Heroes Unite
Naruto x Korra
Author's Note

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Story Start

It was the cusp of an early morning as a young youth sat on a wooden structure of the city. As far as the eyes could see tall structures of multi-culture could be seen. The fumes of smoke from factories in the far reaching backgrounds radiating from the factories. The citizens looked almost like dots from his location as he finished the last of his piece of bread. It wasn't difficult to spot someone with his unique look out in the crowd. He had bright and vibrant blond hair done out in spike tufts which must have took a lot of work to get combed that way. He was dressed in an orange tunic with black pants worn under the waist length tunic and short black boots that reached to his ankles. The young man was over looking the entirety of the city from his vantage point. He closed his eyes and began listening to the sounds he heard until the sensation of trembling caught his attention. He opened his eyes as he began tracking the origin of the noise.

He was surprised by what he saw. A young woman in water tribe garb, the dark smooth skin making it rather easy to distinguish she was from one of the arctic regions. Though her method of travel warranted a double, a large beast of a creature with white fur and canine shape, a polar bear dog. The young man looked on in fascination as he never heard of anyone taming one. He soon joined the sidewalk filled with gawking pedestrians. He. watched as the young woman's polar bear dog came to a stop in front of an orange tent.

''Ok! Ok! Food first, then air temple. Watch it Naga!" she quickly chided the dog as the polar bear dog frequently bumped into people. "Look out! Oops, sorry about that. Excuse us." she apologized as citizen as citizen was bumped into by the large polar bear dog. "Coming through. Heads up. Eh, sorry, we're new in town. Naga, wait.''

Naga, the Polar Bear dog looked abashed by her mistress's commands. Finally they came to a stop as the water tribes girl hopped off and went around to the side of the tent. She picks up some meat on a stick.

''We'll take one of everything please.'' she said, gesturing to the platter of food.

''That will be 20 yuans.'' the shop owner an older man, of Earth Nation nationality prompted as he put down his cooking tools in mid-preparation of meat to receive the payment.

''I don't have any money.'' the Water Tribe girl answered with a sigh.

It was obvious that the girl was from out of town and from the looks of things quite sheltered. Anyone with world worldliness would know you shouldn't travel anywhere without some form of money. Leaping from where he sat he landed on the ground with a slight crouch. "Its okay Tone I'll pay for it." he said as he reached into his pocket and pulled out enough yuan to pay for the meat stick.

The Water tribe girl flashed him a look of gratefulness then prompted a conversation with him. ''Thanks, not to look a gift ostrich-horse, but why did you help me?''

It was when the blond really looked at her that he noticed she had a built of a warrior. She was strong looking with sturdy shoulders and even her disposition was quite confident. It was easy to see just who was a warrior by how one carried themselves.

With a friendly smile he answered her. "You looked like you needed help. I remember my own experiences when I first arrived to Republic City."

''That obvious huh?'' the water tribes girl asked as they returned over to where Naga was. Setting down some of the meat the Polar Bear Dog happily began gnawing on it. ''I'm Korra, and this is my Polar Bear Dog Naga.'' the young woman introduced herself. ''And you are?''

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki. If you wish I can give you a tour around the city.''

''Thanks, I'd really appreciate it.'' she said as she and Naga began following the mysterious blond. They walked through a park where Naruto was informing Korra a few things, with Park Hobo as Naruto liked to call the Park Hobo throwing in his two cents as well. As usual there were people setting up things for the yearly autumn festival. ''A picture? A picture for the lovely couple?'' a woman asked them.

''Oh, no we've just met.'' Korra replied with a bit of sheepishness as her cheeks threatened to dark in red from embarrassment. Interacting with others her age, especially the opposite sex was not something included in her training the past twelve years.

''Well I know I'm no pretty boy but you didn't have to deny it so quickly...'' Naruto playfully remarked with an expression of mock hurt. He found Korra pretty cute and was hoping to get to know her better. So far she seemed really friendly and likable.

