Heroes United


Naruto x Korra


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Story Start


Sunset was fast approaching and Korra was lost in thought. She sat on a stoop while Naga was lying next to her. Korra's fingers softly ran through the fur of the polar-bear dog as Bolin approached them with his fire ferret pet Pabu on his shoulder.

"Hello fellow teammate!" Bolin called out as he approached.

"Hey Bolin." Korra called out rather disinterested as she continued to pat Naga.

"Missed you at practice this week."

"Yeah, I'm sorry about that." She responded.

"Aw it's alright. We're probably out of the tournament anyway. That is unless by tomorrow, some money miraculously drops from the sky to pay our fees." Bolin said in an annoyed tone, but quickly changed back to his usual peppiness. "Any way reason I came by was to give you this, tada!" he said as he handed Korra a rose and a wrapped up cupcake.

Korra took them, "Wow, thanks. But what this for?" she asked, confused as to why he was giving her a gift.

Bolin got into a thinking position, "Ah, I can't remember now. Oh yeah, now I remember! You saved me from Amon!"

"Oh that. It was no big deal." Korra indifferently waved off the magnitude of the event.

"No big deal! Are you serious? I was totally freaking out when he was coming at me with his creepy mask, all 'I will take away your bending forever'. I mean that is scary stuff. I still can't sleep well." Bolin honestly admitted.

At that moment an older woman came bearing a basket of items. "Delivery for Avatar Korra. Tarrlok sends his compliments and urges you reconsider his offer." The old woman said with a bow.

"Tell him I haven't changed my mind." Korra said dismissingly.

The old woman nodded and left.

"Who's this Tarrlok guy? Is he bothering you? Huh, cause I could have a word with him." Bolin said as he punched his palm in a threatening manner.

"Heh, no, it's not like that. He's just some old guy who works with Tenzin on the council." Korra explained as Bolin's bravado, along with his puffed up chest deflated.

"Oh! Good. Good, that sounds better. I like that better."

Korra didn't mean to practically ignore Bolin, but with each passing day Republic City's problems were growing and becoming apparent. Though thankfully Naruto approaching her for a practice session helped her get her mind off the event.

They moved to a part of the island Tenzin gave the okay to use as a practice course. As such Naruto had used some of the money he had earned during his arrival to Republic City for training gears and dummies. This session, Naruto prompted Korra to stick to water bending for the session, but of course that would only last for so long.

The session would be her using fluid movements to dodge the projectile attacks he would throw while she was to disarm the body using attacks aimed at the legs or wrists. Causing damage to the hands prevented chi-blocking attacks and doing damage to the legs would prevent movements.

Of course by this time this would be the eight times they would be running this particular drill as Naruto wanted Korra to work on her time. She was an incredible force, definitely powerful but she lacked control and finesse. That lack of control was evident when she decided to obliterate one of the dummies with fire bending after Naruto turned up the intensity and kept interrupting her attacks.

"Korra! This training is just going to be ineffective if you don't stick to the rules that are set. The methods mean nothing without the practice to back it up."

"Lighten up will you. I mean I got most of it down." She replied with that cocky grin of hers as she rested her hand on her hips.

Naruto sighed; he was used to that cocky grin of hers. He immediately hushed his thoughts when they began to drift upon seeing sweat covered her form.

"Korra, sometimes you have to learn in order to just let go you know. You might think you can do anything, but sometimes suffering a lost is important in order for you to grow and learn from it. There was a time where I was the lowest point of my life when I got the first vision of my predecessor. At one point I was preparing myself for a suicidal revenge scheme against Amon but he steered me away from that. He didn't want me to follow down the path of his old friend. That's why I don't try to focus on that man, but focusing on helping you to stop him and people who have suffered from the Equalists." For a moment Naruto softly exhaled. "Look, let's not dwell on that anymore; let's move on to sparring." He suggested as he moved into a fighting stance.

Korra shot like a dart, quickly closing the distance between them, attempting a sweep kick to which Naruto leapt up and over her, and increasing the distance between them again. Drawing some water from the ocean Korra launched a whip of area across to the area to which Naruto dodged.

Naruto weaved his way around the attacks, persevering as much of his stamina as he could as he waited for Korra to tire herself out. By the time the training regimen was over it left both of them exhausted; exhaling deeply, Naruto stretches his aching muscles and wipes the sweat from his brow before turning to glance across the room at Korra. Smiling kindly at him, Korra turns and crouches to rummage through her bag, searching for the small towel she's brought with her.

