"

There was a slight shuffle, "He's busy right now Lizzy, give him a while."

They heard a huff, "But he always plays with me when he gets back from school."

"I know sweety," Narcissa said, "But he's having an important conversation."

Draco turned to Voldemort, who was fiddling with his wand. "I'm very displeased with you Draco." He said, sounding thoughtfull. "But since in the end Dumbledore is dead, I will do a service for you and your family."

Draco shuddered at the hidden meaning in his words. "What do you mean?"

"Narcissa, come in here, and bring in Elizabeth."

"NO!" Draco yelled, before he was silenced and put in a body bind curse.

"DRAKEY!" A cry came from the other side of the door, before it was thrown open. Elizabeth ran to her older brother and wrapped her arms around his legs. "Drakey are you 'kay?"

"Draco is fine, young Elizabeth." Voldemort sneered, though keeping his voice kind so as not to scare her off. "But Draco did something bad, would you like to take his punishment for him?"

"What did he do?" She asked with a frown on her face, looking up at her immobilized brother.

She turned to look at her mother, to realize that she too seemed frozen, when Voldemort answered, "I asked him to help me with something and he didn't do it. He needs to pay for disobeying me."

Draco started to shake against his restraints. 'NOOOOO', he screamed in his head. His sister looked up at him. "I don't want Drakey to be in trouble."

There was a high, cold laugh and a flash of green- Harry Potter sat straight up in the bed, clutching his heart. When it stopped racing, he put his head on his knees. "Oh my god." He muttered to himself.

Footsteps approached the ward, and the door openned. Healer Kayley looked at Harry. "Did you enjoy your nap?" She asked.

He shook his head, "Bad mem - dreams."

She nodded, "If you'd like I could ask the head of this floor about a dreamless sleep potion for you."

"It might help me get some good rest, I can't remember the last time that I slept through the night." He muttered.

She nodded, "I'll try and get the order pushed through. By the way, it's about fifteen minutes until Mr. Malfoy get's off, would you like a shower?"

Harry nodded, "that would be wonderful!" Healer Kaylee walked over to the bath room, and waved her wand to unlock the shower. There had been a suicide a few years back, where the person had drowned themselves, and since then they've just kept it locked until needed. Harry walked into the bathroom after she stepped out, and started to undress. Not that he was wearing much. Just the hospital pajamas and practically see through underwear. He lay his clothes down into a pile by the door, before entering the shower. "Okay." He called out, and the door openned and closed again as the nurse got his dirty clothes and replaced them with clean ones.

Harry quickly showered and got dressed, before moving back into the ward. He froze momentarily when he saw the blonde sitting by his bed.

"She was four years old." Draco said, as Harry sat down. "Nobody knew that she existed because she had a lot of serious illnesses. Her name was Elizabeth, and she was a beautiful little girl."

"I remember." Harry whispered.

Draco looked to his hands. "He just killed her."

"I'm so sorry. There is nothing that I can say that will take the pain away, but I'm here if you ever want to talk." Harry said sincerely.

"Thank you Harry. It means a lot to me, even though we'e always had our issues."

"I think that now more than ever, in the remnants of what is left of our world after the war, we need to stick together and prove to all of the idiots that decided that Slytherin and Gryffindor must fight are wrong." Harry paused. "I'm very sorry for the loss of your sister, she was a beautiful little girl, and she obviously loved you very much."

Draco's lips twitched slightly as he smiled. "Lizzy loved everybody. In fact I remember one time we were walking through a muggle park when this random little boy ran over and shoved her down. My hand flew to my pocket, because he could have seriously hurt her, but she shook her head at me. She stood up and wiped her clothes off, before walking over and giving the boy a hug. She said, 'my name is Lizzy and I would like it if we could be friends.' This boy had just shoved her down for absolutely no reason, and she asked him to be her friend." Draco's eyes were tear filled when they met Harry's. "The world was not kind to Elizabeth, but she was kind to the world. She loved the house elves, and they her, and one day she told one of them, Saria, that she loved flowers, and that she wanted a garden of beautiful flowers. So Saria, with the permission of my mother, completely re-did the garden almost overnight."

