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The Beginning

"Moving on, is a simple thing, what it leaves behind is hard."
- Dave Mustaine

9 years ago…

Seven-year-old Hibari Kyouya looked straight through the snowy street. He watched silently as the cars drove by and people chattering and laughing, looking happy. If only those smiles could spread like they said, then he didn't feel it. He glanced at the light that turned red before his eyes looked at the same direction once again. His mother and father were busy chatting themselves about where they should eat, not even making a spark of Christmas joy in him.

In a short while later, the light turned green and Hibari glanced back at his parents who were still talking. He just sighed and decided to wait for them on the other side of the road that seemed to be less crowded. The crowd has made his head dizzy and stuffed, with this annoying feeling of irritation of the noise.

He started to walk over the street and only reached his fifth step when there's a huge commotion coming from a wide area behind him. There were shouts and exclamations, with people rushing about. There's nothing coming to his mind and he realized a tad late when the warmth touched his left side of body. The warm light growing bigger each passing seconds, and before he knew what happened, he was pushed hard and fell far from where he just stood.

Then all he heard were a jumble of a big horrible crash, a panic crowd, and a big truck not far from him hit the sideways. Hibari tried to stand up but failed when he realized the truck hit the place where his parents were just now. And now they're nowhere to be found. His usual steel eyes widened and he tried to stand up once again to check his eyes. He rushed to the truck and saw bodies covered in blood in front of the truck. Hibari's heart thumped and his eyes were completely focused on the bodies until he didn't realize that the crowd was busy on another victim.

"Someone call an ambulance!" Hibari turned around when he heard the loud yell from behind him. He was more than surprised to see a small girl with brown hair lying unconscious near him. The girl's legs were covered in red and strangely her hands were stretched forward. The next moment Hibari saw her parents coming through with panic and shocked faces. Hibari took a step back before he run from the place, as far as he could. His heart couldn't believe that his parents were gone forever… and a girl almost did because of him.


Hibari opened his eyes from the bad dream he just had. Over the nine years it passed he swore to become stronger; stronger so that he wouldn't let such a thing happen to anyone dear to him again. And he really did. He became the greatest and most dangerous people on school by the years and there's been no one he couldn't defeat. But yet, he still couldn't find something worth protecting.

He scoffed at his own thoughts and let his mind off from the topic. It irritated him. He could live by himself—he already did and succeeded after all. He could find his own happiness through fighting and never felt the feeling of betrayal from someone; and it's because he learned to survive by himself. Even his parents let him down; if that day his parents had paid more attention to him, then the accident wouldn't befallen on them.

But there's one thing that always bug his mind which make him irritated at his own feelings; if only that girl never push him, then he's surely also dead at that day. He never met her, before or after the accident but many times when he assured himself that he could live by himself, the fragment of memory of that girl lying unconscious near him always resurfaced and once again he has to try another reason to assure his heart that he could do it all by himself without anybody's help.

A frown crossed his features, glaring at the clouds. With an exasperated sigh, he tried to get back to his sleep when suddenly there's a soft creak which belonged to the door under him. It's a very soft voice but he heard it and sat, guessing that it's someone he wasn't familiar with. He looked down with awareness but he only saw a girl with messy brown hair came out from the door just below him. His mood worsened because the girl just interrupted his time which he much preferred to do it alone. He, however, didn't do anything but watch the girl walking slowly with a crutch on her right hand. She walked very slowly, in his opinion, but not awkwardly although with a crutch on her arm.

The girl then put the crutch leaning on the fence and let both of her hands touch the cold iron. She then closed her eyes and let herself enjoy the breeze. Hibari watched her silently, thinking that sooner or later she'll do something, but after a short while, he decided to dismiss it. All of a sudden, he heard a distant yell from the field. He turned to the voice and saw the baseball practice going. He scoffed before a loud yell once again interrupted, and this time it was from the girl. She looked excited and continued shouting encouragement and cheers. The deep aura emerged from his body as he frowned and the urge to bite this girl to death really becoming stronger.