"Avatar Korra." A voice called out, drawing their attention again. It was the messenger from before."I have something for you."

"It doesn't matter how many gifts Tarrlok gives me." she said as she stomped the earth and spun the messenger around and kicked her in the back, "I'm not joining his task!" She said in anger.

"It's not a gift." The woman said urgently, "It's an invitation." She said as she held up a letter.

"To what?" Korra questioned as she walked over and took the letter.

"Tarrlok is throwing a gala in your honor. All of Republic City's movers and shakers will be there. The councilman humbly requests your attendance." She said as handed both Korra and Naruto an invitation. She then bowed and bid her farewell.

"I guess tonight's session is going to be cut short." Naruto said as he began toweling himself off. "We better get ready." And with that the two of them departed without so much as a word. The ensemble all got dressed in their best evening wear.

For her night at the gala, Korra wore a simple but attractive-looking dress that reflected her water tribe background as much as her usual attire, along with her usual arm-bands and vambraces that she normally wore. Her hairstyle was a bit more feminine then usual along with a little white cap.

Tenzin, Pema, Ikki, and Jinora, who had also chosen to come, were also clad in attire more formal then what they usually.

Naruto arrived in a white collared shirt and dark over coat with stylish gold and orange trims.

As they entered the crowd clapped for Korra.

"I can't believe this is all for me…" Korra said as she continued to look around at the various fancily-dressed people mulling about.

"I'm not sure what Tarrlok's plotting but keep your guard up. It's not like him just to throw a party for the fun of it."

Then, as if the mere mention of his name summoned him, Tarrlok was suddenly there for Korra and Tenzin to see. He was wearing a suit that was a darker shade of blue then his councilman's clothes, but he still had the same insufferably smug grin on his face that Tenzin and Korra had last seen him.

"So glad you could make it Avatar Korra. If you'll excuse us, the city awaits it's hero."Tarrlok gestures for Korra to follow him while Meelo runs past. Tenzin watches them go, and turns his head to see Meelo doing something off screen which fills him with comedic dread.

"Meelo, no! That is not a toilet! Oh, dear."

"Korra it is my pleasure to introduce Republic City's most famous industrialist Hiroshi Sato." Tarrlok introduced him.

"Nice to meet you." Korra said with a nod

"Hey there Mr. Sato, it's been a while." Naruto said as he walked towards the man with a grin.

Hiroshi was momentarily shocked but that turned to pleasant surprise, "Naruto my boy! Excellent to see you again." Hiroshi said as he gave Naruto a light hug. As he let the hug go Naruto patted him on the back. "Things around the matter aren't the same without the sound of crashes . How have you been?"

"Really well, how has Asami been?"

"She's been fine. Same as she always been, so I see you made friends with the young Avatar here."

"Yeah well, things have a funny thing of working out."

Hiroshi then turned to Korra, "We're all expecting great things from you."

"Right. Greatness." Korra said as she muttered the last part to herself.

"Hey Korra, Naruto." Mako called out to them, calling out to their attention.

They turned to see Mako dressed up with a beautiful girl on his arm. She had long back length, lush raven colored hair, formed in a stylish hairstyle. Her skin was of a smooth peach-like complexion with light emerald colored eyes.

"This is my daughter Asami, but I believe Naruto doesn't need introductions." He said with a smile.

"Naruto!" Asami said with surprise and walked up and gave the blonde a big hug. Korra found herself surprised, despite the hints dropped about Naruto's relationship with Asami it didn't really hit until now.

"How have you been? Been committing any hit and runs lately?" he teased as she swat his arm.

"You're incorrigible."

"So you came here with Mako I see? How did that happen?" he asked and before the fire bender could speak Bolin entered the conversation.

"Asami crashed into him on her moped."

"By the spirits!" Naruto remarked as his eyes lit up.

"Naruto," Asami slowly began as her face filled with worry. "It was an accident."

"I called it! I knew it, I knew it Asami! You are an evil spirit when you're on those things." It was obvious he was doing his best not to let out an uproarious laugh. He turned to Mako, "Was she like, I'll buy you a dinner and nice clothes, please don't sue."