"I think that your sister would have been a Gryffindor."

Draco's eyebrows shot up. "Are you kidding? She would have been the first Hufflepuff Malfoy."

Harry smiled. "It would have made your ancestors roll over in their graves."

Draco's smile grew. "Yes. Hey, I'll see you tomorrow okay?"

Harry nodded, and Draco stood up, putting his coat back on. "If it's possible, could you bring by some books or something? There isn't much to do here except to stare, and I don't want to drive myself crazy thinking about her."

"Of course Harry, see you tomorrow." Draco left silently, and Harry stared at the door for a moment after he left, before pulling his knees up to his chest, and staring at Ginny his last dream about her still running through his mind.

He could still remember the sight of their daughter, running down their staircase. Harry got out of bed, and walked over to the chair beside Ginny. Harry picked up her hand, and placed a kiss across her knuckles. "Hello Ginny, how are you doing tonight?" He paused as if allowing her time to answer. "I'm good. It's odd, since that day, I've become friends with Draco Malfoy. I know that it's hard to believe, but it's true. I love you Ginny. This last year with out you has been absolute hell, and these last couple of months, watching your motionless body has been so much worse. I spend every day, afraid that you will die, without knowing how much I love you." He leaned forward and pressed a soft kiss against her forehead. "Good night Ginny."

He walked over to his bed, and lay down, pulling the covers up over his head.

"Harry." Ginny cried, clenching his hands in her fist.

"It's okay Gin, you're doing great." Harry murmured as the healer that was in front of Ginny counted down from ten.

"3.. 2.. 1.. Push Mrs. Potter."

"Unggh." Ginny grunted as she pushed. There was a bustle of activity as the healer walked away with the tiny baby in her arms. "Why.." She breathed. "Why isn't he crying?" She asked.

Harry looked over at their baby. "Ginny, he's a very beautiful baby."

Suddenly, from the middle of the small crowd of healers, came a small cry, and Ginny's face calmed. "Harry... I.. I hear him." She closed her eyes, and slumped back. Her monitors started beeping.

"Healer Jordan!" Harry cried out.

The said Healer turned to his wife swiftly, and his face paled instantly when he saw her. He rushed towards them and said, "Healer Terrence, get Mr. Potter out of here."

"What? No!" Harry cried, as somebody grabbed him and started dragging him towards the door. "Ginny," he screamed as the door was slammed shut in his face. "Ginny," He yelled again, banging on the hospital door.

He didn't hear somebody coming up behind him. "Harry? What's wrong." Harry turned around and saw a six month pregnant Hermione standing there, with Ron and the other Weasleys behind her. He leaned against the wall, and sank to the floor in sobs.

"They kicked me out. They took the baby, and her monitors started going off. I called out for them, and they bloody kicked me out. I don't know whats happening with our son. I don't know what's happening with Ginny. They bloody kicked me out."

The door openned and a sombre looking Healer stepped through. "Mr. Potter?"

Harry wiped his eyes and stood up. "Yes. How's my-"

"I'm sorry Mr. Potter, the childbirth was too hard on her, and she lost a lot of blood."

"NOO!" Harry yelled, sitting up. He had sweat pouring off of him, and he wiped at his forehead. He pushed the button next to is bed, and Healer Kayley came in

"Mr. Potter? Are you okay?" She asked, walking over, and taking in his sweat drenched form.

"I was wondering if I could be allowed to take a shower. I am covered and sweat, and I would like to see the counselor."

She grinned at him. "Of course Mr. Potter. Let me just get you some breakfast first."

He nodded, and she left the room, entering again a few minutes later with Draco. "Hey Harry!"

Harry smiled as the witch waved her wand over him and Ginny, jotting down notes as she went. "Hey Draco."

Draco set the tray down on the table, and pulled of the plastic lid of the plate, revealing bacon, eggs, and pancakes. "Will you be needing anything else?"

"No thanks Draco, I'll send the tray down after my shower."

Draco nodded, and waved as he walked towards the door, "See you later Harry."

Healer Kaylee paused at the end of his bed, and motioned towards his tray. "Press the button when you're done with your food, and I'll come get the shower ready."

