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Warning: genderbend (Fem27), not-so-clumsy Dino (aka he's still very clumsy but it doesn't depend on his subordinates' presence as in the cannon), writing stuff

New People

"Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude."
- Ralph Marston


"H-Hibari-san! W-what are you-"

"You may not be in school area after school herbivore," Hibari answered as if nothing happened. "And sleeping at the corridor is one of it too."

"But, Hibari-san!" She tried to stop Hibari but to no avail as he carried her through the silent corridor. How could this happen?

Tsuna stayed silent and looked down at her hand as Hibari carried her. She, in reality, actually felt very uncomfortable; she didn't want to trouble the head of the disciplinary committee after all. Strangely, however, Hibari's face look all the same and didn't seem to mind the fact that he was actually carrying a girl, which Tsuna thought, wasn't really that light of a weight too.

In spite of the great awkward moment, she never expected that the infamous prefect has this side in him too. Sure, she believed in the phrase that "everyone has a good side" but still, it's pretty hard to predict for the skylark. Tsuna marveled at the thought before she shifted her head lower. Now that she think about it, it feels very nice when she lean her head on his chest… Wait. That's not what she's supposed to feel right now!

She jumped slightly when she heard the voice of the door being sled open behind her. She looked up and realized that they finally reached the infirmary. Hibari walked inside the room and put her on one of the beds without a single word. She blushed when she could feel Hibari's head inches from her face. She could only hope that she didn't act ridiculous in front of him.

After he walked away to one of the spot in the room, she sighed in great relief; at least she's not in that awkward position again. She always wanted to feel what it's like to be carried bridal-style by someone—but she wanted to be carried by someone she has feelings for, and she wanted the gesture to be a romantic scene—and instead, she's being carried in an absolutely different situation than she imagined. Well, couldn't really say that she didn't like the feeling of being carried like that though…

She sighed in frustration at her own thoughts. Just when she wondered what she has to say, she saw Hibari walked toward her with a roll of bandages in his hand.

"H-Hibari-san?" she stuttered when Hibari bent to her knees and started to wrap her leg. She blushed hard; this was even worse than earlier! She would've rubbed her eyes until it popped out, but she fought the urge with all her might. This can't possibly the infamous Hibari Kyouya—it just can't be! "H-H-Hibari-san! It's okay; I-I can do it by myself!"

The cold steel eyes looked up at her, silencing her almost immediately. "Hmph, you didn't sound convincing in the least, herbivore," Hibari replied, still continuing his work on her leg. She wondered if he really do this because he really want her to leave school—and without him needing to escorting her home. But again, he really didn't need to go this far right? Or could it be…?

She slapped herself on the head.

She must've knocked herself in the head too hard.

She glanced back at Hibari, who was working quietly but quickly. She bit back a smile. His touch was really light, as if it's a professional doctor who was taking care of her right now, and it didn't hurt at all. He's too perfect for his own good is he? She wondered but realized that she's not in the position to say anything.

"But… then I'll just ask the nurse to help me," she tried once again.

"There's no one else here," Hibari replied, with the same tone he always used. It sounded almost without any emotion traced in it that she wondered what he was thinking at the moment.

"But…" she tried to persuade Hibari again but only make her legs moved slightly which make the bandage loosen once again. Hibari sighed and tried to control his irritation of the little herbivore in front of him. She almost gulped when she felt the different pressure.

"Stay still, Sawada Tsunahime," Hibari suddenly said her full name which surprised and alerted her at the same time.

"How do you know my name?" Tsuna asked to Hibari but this time she kept her legs still, not wanting the head prefect to be angry at her.

"I know everything happening in the school," Hibari merely answered. She tried not to smile at the reply. She didn't want to think of herself as anyone special to the skylark, but still… this gesture of his make her feel somewhat happy.

After a few while of silence, he cut off the bandage and fastened the other end. It sent a spark of pain and she spontaneously cringed. He looked up at her again but didn't say anything. "Hn."