''I'm just saying...'' she began speaking as she actually took a real good look of Naruto. He was as tall as her, probably shorter by about an inch or so with a slight shade of tan skin and vibrant eyes as blue and lively as the sky. Not to mention he had hair of gold. Now that she thought about it, she never heard of anyone with yellow hair before, it was so odd. Was he born like that or was it dyed? She began wondering just what Naruto can do? Was he a bender? A diplomat? A noble? She trailed off as they came across a fountain. Standing before the poster of a masked man was another man with a megaphone.

A dozen or so people stand around him, listening. Korra was startled as she heard a snarl. For a moment she thought it was Naga, but when she noticed her companion was docile her attention turned to Naruto as fury filled his eyes. Curious, she began listening to see what set Naruto off.

''Are you tired of living under the tyranny of benders? Then join the Equalists! For too long, the bending elite of this city have forced non benders to live as lower class citizens. Join Amon, and together we will tear down the bending establishment.''

''That man is nothing more then a terrorist!'' Naruto suddenly verbally exploded as his nostrils flared. Suddenly the crowd turned to him. ''Only fools would join him.''

Korra then began talking as well. ''Yeah, Bending is the coolest thing in the world!

Oh yeah, let me guess. You're a bender.'' the protestor challenged with an upturn look of disgust.

Korra proudly placed her hand on her chest.''Yeah, I am.'' Korra answered with a boast.

''Then I bet you'd just love to knock me off this platform with some waterbending, huh?'' the man continued.

''Korra...'' Naruto began to warn her but the girl continued by challenging the man back.

''I'm seriously thinking about it.''

It was one thing for him to get confrontational, but with how things were in Republic City any negative response or actions by a bender would exacerbate things.

''This is what's wrong with this city! Benders like this girl only use their power to oppress us.'' the man shouted as the crowd jeered as Korra. The girl became confused and annoyed.

''I'm not oppressing anyone!" she indignantly countered as she quickly tried to answer with a response only to make a fumble of a response. "You're... you're oppressing yourself.''

''That didn't even make sense!'' someone cried out.

''Korra, let's just go.'' Naruto urged her, softly pulling out at her arm. He knew just what would happen if things continued. He cursed himself for losing his damn temper, he knew what type of people these were.

Albeit she was reluctant to, Korra decided to listen to her new friend. They continued down the sleepy side street walking by several shops and street stalls. ''What was that about?'' Korra asked, finally breaking the silence.

''Equalist rally. Some idiot trying to recruit people who have anti-bending sentiments. People who hate benders as a result of hostile feelings held over from the war a century ago. Don't...don't worry about it.'' he said, changing the subject. ''Is there anywhere you wanted to go?'' he asked as the sun would be setting in a few hours.

''I'm actually trying to get to Air Temple Island. Do you know where its at?'' she decided to ask him, deciding it would be for the best to learn where the Island was. .

''Yeah, down this street and take a right.'' Naruto stated as he paused, noticing something in the background. It was a person, one he knew all too well. ''I'll be right back.'' Naruto said as he trailed off.

''Hey wait...'' Korra's voice was drowned at as a red car pulled up. The red satombile parked. Its front grill is decorated with a lion-turtle's face. Three thugs exit the car. One of the shopkeeper's a male polishing a red phonograph freaked out upon seeing them.

''Mr. Chung, please tell me that you have my money, or else I cant guarantee I can protect your fine establishment.'' The Waterbending Thug casually threatened the shop keeper.

''I'm sorry, business has been slow. Please, take one of my phonographs.'' the shop keeper threatened as a drop of sweat slid down his brow. Fear filled his face along with the memories of the last shop keeper who couldn't pay for protection.

The one with the red scarf bends some fire in the palm of his hand.

The shopkeeper tries to appease the thugs, but the red scarfed man wordlessly destroys the offered phonograph with a flaming kick. The shopkeeper screams and falls backwards.