"Okay, thanks ma'am." Harry ate his breakfast quickly, but slowly enough as to not upset his stomach. He pressed the button, and stood up to wait at the foot of his bed. He quickly took his second shower in twenty four hours, and got dressed in the clean and non sweat covered clothes.

He walked out of the bathroom, and walked towards the door to exit the ward. He walked down the hallway towards Dr. Lambs office. He knocked on the door gently, and got a soft, "Come in."

He walked into the room and sat down in the chair across from her desk. "Hello Dr. Lamb."

"Hello Mr. Potter. What were you wanting to talk about today?"

"I don't know. I was wondering if you could maybe ask questions, and I'll answer, unless it involves somebody else." Harry said, looking down at his hands.

"Okay, how long have you and Mr. Malfoy been friends?"

Harry grinned. "Right to the heavy stuff. We've been friends for about a week now."

She raised an eyebrow. "If you haven't been friends, then how do you know each other so well?"

"We were arch nemesises. He was the first boy that I met in the wizarding world, and he had reminded me of my cousin. Then when we got to Hogwarts, he insulted the first wizarding boy that had been nice to me and I, more or less, told him to shove it. We dueled once first year, once second year. Third year Hermione decked him, fourth year sucked. Fifth year he was part of the inquisitorial squad, so we had quite a few run ins. Sixth year, I followed him around to try and figure out where he was going, and what he was doing all of the time. Then after Dumbledore died, the first time that I saw him was when Hermione, Ron, and I were caught by snatchers, and taken to Malfoy Manor."

"I'm feeling some reluctance here. Did something bad happen at Malfoy Manor?" She asked.

"Yes. I had said Voldemort, and that is what called the snatchers. Hermione cast a stinging hex on my face when they apparated outside of the tent. When we got to Malfoy Manor, Draco was asked to identify me, but he lied and said he couldn't. I saw the recognition in his eyes, and I knew that he was putting his life on the line to try and save ours. Well, Lucius had recognized Hermione and Ron, and they realized that the stretched out marking on my forehead was my scar. Just as they were about to call Voldemort, which would have resulted in everybodies death, Bellatrix saw something that scared her. So Ron and I were thrown into the dungeon, while she tortured Hermione." He stopped talking, and retured to staring at his friends. "If I hadn't have said his name, Hermione never would had to go through that."

"You don't know that. There could have been numerous seperate occasions that would have gotten you caught by the snatchers. Please continue."

"What if I don't want to?"

"Then don't, but I feel that you talking all of the way through this will help you." She said seriously.

Harry nodded. "When we were thrown into the dungeon we weren't really expecting other 'guests' to be in there as well. The group of snatchers that caught us also had Dean Thomas and a goblin named Griphook. When we were all thrown in the dungeon we joined the previous prisoners of Luna Lovegood and Garrick Ollivander. I was going through my pouch after Ron turned on the lights, and I thought that I saw Dumbledores eye in a fragment of a mirror that I had. So I yelled out where we were, and the eye disappeared. Dobby the house elf appeared, and took Dean, Luna, and Ollivander. Griphook had been taken upstairs by Draco to identify something. Peter Pettigrew came down to the dungeon, and openned the door, but Ron and I charged him, and I called in the life debt that he owed me, and the hand that Voldemort gave him killed him. We got upstairs and Dobby dropped the chandelier on Bellatrix and Hermione. Ron grabbed Hermione and Griphook, and I grabbed Dobby, and we apparated away with three wands. When we arrived at Shell Cottage, Dobby was dying. As we had apparated away from Malfoy Manor, Bellatrix had thrown her knife, and it sunk into Dobby's stomach. Dobby had saved my life countless times, and I was really..."

"Really what Mr. Potter?"

"Sad, Angry, just chopped full of emotions. Dobby was a good person."

"When was the next time that you saw Mr. Malfoy? If you want, we can switch subjects."

"No it's fine. You're right, talking about it might help me. Though I only ask that if I'm hesitant to say something that you don't push me."

"Of course Mr. Potter."