"You are so horrible."

"You know I'm never going to let it go." He then decided to let it go. "Speaking of which, did you guys every find money for your team."

"My father agreed to sponsor their team." Asami answered.

"Yeah, thanks to the Satos we're back in the tournament." Mako said in happiness.

"Isn't it great?" Bolin asked, having returned to the others, now with a plate of food in hand and a pretty young girl of Earth Kingdom background on each arm.

"Yeah, terrific" Korra said, doing her absolute best to sound sincere. If it had been before her first encounter with Amon and his Equalists, she would have been every bit as ecstatic as the brothers were. But as it stood…

Korra looked off to the side and could see none other than Chief Lin Bei-Fong walking by. Korra couldn't claim to be happy to see her again, considering how the two of them got off to the wrong foot, but unfortunately for her it would be inevitable that that they would be forced to interact again when Tarrlok gestured for the police chief to come over to where he and Korra were.

"Yes, that is one way to put it," the Chief said with more than a hint of disdain in her voice. Then she spoke directly to Korra: "Just know this Avatar: just because the city's throwing you this big party don't think you're something special. From where I'm standing, you've done absolutely nothing to deserve this."

And with that venomous criticism, spoken in the harshest and most unforgiving tone possible, Chief Bei-Fong stormed off, leaving Korra feeling a mix of shame and, as her now boiling blood, clenching fists, and fierce glare directed at the police chief's armored back all showed, anger.

After a short while longer at the party, Korra decided it was time to go. She looked around, trying to find Naruto but saw he was to the side with the other Fire Ferrets and Asami. He and Asami seemed particular animated as it looked like they were trading stories. This definitely encouraged her desire to leave. But as she was heading to the top of a large stairway, she was swarmed from all sides by a large number of journalists and reporters, all with cameras flashing, microphones extended even though Korra was nowhere close enough to them for them to be of any effect, and pens hovering above note-pads at all times.

"If you'd be so kind, they just have a couple questions." Tarrlok said in a tone that was deceptively polite.


But before Korra could protest, the first series of barbed questions hit her without mercy: "Avatar Korra, you witnessed Amon take away people's bending firsthand. How serious a threat does he pose to the innocent citizens of Republic City?"

Korra hesitated a brief moment before saying, "Ahem. I think he presents a real problem…"

She could see Tarrlok smiling smugly out of the corner of his eye as she answered the first question.

"Then why have you refused to join Tarrlok's task force?" the same journalist asked. "As the Avatar, shouldn't you be going after Amon?"

"Well, I—"

But the same obnoxious journalist cut her off before she could give a proper answer.

"Why are you backing away from this fight?"

"Yes, why are you?" another reporter asked.

"What? No! I've never backed away from anything in my life!" She was starting to get flustered, overwhelmed by the number of accusations.

But the questions just kept coming, this time with ones coming from several different reporters and journalists all at once: "You promised to serve this city. Are you going back on that promise now?"

"Do you think Pro-Bending is more important than fighting Amon's revolution?"

"How do you think Avatar Aang would've handled this?"

"Are you afraid of Amon?"

That was it. That was the final straw. It was in that moment, with that last particularly blunt and accusing question that something in Korra snapped. In just one moment all of her hesitation and doubt was replaced with a burning passion and fury at Tarrlok, the journalists, Amon and his equalists, and maybe even herself for her cowardice.

"I'm not afraid of anybody! If the city needs me, than, I'll join Tarrlok's task force and help fight Amon!" Korra said, practically shouting, her fury now barely contained, if at all. The ever smug Tarrlok walked up at that moment and said to the assembled press: "There's your headline, folks.

Back down in the crowd, Mako, Bolin, Asami, Naruto, and above all Tenzin all had nervous looks on their faces. When the party came to an end Korra soon found herself at Republic City Hall with Naruto joining her.

Both Korra and Naruto were sitting in a board room waiting for Tarrlok to show up. "Thanks…for coming with me Naruto." She whispered to him.

"It's what friends are for. I'm sorry that I didn't back you up."

Korra shook her head, "Not your fault, I got into the heat of the moment." For a moment silence fell between them. "So, when did you meet Asami?"