''My friend here is not a music lover. Give me the money, or else...''

Or else what hoodlum?'' Korra challenged as she moved behind the the thugs. The thugs shared a glance at each other before they start laughing.

''Hahaha! Since you're obviously fresh off the boat, let me explain a couple things. You're in Triple Threat Triad territory, and we're about to put you in the hospital.''

The Shopkeepers hid and watched from their hiding spots. ''You're the only ones who are gonna need a hospital. And for your sake, I hope there's one nearby.''

''Who do you think you are?'' The Water Bending Thug demanded.

''Why don't you come and find out.''

Korra, fist in palm, stares back confidently at the lead thug. His eye twitches, he hollers and reaches into his coat for some water. He attacks Korra with it, who catches the water in her left hand and tosses it back in his face. The water envelopes his head and freezes, leaving his partners with their jaws on the ground. He staggers around, but Korra defeats him with a single kick, throwing him against the front of his car. The ice enveloping his head and thrown-off hat shatters against the decorative lion-turtle face. He slumps against the car. He partners stare on for an instant, disbelieving, before the tall one with the pale green shirt turns to Korra and tries to attack her with his earthbending. Only Korra is already in motion; she rockets him into the air on a pillar of stone.

The old shopkeeper lady and her friend stared up into the sky. ''What just happened?''

''Did she just earthbend? ''

The earthbender thug hitting every branch while falling down the proverbial tree. When he's finally kissing the pavement, the red-scarfed thug turns back to Korra and blasts her with fire. Korra leaps through the flames, a smile on her lips. She grabbed the firebender's hands and he screams like a little girl.

Korra swings around the firebender she's grappling with, then tosses him across the street and through the rice paper windows of a clock shop. He takes out two giant clocks on display as he goes down. Korra saunters up to the now-open air shop. ''Got an idea about who I am now, chumps?''

Suddenly there's the revving of an engine. Korra looks to the left. The trio's red car swerves towards her. Korra moves out of the way. The earthbender thug yells at the firebender to get in, but the waterbender won't slow down the car, and in the end the earthbender catapults the firebender into the car using a pillar of bent earth. Though the trio's retreat ended up being cut short as Korra chased after them using earthbending, tearing up the road in the process as she disabled the car, resulting in it crashing through a storefront.

Suddenly metalbenders descended from an airship mid-flight. They deploy metal lines, slowing their descent as they land, then retract those lines into the sleeves of their uniforms.

As the thugs stagger out of the ruined shopfront, Korra gestures to her quarry. The cops trap the trio in metal wires. Then the lead metalbender walks up to Korra and points at her.

''Cool, metal benders. I caught the bad guys for you, officers.'' Korra proudly stated.

''Arrest them! You're under arrest too!'' The Metalbending cop announced to the girl who gasped.

''What do you mean I am under arrest? Those are the bad guys over there, they were smashing up a shop!''

''From the looks of it, you smashed up a lot more than that.'' he said as the ripped up road, swerving tread-marks, and smashed up shopfront that the Triads vehicle drove through was within his range 180' range.

''Wait, you... you can't arrest me, let me explain!''

''You can explain yourself all you like down at headquarters.''

And instead of coming in quietly Korra thought retreating from the authorities was the smart thing apparently. By the time the chase was over Kora found herself in the custody of the Metal Benders.

''Wait, Beifong. Lin Beifong? You're Toph's daughter!''

''What of it?''

''Then why are you treating me like a criminal? Avatar Aang and your mother were friends, They saved the world together.''

''That's ancient history and it has nothing to with the mess you're in right now. You can't just waltz in here and dole out vigilante justice like you own the place!''

''Chief Bei Fong, surely you can afford to show a little bit of leniency.'' Naruto prompted as he walked through the interrogation room.

''Uzumaki/Naruto.'' they simultaneously stated his name in surprise.

