Sorry it's been so long. I had NaNoWriMo, and I'm having some trouble as to where to take this. But, Enjoy!

The night was, as ever, dark and moonless. Only the stars broke through the black soup created with the Big Bang itself. A breath of wind rattled the trees and the brush of the forest. It was a forest designed and built for them, the only humans on the planet. It was on the only piece of solid land, which had been artificially created. The rest of this little world was in the seas that covered the surface, on the rocky bottom, where their Assigners had lived for so long. The icy water was in shades of blue and green, and the Assigners themselves were silver-skinned and beautiful by Earth standards. They were a brilliant, loving species who were recognized by the Guardians as the most advanced life in the universe. It was a tremendous honor to know how the Guardians themselves almost humbled themselves to the Assigners.

Supervisor 347, or as he was called on Earth, Gary Seven, was taking a walk along the edge of the Forest when he heard a splashing. He looked out toward it's source, and an Assigner flipped up out of the water onto the land. Seven knew this one by sight and name-Saka, the Assigner he had the most contact with.

"We may have a problem," Saka started in English. "Come with me. We must go to the Capitol."

Seven nodded. Saka had not wasted time with formalities; he understood. He stripped down and waded out into the chilly water. Saka followed and took him by the wrist. His fingers barely wrapped all the way, and Seven took Saka's wrist just to be sure. They reached the edge of the shelf, and they dove straight down. Far down below through the water, the Capitol glowed, lighting their way. Down and down they swam, Saka pulling Seven along-even with his considerable strength, Seven was no match for an Assigner in the sea. Seven was running out of air, but still down they went. The Capitol looked close enough for him to touch now, and Saka pulled him down right into the heart of the glowing metropolis. The Council building was right in the center of the city, the bulls eye of a target of concentric circles. They went inside, and Saka quickly found the air tanks for Seven. It was not often the Agents got to come down, but there were plenty of amenities for when they did.

Seven bit down on the regulator and took a much-needed breath. This was one of the vapor tanks, but he could have equally used the liquid one. It would give him more time, so he considered switching but decided against it and slung it onto his back. This was a pressing matter.

Saka led him into the Council chamber, where the Council was already present. They were in an uproar. A Guardian was there sitting in the center, and he didn't even look in their direction when they entered.

Seeing Seven present, one of the Council members came up to whisper what was going on. The Guardians had forsaken their sacred duty and were planning to destroy a whole Timeline.

"Take whatever measures you see fit to protect this universe," Saka said. "We heard there is a Guardian made human. We have found him. You will go and assist him."

Seven nodded.

"You may be interested to know he's on the Enterpise-D," Saka said, evoking Seven's short roller-coaster time in Earth's past when he met and interacted with Captain Krik and his officers. "You must go. We do not have much time." Saka handed him the little card with the coordinates. Seven nodded and headed out.

Miles O'Brien and Geordi La Forge were running routine maintenance on the transporter, when it suddenly kicked them out of the system and hummed to life. Disturbed and hoping this would just be something they had done, they watched, and they waited.

But fate hated them, and so an unknown form formed on the padd.