"She ran me over with her vehicle." He casually remarked as Korra's eyes widened. "As you can see, once I heard that she ran over Mako, it just brought back memories and I couldn't help to tease her. To be honest, I don't think these are accidents and this is just Asami's way to pick up a guy. Who knew a girl asking a guy out could be so dangerous."

Korra couldn't help but crack a smile. Finally Tarrlok arrived and the meeting began. For her position as second-in-command of Tarrlok's task-force, Korra simply wore the standard-issue armor over her usual clothing. As she, the men and women under her command, and Tarrlok himself all converged on a building that was, according to a tip, a place that trained chi-blockers for the equalists, Korra found her heart racing and her body fidgeting somewhat. She had never done anything even remotely like what she was about to before, and it didn't exactly help that her first encounter with chi-blockers had gone poorly. Though, Naruto being there gave her some measure of comfort. His experience against chi-blockers and knowledge made him an invaluable asset.

Tarrlok gave the whole task-force a little speech before they began: "My fellow task force deputies. Tonight we will execute a raid on an underground chi-blocking training camp located in the Dragon Flats Burroughs. According to my sources there is a cellar under this bookstore where Equalists train chi-blocking in secret."

As Tarrlok spoke, he pointed to a blue print of the location in question, complete with notes written on it. A short van-ride later and they were all there, right outside, with the Equalists within, at least to their knowledge, completely unaware of their presence.

The task force silently approached the wall and took a look down into the basement window. Sure enough, down below Equalist chi-blockers were busy training young men and women with bandannas over their faces and the Equalist insignia on a band wrapped around their upper arm in how to properly chi-block, complete with wooden dummies and details of all of the pressure points in the body. Hanging on the back wall was a banner of Amon.

Once the signal was given one of the members of the task force turned a valve on top of the water tank connected to the police van, opening it up and granting him, Korra, Tarrlok, and the other Waterbenders in the Task Force could make use of.

The taskforce member who had opened the water tank pulled a large stream of water out with his bending and passed it down to the waterbenders by the wall, each of whom took a part of it for their own use. Tarrlok held a hand up as a silent order for the task-force to wait before striking.

The second Tarrlok gave the signal, all hell broke loose. The waterbenders in the taskforce sent huge torrents through the windows leading into the basement, knocking down and then freezing the chi-blockers in full Equalist attire, purposefully targeted first since they were assuredly the greater threat.

Next, the taskforce Earthbenders forced their way into the basement by bringing down the walls down and sending the rubble hurtling towards the Equalists with ruthless precision, with only some of the Equalists managing to weather the assault completely unscathed. Those that were then found themselves under attack from Korra and Tarrlok themselves, who unleashed the full fury of their Waterbending at the Equalists, Korra silently impressed with Tarrlok's skill. And here she just thought his only talent was being the king of sleazy politicians.

Finally catching on to how they were goners if they stood and fought, the last two chi-blockers in full Equalist garb who had not yet been downed chucked some smoke grenades at their assembled grouping of enemies and used the distraction to run as fast as they could. But Korra wasn't about to let them slip through her fingers so easily.

"I'm going after those two!"

Korra sprinted after the chi-blockers…only to run head-long into a trap, namely a trip-wire the chi-blockers had set up. It was all Korra could do to keep her face from smashing into the floor. She was completely vulnerable as one of the chi-blockers dropped down on her from his position in the rafters. Korra managed to roll and flip out of the way, narrowly avoiding the chi-blocker's strikes and retaliated with an earthbending-assisted series of attacks so powerful it shattered the lenses of the chi-blocker's goggles and sent him sailing through the air and right into a wall.

As the chi-blocker slumped to the ground unconscious, Korra was unaware of the other chi-blocker silently dropping down behind her and preparing to hurl a bola at her neck…Only to end up frozen to the wall courtesy of a certain Water Tribe Councilman.

"Nice timing. Thanks, Tarrlok."

"Don't mention it. We make a good team, Avatar."

Korra said nothing for a moment, instead just crossing her arms and looking at the two chi-blockers she and Tarrlok had defeated. But she had to work with him. To stop Amon.

Finally, Korra shrugged and said simply: "Yeah, we do."

Word of the task-force's actions spread like wildfire. Soon Korra was dealing with more flashing bulbs and microphones shoved into her face then any person ever deserved. As the days past, Korra and Naruto would aid the task-force in attack after attack on the Equalists, and each time the equalists were soundly defeated. Despite it all Korra still hadn't produce a single blast of air not to mention she was seeing less and less of her team mates.