''I thought we were being shadowed by someone and I left her on her own without explaining everything.'' Naruto began. ''Did you do something with your hair?''

''Don't start with me Uzumaki.'' the Chief firmly snapped in a bout of irritant. It was clear there was some sort of history between the two. ''And what are you doing in my interrogation room?''

''Look, Chief, issues with other parties aside you know the Avatar is needed.''

''Which does not give her the right to just waltz in here and start doing vigilantly justice like she owns the place.''

A small section of the far wall open revealing a male cop's face appears. All three occupants looked at him.

''Chief, Councilman Tenzin is here.''

''Let him in.'' the woman said after a side. Lin stood and turned around. The wall behind her pulls apart in pieces, revealing Tenzin on the other side looking quite disgruntled. Korra meanwhile was trying to put a good face on her nerves.

''Tenzin, sorry... I got a little side tracked on my way to see you.''

Tenzin took a deep breath and turned to Lin and smiled, "Lin, you are looking radiant as usual and Naruto, its been awhile. I trust you are in good health?''

Naruto smiled and nodded. ''Yeah, I think I'm ready to perform my duties.''

Lin meanwhile was in no mood for pleasantries. "Cut the shit Tenzin, why is the Avatar in Republic City? I thought you were supposed to be moving down to the South Pole to train her?"

"My relocation has been delayed. The Avatar on the other hand will be heading back to the south pole immediately, where she will stay put." He responded

"But!" The Avatar tried to argue but was cut off by Tenzin.

"If you would be so kind as to drop the charges against Korra, I will take full responsibility for today's regrettable events and cover all the damages." He said.

Lin looked at Korra and then back to Tenzin, she sighed and released Korra's cuffs through metal bending, "Fine, but get her out of my city."

"Always a pleasure Lin. Let's go Korra."

''Actually if you don't mind I'll be accompanying you,'' Naruto stated. ''I have business to talk to you about Councilman.''

As they walked through the hallway out of the station Tenzin spoke, "We were beginning to think that you wouldn't show up for the festival.''

''And miss your wife's pies? Never.'' Naruto remarked with a hearty chuckle.

''Hold on? What's going on? How did you two know each other and how come I've never met this guy?'' Korra questioned, determined to find out just who Naruto was.

''I've been dealing with some personal life things." he began. ''When you came of age I was supposed to be an assistant to you if necessary. It was something that Avatar Aang had set up some time ago.''

''Wait a minute, if you know the previous Avatar shouldn't you be much older?'' Korra voiced, before pausing and began to hastily back-pedaled her statement once she realized how rude it sounded.

''There's a very good explanation its a bit complicated. Not really something we can discuss right now." he answered her, his question quite evasive.

''What? Why not?'' she asked with a huff. "Something that important should be discussed."

"I promise you I will, but I have a few things I still need to settle. Anyway I'm heading on ahead.'' he once again evasively answered as he sped on ahead leaving Korra alone with Tenzin as the tension began to rise.

"Tenzin, please don't send me back home." Korra pleaded, practically reading his mind.

"You blatantly disobeyed my wishes and the orders of the White Lotus." He said with a hint of disappointment and approval.

"Katara agreed with me that I should come." she protested trying to appeal to Tenzin through mentioning her mother. "She said my destiny is in Republic City." Now appealing to Tenzin's sense of duty hoping to change his mind.

"Don't bring my mother into this!" Tenzin said with anger as his face turned red.

"Look, I can't wait any longer to finish my training. Being cooped up and hidden away from the world isn't helping me become a better Avatar. I saw a lot of the city today and it's totally out of whack. I understand now why you needed to stay, but it needs me too." Korra continued to plead.

"Is this your polar bear dog miss?" asked an officer who was being licked by said polar bear dog.