"It was at Hogwarts, the Battle had already begun but Hermione, Ron, and I were looking for something. We knew that it was in the Room of Requirement after I talked to the Grey Lady, who was actually Ravenclaw's daughter. But we seperated in the Room, and I came upon the thing we were looking for, but suddenly Crabbe, Goyle, and Draco where there. Draco asked for his wand back, and after a small argument, Crabbe set off Fiendfyre. Hermione, Ron, and I found some ancient brooms and were flying towards the door when Draco yelled. I turned around, and Ron followed yelling that we better not die saving them. I grabbed Draco, and Ron grabbed Goyle. We got through the door, but crashed into the wall outside, and Draco and Goyle seemed stunned. The item that we had been looking for flew out of the door before the door slammed shut, the item was destroyed."

"Was there another encounter before here at the hospital?" She asked quietly.

"No- Well Ron, Hermione, and I ran into him at the top of a staircase, and he was yelling to a Death Eater that he was on their side, and asking about his parents. Ron punched him and yelled that it was the second time that day that he'd saved Draco's life. Until the hospital, that was all."

Dr. Lamb looked at her clock. "It's been an hour, and that's usually what we try to get patients to talk for, but if you'd like to we can continue talking."

"Do you have any other appointments?"

She openned a book that looked similar to the homework planner that Hermione had got him and Ron fifth year. "Nope. I'm free for another two hours."

Harry looked lost in thought for a moment. "How about you just ask me another question, and I'll try to answer with the same exception as last time."

She nodded and thought for a moment. "You said that Lucius identified Ron and Hermione, how many times did you run in with Mr. Malfoy's parents?"

"I met Lucius in my second year, he had slipped something into Ginny's cauldron at Flourish and Blotts, and I gave it back to him at the end of the year, with my sock in it. Well, he didn't know about the sock, so he gave the book to his house elf Dobby. I motioned for Dobby to open the book and when he tried to kill me for freeing his house elf, Dobby used elf magic and blasted him down the corridor. I saw him again at the end of my fifth year, but I don't really want to talk about that yet, if it's okay with you."

"Of course Mr. Potter, we can talk about that some other time. Please continue."

I met his mother before sixth year began, in Flourish and Blotts. Draco had made some nasty comments and Hermion, Ron, and I had raised our wands at him. She said something about not having Dumbledore there to protect us. They Malfoy's left the shop after saying that they would go to a different tailor. The next time that I saw either Lucius or Narcissa was at their Manor, but I've already spoken of that."

"Did you see either of the elder Malfoys before your arrival at this hospital?" She asked.

"I saw Narcissa in the forest. Voldemort had struck me with a killing curse and I fell to the ground. He fell to the ground to, but I think that's kind of irrelevant. He called for someone to see if I was dead, and when a soft hand touched my chest, the person leaned forward and whispered so quietly that I could barely hear her, 'is Draco alive' she asked. Just as quietly as she, I replied with a very soft yes, and she looked up at all of the Death Eaters and Voldemort, and said "He's Dead!". If it had been anybody else that had been chosen, I would have been dead."

"Okay Mr. Potter, we've covered a lot today, and I just want to say a few things if that is alright with you."

"Of course."

She held out a bowl of skittles, "Would you like some skittles? I always offer them at the end of my sessions."

Harry's lips twitched. "Dumbledore always offered Lemon Drops." He said, taking a small hand full of skittles.

"Okay, first I would like to say thank you for openning up to me. Second, I would like to reiterate what I said earlier about the possiblility of you three getting captured by different snatchers."

"But it wasn't different snatchers. It was those snatchers, because I didn't want to call Voldemort You-Know-Who."

She paused for a moment. "Let me finish. Yes you may have been the catalyst in the events, but you and Ron saved lives that day. You saved Luna Lovegood, Mr. Ollivander, and Dean Thomas. Two of three turned out to be great heroes of the war. When you got upstairs to where they were torturing Hermione, you saved her life, and that of the goblin, and you got Dobby out of there. You saved people Mr. Potter. Narcissa Malfoy may have prevented another killing curse from hitting you, but you saved her the devastation and worry that her only child was dead. To many people died in this war, and you let her know that he was alive. Even after all that he and his family had done to you." Harry nodded, but didn't add anything. "I want you to think about what I just said today, and know that it wasn't your fault Mr. Potter. You have saved the world, from the chaos that would have ensued if Voldemort had not been stopped. You're a great man, and millions of people look up to you."