There were also the faces of many of these so called criminals were young, close to her age. They were anything but the criminals she was expecting. Amon and the gang members, they had the look of criminals but so many of the people they had arrested were hardly out of school. Every once in a while she would here bits of stories of them being victimized by one of Republic City's gangs and such. She couldn't help but wonder if there could be some way to help these people.

There were also accusations of being oppressors and labeled like the Fire Nation during the Hundred-Year-War. It all seemed to be piling up. Though once again another press conference had come up.

"Avatar Korra has bravely answered the call to action! With the two of us leading the charge, Republic City has nothing to fear from Amon and the Equalists!"

"Question for the Avatar" one reporter asked. "Amon remains at large. Why have you failed to locate him?"

Upon hearing this question, Korra approached the podium, grabbed the microphone and did something she would always regret afterwards: "You wanna know why? Because Amon is hiding in the shadows like a coward. Amon, I challenge you to a duel! No task force. No chi blockers. Just the two of us tonight at midnight on Avatar Aang Memorial Island. Let's cut to the chase and settle this thing. If you're man enough to face me!" and with that the interview came to a close.

"Korra, joining the task force is one thing, but this, this is going too far!"

"Something has to be done; I thought you of all people would support me!"

"This is foolish. If you try to take on Amon now you'll be killed!"

"You've been training me to fight against them. It's not like I'm going in blind, Amon and the Equalists are only going to cause more problems if we don't stop them now."

Naruto pulled at his hair in frustration. "I just wish you weren't always so quick to jump into things. Why couldn't you…" he stopped himself, remembering the last time they got into a fight.

"Why couldn't I what?" though it was too late, Korra was already angry. "Where was this advice when Chief Bei Fong was berating me? Where was this show of support when I was being mobbed with those reporters?" Naruto found himself unable to speak to the accusations. "I have to do this. With or without your help!" Korra stormed off.

"Korra, this is madness!"

Tenzin had shown up to stop Korra from doing on what even she knew was a huge mistake. But not even he could deter her.

"Don't try to stop me and don't follow me. I have to face Amon alone."

Tenzin turned to Tarrlok and pointed at him accusingly. "This is all your doing!"

Tarrlok held up his hands defensively. "I tried to talk her out of it too but she's made up her mind." He then turned to Korra she got onto her boat.

"We'll be watching the island closely. If anything goes wrong I have a fleet of police air ships ready to swoop down."

Korra nodded and then used her waterbending to drive the boat to the island where she planned to face Amon one on one, despite knowing full well how the conflict would most likely turn out.

Upon arriving on Avatar Memorial Island, Korra went to the top of the statue's platform. It was here that she waited for Amon to show up, her sense of dread rising with each passing moment. But Amon didn't show. A loud bell suddenly rang, temporarily startling Korra but also cueing her into the fact that it was now midnight. Amon had failed to make it on time. Once this little fact sunk in, Korra allowed herself to relax a little and stretched and yawned.

As she went to ground-level and walked by an archway, she said to herself: "Guess you're a no-show, Amon. Who's scared now?"

No sooner had the words left her lips did a bola at the end of a rope fly through the air towards Korra's legs, managing to tie them together and causing her to fall to the ground. Korra only a moment to take in what was happening before she was dragged off into the dark passage. By the time she had managed to free herself with her firebending, she could see quite clearly that she was completely surrounded.

Everywhere around her, the eerie red lenses of the chi-blocker's goggles shone through the darkness.

And in fact that was exactly what the chi-blockers did. Korra desperately fought to keep them at bay with her firebending but her arms were caught by two bolas, leaving her easy prey for the chi-blockers. Korra forced them back and kept them and their cohorts at bay with several fire and earthbending kicks before more chi-blockers, as few as two or as many as half-a-dozen or more, Korra didn't know, hit her with a series of rapid jabs to every single part of her body. Then the world went dark.

When the world slowly but surely came into focus, the first thing Korra was greeted to was Amon himself, surrounded by more of those same glowing red lenses of the chi-blockers' goggles. It was pitch-dark, save for one lantern.