Night time has soon fell as a small steamer ship docked. Three White Lotus men stood on the dock; behind them their steamer ship has lowered a gangplank. Korra looked on with a mixture of anxious, but she sighed in acceptance. Suddenly two gliders appeared in sight. The gliders landed revealing Ikki first, then Jinora with Meelo riding piggyback. They collapsed their gliders and rushed over to where Naruto was already waiting at the edge.

''Naruto!'' they shouted. Ikki hugged his leg and Meelo attempted to fly tackle the blonde only for him to catch the boy and spin him upside down, holding him in place with arm. ''Hey! Unhand me yankee!'' he shouted.

Jinora held back for a moment, then joins her siblings. ''Hey there Squirts.'' he said as Jinora sent him an annoyed glare. ''And little Jinora.''

''I'm going to get you eventually. I don't know how or when, but I will, and it will be good.'' she threatened.

''And I'd be disappointed if you didn't try.'' he replied with a cheeky grin. Suddenly the kids noticed Korra and left the blond as they were old news.

"Are you coming to live with us on the island?" Ikki excitedly asked.

Korra knelt down and placed a hand on both Jinora and Ikki's shoulders, "No, I'm sorry Ikki, I have to go home now." she answered them with a downcast look.

''Aaaw,'' Ikki remarked rather dejectedly.

''I'm sorry I couldn't give you that tour I promised.'' Naruto said, he averted his eyes, unsure on what to say.

''It's okay, maybe next time,'' Korra suggested, trying to lighten the mood but the gloom over the situation was overpowering. Korra began walking towards the ship ready to take her home.

"Wait." Tenzin said as he stepped forward, "I have done my best to guide Republic City towards the dream my father had for it. But you are right. It has fallen out of balance since he has passed. I thought I should put off your training in order to uphold his legacy, but you are his legacy." Tenzin said as he placed a hand on Korra's shoulder, "You may stay and train air bending here with me, 'Korra gasped', ''Republic City needs its Avatar once again." He finished.

"Yes! Thank you! You're the best!" Korra cheered

The kids cheered also and she hugged them all together. ''Once we arrive I'll show you to your rooms.'' Tenzin informed the teens.

''You're going to be staying here as well?'' Korra asked in surprise.

''Yeah, I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.'' he said as an annoyed look formed on Korra's face.

''Let me guess, that would be telling?'' she asked as Naruto nodded and grinned.

''See, you're catching on already.'' he informed her. It was the following day and a large cheering crowd gathered in front of City Hall. Photographers were taking snap shots as an anxious Korra stood behind a podium outfitted with five reporters began asking questions after Korra introduced herself as the Avatar.

''Does this mean you've moved to Republic City?''

''Were you trying to send a message to the Triads yesterday?''

''Will you be fighting crime or the anti bending revolution or both?''

''Will you be working with Chief Beifong and the police?''

Korra though was struggling to say something coherent. She paused, gathering herself and as she began to talk more comfortably.''Uh, yes, I am definitely here to stay, but honestly, I don't exactly have a plan yet. See I'm still in training... but... look, all I know is Avatar Aang meant for this city to be the center of peace and balance in the world, and I believe we can make his dream a reality. I look forward to serving you! I am so happy to be here. Thank you Republic City!''

Elsewhere a radio was playing what happened. Behind the radio sat a man, resting his chin on folded hands as he listens. Footsteps echoed through the room and a hand reaches over to turn off the radio.

''Alright, that's all the questions the Av-''

Tenzin's voice-over through the radio was cut off with the radio.

''Amon, how do you want to handle this?'' the man asked. They were in a basement of sorts with wires coming in through the wooden ceiling. Amon was standing in front of a map of Republic City, his hands clasped behind his back. ''So, the Avatar has arrived early. It looks like we'll have to accelerate our plans.''

''And the boy has finally returned. Should I mobilize some of our soldiers to eliminate him?''

''No,'' Amon commanded with a raised hand. ''After all he'll come to me. The reminder I gave him more than guarantees that.'' he finished.

Chapter End

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