"Great hit Yamamoto!" the girl shouted excitedly once again and Hibari knew he's at his limit of irritation.

"Herbivore, could you stay silent? This is not a circus," Hibari said crudely to the girl who turned her head to her left and right, searching for the sound. Hibari then sighed from his nose exasperatedly, seeing the girl not even knew where he is although they were only a few meters apart. "Why are you here and not on the field? Cheering here only disturbing."

"Ah!" the girl finally looked up and gasped in shock as she saw the feared disciplinary committee president sitting calmly on the concrete above the door. "Hibari-san! I-I'm sorry if I disturbed you. I just preferred to be here because it's much easier to see from here."

"Where exactly do your eyes see from herbivore?" Hibari said almost sarcastically earning a slight blush from the girl. She laughed weakly, scratching her cheek needlessly.

"W-well… I guess everyone think that's strange isn't it?" the girl asked nervously before her head lowered and she found herself looking at the floor. Hibari looked down at her defeated posture and he couldn't help but feel that she's probably one of the weakest herbivore he ever met.

"Hmph, it is strange," Hibari said making her blushed red now from embarrassment. Hibari then looked straight and continued, "But even if it's strange it doesn't matter. If you feel that's the right thing, then just do it."

"…" Tsuna looked up to him with almost sparkling eyes.

"What are you staring at herbivore?"

"It's the first time someone said that to me…" the girl smiled before she let out a short laugh. "It's funny though, I feel more like normal… thanks."

Hibari stared at her silently but with a hint of confusion. This herbivore in front of him was probably the weakest, but definitely the strangest one he met. People would've cowered in fear at his presence, or bowed down hastily and thanked him for his opinion. But she didn't. Instead she talked like they're all nice and good friends. Which they aren't.

"Why are you here in the first place herbivore? It should be still session time," Hibari changed the conversation. Now, talking about the school's procedure…

"The teacher was absent today, so it's free period for the session," she answered, skipping on her feet a little to turn her body facing him.

"Wondering outside the class while free period isn't allowed herbivore," Hibari said, however still didn't move to punish her like he usually did, well, to the boys at least.

"S-sorry…" the girl seemed to pondering for a while before she turned around and glanced at the baseball field as she heard the whistle. "Ah, the baseball is over. I guess I'll just… head back to class."

"…" Hibari stayed mute as the girl took the crutch on her hand and bowed her head slightly before slowly making her way to the door and disappeared below him. After a silent while, Hibari looked towards the almost-empty baseball field and saw only small figures, barely noticeable for the differences, walking to the building. Hibari scoffed before he hopped down and opened the door, heading for his office.

It's been days since Hibari's encounter with the girl. His mind almost forgot about the encounter and her existence was only that of mere pass-byers just like most of the other people in the world. That is, until he heard a pitchy shriek when he's patrolling the corridors after school. He's about to bite the person to death, for many, many transgression, until he saw the same girl lying face-first on the floor with books scattered around her and the crutch not far from her.

Hibari stared at her unmoving, although he already lowered his tonfa. Not long after, the girl managed to get to seating position. She cringed at the sight of the bruise on her knee.

"Ouch… now how am I suppose to walk?" she asked to herself as she touched her left knee and flinched. Hibari observed the wound. It was nothing serious, but he guessed that herbivores will feel quite in pain because of it.

"What are you doing herbivore?" Hibari asked, giving her awareness of his presence and at the same time, turning her into panic.

"Ah! H-Hibari-san! N-no! I'm not breaking the rules or anything! It's just that the teacher ask me to deliver these to the library," she explained hurriedly, waving her hand frantically.

"Being here after school is already a transgression itself," Hibari said and her face turned into dismay. Her lips parted but she shut it the next moment. He sighed. "But I guess I'm gonna let this off since you just do the task given by the teachers," Hibari continued earning a relieved sigh from her. "I'll just bite the teacher to death."

"What? Wait! That's wrong isn't it?" she protested.