"I received your invitation, young Avatar." Amon said in a civil that belied his menacing nature and intent. As it was, Korra gave no remark. No spark of anger or harsh rebuke escaped her lips. Fear, that was the only sensation that coursed through her. He walked forward and reached a hand out towards her. For but brief moment Korra feared he would de-bend her…only to instead cup her face in his hand and force her to look up at him.

"Our showdown, while inevitable, is premature. Although it would be the easiest thing for me to take away your bending right now, I won't. You'd only become a martyr. Benders of every nation would rally behind your untimely demise. But I assure you I have a plan and I'm saving you for last. Then you'll get your due and I will destroy you. The eradication of bending will be my legacy. A monument to your failure. I, Amon, am your successor Avatar Korra. And I will achieve what you and your past lives have never done: bring peace to the world."

As he finished his sentence, Amon stood up, released his grip on Korra and prepared to strike only for something to whirl through the air. Amon quickly moved, moving with ease as the three metal objects clung against the wall. Naruto appeared next to Korra in an instant.

"Naruto." Her voice was so fearful, it was unlike anything he had ever heard.

"I won't let him hurt you." He promised as he turned to Amon, a cold fury coursing through him.

"So you finally showed yourself again. Despite your unexpected arrival tonight, you cannot stop me. Nothing can."

"You seem confident in that."

He got the impression that Amon was smirking as he answered. "Even if you do manage to somehow force me back tonight, one day, the Avatar will die by my hand."

"No, no more Amon. I'm going to do what I should have done a long time ago and end your life tonight!" Right now the only thing fueling Naruto was anger. He drew out the Dao sword he had strapped to his back and charged forward. At that moment Amon signaled his Chi Blockers to attacker and only one side would be walking away from this battle.




'Move' Korra commanded her body as she desperately tried to move. Her paralyzed body remained motionless as Korra could only watch as Amon picked up the Dao sword. 'Move' she commanded again as her fingers began twitching.

"It appears that you are willing to put your life on the line for your vengeance. It was foolish to oppose this movement. The world will be equalized and its shame you couldn't continue to live on in this new world order." Amon spoke as he raised the sword before the prone form of Naruto.

After the 18 Equalist mooks, the two elites, the Lieutenant and with Amon himself after them, Naruto was far too worn and injured to win.

'No!' at that moment it felt like the world had come to a stop. If only she hadn't been so impulsive and prideful this wouldn't have happened. What was she supposed to do? She was the Avatar. Everyone was counting on her and it was her duty to bring balance and she didn't want to lose face. She didn't want to admit her fears. She was able to move her arms now.

But right now she would give anything to save Naruto. She didn't care about being the Avatar. She didn't care about beating Amon or even losing her bending. Besides Naga he was her first true friend and she cared about him. True they argued and got angry at each other, but when she truly needed him, he was there, even now.

"Korra, sometimes you have to learn in order to just let go you know. You might think you can do anything, but sometimes suffering a lost is important in order for you to grow and learn from it. There was a time where I was the lowest point of my life when I got the first vision of my predecessor. At one point I was preparing myself for a suicidal revenge scheme against Amon but he steered me away from that. He didn't want me to follow down the path of his old friend. That's why I don't try to focus on that man, but focusing on helping you to stop him and people who have suffered from the Equalists."

Naruto's agonized screams filled her ears. The blond was able to avoid having his head severed, but a stab wound to the shoulder was still fatal. If he didn't receive metal treatment soon he would bleed out and die. Naruto twisted away and rolled away. He got back to his feet, clutching his wound.

Korra could only watch as a strike from Amon had sent Naruto into the water. She had failed him. A lone tear seeped down her eye as something else coursed through her. A cold, furious rage coursed through the Avatar. Right now stopping the Amon because she was the Avatar was the furthest thing from her mind. Because at that moment now she was fighting for another reason and that was to get justice for now.

Amon turned his attention back to Korra. "He is but the first of many who will fall if you oppose us Avatar. Choosing to fight is choosing the road to bloodshed. Just accept what's inevitable and there won't be any more unnecessary loss of life."

A great power washed through Korra as she was able to push herself to her feet. The ground around them tremble and the water around the island because to rush rapidly. "How dare you!" her voice was hardly above a whisper. "I won't let you get away with that! This ends NOW!" The last word came out as a deafening bellow, becoming an actual physical force. The wave of air all but slammed into Amon, sending him into a wall. Korra was not going to allow her friend's death to be in vein.