"U-um, thank you…" Tsuna half-whispered shyly, watching him as he stood up and about to walk to the door. "Hibari-san?" She asked as a small wave of panic came to her mind. Hibari wouldn't leave her behind alone, right? Hibari sled the door open and stepped outside.

"Wait here herbivore," he said before he disappeared out of sight. Oh, so he wouldn't leave her alone after all. He'll come back soon, Tsuna bit her lips and her fingers clutched her skirt tightly.


With Hibari…

Hibari walked through the corridors silently and the sound of his footsteps echoed in the hall. The sky starting to get dark and Hibari twitched at the thought that he has to accompany the little herbivore home, or else there might be something happened to her again. He couldn't care less actually, but since she's one of Namimori student, then he'll have to make sure everything's fine.

He remembered the location of where the crutch should be, but his attention was given away to distant voice of people. No, he didn't even think for a single second that it's some ghost—but rather, the voice fueled up his irritation. He almost stormed through the halls; his sharp ears caught the voices louder and louder.

The voice led him to that certain hall and he narrowed his eyes as he found the target of his frustration; the teachers. He walked toward the room and saw that it was still well-lit. He opened the door without another word and the teachers inside the room looked at him with surprised and terrified expressions—most of them were terrified, as expected.


"Which one of you asked Sawada Tsunahime to get the books to the library?" Hibari cut off the teacher's word. The tension suddenly changed into worse as the deadly silence filled the room.

"I-I did…" one of the teachers said, not meeting Hibari's cold gaze.

"Why don't you bring the books yourself?" Hibari asked with a glare and the other teachers hold their breaths at the alarm of trouble.

"I-I was about to return them myself, but since I have to hurry for the teacher meeting and coincidentally she was heading the same way as the library, so I ask for her help," the man explained nervously. "I-is there something wrong?"

"Hn, regardless of the reason I will still bite you to death," Hibari said and the tonfa already on his hands. "Since you irritated me."

"Maa, maa Kyouya, he already apologized so why don't you just let it go?" A golden-hair man stood up from his chair. Hibari frowned seeing the man; he immediately didn't like the guy. The teacher looked like a foreigner with a vest and long white shirt, far more informal than the other teachers. The blonde man smiled at Hibari whereas the other teachers' faces already prepared themselves if the worst ever happen.

"Who are you?" Hibari narrowed his eyes.

"Me? Well, I'm a new teacher here," the blonde man answered with a grin.

"I don't really care, but you shouldn't interrupt me or I'll bite you to death," Hibari said with a dangerous tone.

"Geez, you're as crazy as the rumors said," the blonde man said and ruffled his own hair exasperatedly. His eyes then changed into serious and a smile appeared on his face as he straightened up. "Oh well then, let's have it at the rooftop shall we?"

"…" Hibari almost ignored him. The blonde sighed.

"I'm a pretty good fighter you know. That'll be more interesting than beating a defenseless man won't it?" he said once again. That hit some points in the skylark's mind. It's a better choice indeed; especially he's also irritated at the blonde stranger no less. He smirked.

"Hmph, sound good," Hibari agreed as he turned around and left. The next instant, he already out of sight. The teachers sighed relief and turned at the blond teacher who also walked to the door.

"Where are you going, Dino-sensei?" one of the teachers asked. Said person turned his head to the teachers with a smile.

"Following the skylark of course," he grinned before he closed the door behind him.

With Tsuna…

"Hibari-san… I wonder where he went…" Tsuna mumbled and glanced at the clock. Hibari left her only a moment ago, but Tsuna just couldn't feel relax at all. Did he know that she's afraid of ghosts? And the fact that she's in infirmary—one of the places that reminded her of one of the most popular location for horror movies, the hospital—was slowly eating her up. She jumped and almost shrieked when the air conditioner let out a small crack of noise.