"The teachers aren't free from the rules. I'm only doing my job as the disciplinary committee," Hibari said calmly earning her to sweat drop. Okay that did make sense…

"But-!" her words were cut off when she felt the stinging pain on her knees. She chewed her lips to prevent any shriek or squeak. Hibari stayed motionless, watching her with almost a bored expression. Then his eyebrows furrowed before he sighed, for the umpteenth time.

Without a word, he started to pick up the books scattered around her, ignoring the puzzled and astonished gaze from the brunette. He scoffed softly at the thought of how herbivore she was; he could easily carry the books with a hand, but again he didn't voice it out seeing her condition. He then turned around and about to walk away earning a confused look from her.

"U-umm… Hibari-san?"

"One of the rules in school is that you have to keep the school properties at a perfect state, and a book is not excluded," Hibari said without facing her. "Go to the infirmary and go home herbivore."

"Ah… okay…" she answered uncertainly as she saw him disappeared around the turn.

Meanwhile Hibari walkd quietly through the halls but that didn't last long as the image of her looking so weak and hurt on the floor came through his mind. He didn't know, but there's something familiar about her, and something that make him feel like she's different. She's not better than anyone; she's much worse even (he did his researches of the students of course), and she's not the prettiest girl you have ever seen, although her eyes did looked so honest.

Hibari sighed from his nose before he took out his cell phone from his pocket. He pressed a few numbers and waited before a voice was heard from the other line.

"Yes, president," the voice stated formally. "Is there anything you need?"

"Come to the third floor in front of class 1-C and deliver the books there," Hibari ordered specifically.

"I understand," the voice answered before Hibari closed his cell phone. He simply put the books on the floor, right in front of the said class, and then went back to the place where the herbivore fell. He expected to see her already gone to the infirmary or going home, so he was quite surprised to see her still there—moreover she's lying on the floor with her face facing the floor and surprisingly, she didn't notice his presence, again.

Twitch. "Herbivore…" Hibari called out in his usual flat tone. Said person lifted her head quickly and her brown orbs widened at the sight of in front of her.

"H-H-Hibari-san! Ummm… I was just going home but… well… ah-, I don't mean to make you do my works for me, I just-"

"Speak one thing at a time herbivore," Hibari stopped her ranting. It's always unpleasant for him to hear someone rant so long and rapid. Tsuna's lips formed an 'o', and an apologetic expression replaced her earlier fright.

She bowed and muttered softly. "Ah… I'm sorry…"

He didn't make a lot of gestures to respond. He looked around—there's no one in the hall—before his eyes returned to her. "So, why are you still here?" Hibari asked, almost sending her panic once again.

"Well, it's because I… can't… walk," she trailed off as the blush on her face darkened into a ripe cherry color.

"Can't you do something to save yourself herbivore?" Hibari asked and she could traced a hint of annoyance in his tone. It hurt to be commented like that by a stranger; moreover that stranger wasn't an ordinary fellow. She tried to muster every ounce of energy she has to her legs, trying to move her entire lower body to a sitting position.

"S-sorry… it's just that… well," she shrugged, now looking at the wound she just received. "It's getting worse."

"…" Hibari looked forth too. Okay, she's telling the truth; now the bruise has a deep dark color and was getting bigger in size. She has to bend down her knee to a lower position to keep it from moving too much. His lips formed a thin line and she could've sworn she heard her sighed again as he approached her. Without a warning, he lifted her up and carried her bride-style earning a loud shriek from her.

"H-Hibari-san! W-what are you-"

"You may not be in school area after school herbivore," Hibari answered as if nothing happened. "And sleeping at the corridor is one of it too."

"But, Hibari-san!" she tried to stop Hibari but to no avail as he carried her through the silent corridor. She tried to trash around in his arms, feeling extremely embarrassed and uncomfortable for being carried the way she is now. The prefect's expression didn't change a bit and after a long thirty seconds she could only shut her eyes. She chewed her lips in confusion, embarrassment, and frustration.

How could this happen?

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