"I'll." He paused a minute to swallow the lump in his throat. "I'll try."

"Okay Mr. Potter. You may leave, but I would like for you to return either tomorrow, or the day after."

He nodded, as he stood up and walked out of the door. He was silent as he walked back to the ward he was staying in, and walked towards his bed. He finally looked up from the floor, and froze when he saw his bed. Hermione and Ron were laying on his bed. Ron was behind Hermione, and their hands were entwined, and holding onto her stomach. Harry walked over to Ginnys bed and sat down in the chair beside it and grabbed her hand. "Hey Gin. Ron and Hermione are in my hospital bed, and they're asleep. They must have came in right as I left. I went to talk to the counselor Gin. I didn't want you waking up to find me a mess. I want to be good for you Gin. I don't want you to wake up and find me broken. I love you Gin. I'm sorry that you didn't get to hear me say it." Harry pressed a kiss to her hand, and lay his head against her arm.

He was woken up by somebody shaking his shoulder an undeterminable time later. "Harry." Hermione whispered. "Harry, wake up."

"Go away Hermione." He grumbled, rubbing his head into his warm pillow.

His shoulder was shook again. "Harry, you're laying in Ginny's bed, and the healer needs you to move."

He froze. "No, I'm sitting in the chair next to her bed."

He could practically feel her shake her head behind him. "No Harry, you're in Ginny's bed."

Harry openned his green eyes, and saw red. He unwrapped his arms from around her unconcious body, and stood up, looking down at her. "I guess that I was." He looked up at Ron, who was grinning.

"How about you wait until she's await next time before getting into her bed?"

Harry raised an eyebrow. "How about if two people hadn't have fallen asleep in my bed I wouldn't have had to lay in hers."


Harry walked over to his bed, and plopped down on it, facing his friends. "So, what's up?"

"We have something else to tell you!" Hermione said, with a tentative smile on her face. Ron reached over and grabbed her hand.

"What is it?" Harry asked, though he figured he knew already with the way they had looked to be protecting her stomach in their sleep.

"We're pregnant!" She squealed.

"I knew it." He said, grinning.

Her smile dropped a little, "How?"

"When you two were sleeping it looked like you were guarding your stomach."

She smiled again, "So I've got to ask you a question."

"What is it Hermione?" He asked.

Ron grinned, "We were wondering if you wanted to be godfather."

Harry looked down at his hands. "I haven't even seen Teddy, and he's my godson. I don't know how good of a God father I would be."

"We actually brought Teddy with us, because we figured that this might come up. If you'd like I could have nurse Kaylee bring him in, she said she'd watch him while we waited for you."

"I don't know. What if he doesn't like me?"

Hermione reached over and grabbed his hand, "I'm sure he'll love you. Teddy is a very good little boy."

He looked up and locked eyes with her, as if looking for some sign that she was lying. "Okay."

Hermione left, and came back in holding a wiggling bundle. "He's excited." She said, and when she got closer, she said, "Hold your arms like mine, and I'll lay him in them."

Harry mirrored the cradle that she made in her arms, and she sat the little four month old baby down. Teddy was looking up at Harry with such a look of wonderment that his mouth fell open. He scrunched his face, and Harry was about to ask what was wrong until Teddy's hair grew and a scar popped up on his forehead. Ron started laughing. "Yep he likes you. Hey me and Hermione will be back. We're going to run and get some food, would you like anything?"

Harry shook his head, and heard them walk out of the room. He reached towards the little baby boy, and smiled when the tiny hand gripped around one of his fingers. "Hi Teddy. I'm your godfather."

"Geefoofa." Teddy said, smiling, and stealthily moving Harry's finger towards his lips.

"Yeah that's right, Geefoofa. I was friends with your mommy and daddy." He said, and grinned at the boy when his finger was put inside a tiny mouth. "Hey, that's my finger." Harry's smile widened, even as he tried to look stern. "You're adorable." He said, and grinned wider as the little boy blushed.

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