She sighed, trying to gather her own composure. Concentrate; there's nothing to be afraid of… She chanted mentally before she looked up at the white ceiling and her thought came to her parents. They must be worried now; she should've arrived home a while ago. Her parents can be very overprotective, especially her father, especially after what happened to her legs. And to add it too, her father's acquaintances were coming today.

Tsuna sweat dropped at the thought of one of her father's acquaintance came into her mind—the man with the fedora. She's really looking forward to meet him… but on the same time she really doesn't. He can't be called 'kind' but there's something that make her feel comfortable and safe whenever he's around. She shook her head, trying to get the image off her mind. Regardless of his presence, she has to get home soon.

Tsuna finally resolved her mind and decided that she would find Hibari and thanked him and go home. She didn't care if he's going to punish her for not obeying him. That's not the problem right now—she couldn't spend all evening there. And besides, being alone in school, at night, is one of the most frightening images she could ever imagine. She shifted her body off the bed slowly and cringed at the pain that stabbed her legs. She bit her lips and pushed herself off the bed again, trying to ignore the pain.


Suddenly, it was not only the pain in her legs, but a nauseos feel growing inside her and threatened to burst. She coughed a few times and her legs accidentally gave in. Her body hit the walls and floor, but none of the pain was registered in her mind. She felt like fainting. Something swirled inside of her and her view was shaken as well. She wanted to shout for help, but at the same time she couldn't.

"Uugh..." she groaned, pressing her palm on her mouth. She had a fitting cough for a few split seconds, echoed in the silent and dark room. Panting hard but finally able to calm her own body down, she lean her sweating head on the wall. The wall seemed like it was closing in on her a few seconds ago and now it had turned back to normal. Enveloping herself in darkness, she closed her eyes and let out a silent sigh.

"Thank goodness..." she muttered. Oh, how she wanted to sleep and forget everything. Her body ached and she had a splitting headache. She just wanted to rest... she could, could she?

Do you want to worry your parents more than they already have?

Tsuna opened her eyes, looking at the celling. That's right—she needed to go home. There were people waiting for her.

With whatever strength she had left, she carefully lifted herself up and pressed her hands on the wall to prevent herself from falling but still, every step she took made her almost lost her balance. 'You can do it Tsuna! You had had gone through something worse than this!' Tsuna thought to herself when the pain rose and seemed to paralyze her body. She took a sharp inhale before she continued her way to the door.

At the rooftop…

Dino hummed softly as he headed to the stairs that connected to the rooftop. He glanced at his side and saw the dark sky from the window. Despite the darkening sky, however, he could see the big orange circle hung in the sky. Dino smiled, knowing that his little sister must've loved the view.

As the image of his little sister flashed in her mind, he chuckled as he imagined what her reaction will be if she knew that he's a teacher here. He then resumed his walking and he finally reached the dark stairs. He climbed the stairs silently and opened the door at the end of the stairs. He was instantly greeted by the head prefect who glared at him and with tonfa ready on his hands.

"I've been waiting," Hibari said. "Let's end this quickly; I have other business."

"Sheesh, then why don't we stop this and return to our businesses instead?" Dino said but seemed that Hibari didn't listen to a word he said. Dino sighed and pulled out a long curl of whip from his pocket, "Seems that you won't listen even if I tell you, but I also have to finish this fast; I want to see my lil' sis as soon as possible."

"Here I come," Hibari smirked as he rushed forward, ready to strike Dino. Dino scoffed as he jumped dodging Hibari's attack which crashed to the concrete floor. Dino landed a few distance back from Hibari who looked slightly surprised to see the stranger reacted swiftly.

"Hm, not bad at all Kyoya," Dino said which make a vein popped on Hibari's temple.

"Fight me seriously herbivore," Hibari growled dangerously. Dino smiled as he stretched his whip tightly with both hands.

"Come!" Dino challenged which Hibari instantly responded by jumping forward toward Dino.

Outside Namimori Middle School…

"Hoo… this is the school… it's much smaller than I thought," a teen said as he looked up to the building. He scoffed as he walked inside the building silently.

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Questions, questions, questions!

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