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Chapter 1: Kidnapped

Emma Swan was at Granny's Diner with her son, Henry eating ice cream. Suddenly her phone began to ring. "Hello", she said.

"Hello darling are you and Henry ready to come home?" a voice asked sweetly. The voice belonged to the Mayor of Story Brook Regina Mills and Emma's girlfriend.

"Yeah sweetie we're on our way home right now", Emma said with a smile.

"Good can't wait to see you two love you", Regina said as she hung up.

"Alright kiddo we have to go home now", Emma told her son.

"Okay Emma", Henry said as he got up from his chair. They began to walk down the street neither one of them noticed they were being watched from a distance. A few feet away stood a biker watching Emma with intensively.

The biker held up a walkie talkie and said in a velvet voice," I found her now can I go grab her?"

"No its broad daylight wait till she is alone and do it at night but remember don't hurt her", a strong voice replied.

"I would never hurt her!" the biker snapped.

"We know but remember use the chloroform only if you have to till then don't be seen and keep your eye on her", a softer voice added.

"Got it', the biker said as they put the walkie talkie away. Emma and Henry made it to the house in no time. Emma opened up the door and Henry went inside to start on his homework. Emma walked into the kitchen to get a drink of water. She reached for a cup when two slender arms wrapped themselves around her waist.

"Welcome home my sweet Emma", a voice purred in her ear.

"Good to be home my darling Regina", Emma said as she turned around to give a lovely brunette woman a kiss on the lips. Regina moaned as she held her girlfriend tightly in her arms begging for access into her mouth. Emma allowed Regina's tongue to search every nook and cranny in her mouth. Then Emma broke away gasping for breath but Regina wanted to continue the kissing session. She pulled Emma closer and sent a trail of kisses down her neck as her hands began to unbutton Emma's blouse. "Regina stop Henry is upstairs he'll hear us", Emma moaned as Regina continued to kiss her.

"We can always tell him to go over to Mr. Gold's house and play", Regina whispered as she began to undo Emma's bra.

"Regina not now wait till tonight okay", Emma begged as she tried to break free from Regina's grasp. As much as she wanted to she didn't want to do it in their kitchen when their son was upstairs and could come down at any time. He knew his moms were dating and they all lived together but she didn't want Henry to see every part of their relationship it could scar him for life.

"How about we take this to the bedroom", Regina whispered slyly as she pulled Emma upstairs.

"Oh man Regina why can I never resist you?" Emma asked as she was pulled upstairs.

"Because you love me silly now stop resisting and come on", Regina said impatiently as she pulled and dragged Emma to their bedroom. "Henry honey me and Emma are going to talk in private go do your homework at Mr. Gold's house and behave yourself", Regina called from her son's room.

"Okay mom maybe Bay can help me figure out problems 1-12", Henry said as he gathered up his things and left the house. Regina shut their bedroom door and laid on top of Emma.

"Now we have the whole house to ourselves", Regina replied with a lustful grin. She pulled Emma's bra off with her teeth and kissed the middle part between her breasts. Emma let out a moan as she kissed Regina again with such passion. Regina pulled off her shirt and began to bite Emma's nibbles. The blonde cried out in pleasure as she kissed Regina's neck. Just then Emma's phone rang causing both women to groan out in frustration. "Let it ring", Regina told her as she continued to kiss Emma.

"It could be something serious", Emma panted.

"Let them call back later", Regina said.

"Regina get off", Emma replied firmly. The brunette growled in anger but rolled off and allowed Emma to answer the phone. "Sheriff Swan here how may I help you?" she asked.

"Emma it's Archie my dog Pongo ran off into the woods again and I just can't find him please help me", Archie said in a pleading voice.

"I'll be right there", Emma said as she put her bra and blouse back on.

"Can't you find his dog later?" Regina asked.

"Sorry honey but I have to do my job I promise I'll be back soon", Emma told her.

"Make it real soon darling because I have a special surprise for you", Regina said as her eyes gleamed with excitement.

"Really well I will be home very soon", Emma said as she kissed her girlfriend. Then she walked out the door leaving Regina all alone with her thoughts. Regina and Emma have been dating for three years and have been living together for one year and Regina was going to ask Emma to marry her. She already had the ring and everything was planned out perfectly. Since it was Friday Regina was going to have Henry stay over at Mr. Gold's house. Then she was going to make a romantic dinner, take Emma up to their room where she would propose, and then they were going to spend the rest of the night making love. Regina couldn't wait for Emma to get back home. Emma found Archie's dog in no time and he was thanking her for finding him.

"No problem Archie have a nice night", Emma said as she headed for home. She took a shortcut to the forest path when the night air grew colder. She pulled her jacket closer to her neck as she walked down the forest path. The moon was high in the sky casting a white glow down on Emma. Suddenly out of the darkness came a strange figure dressed as a biker. Emma pulled out her gun and shouted", Freeze who are you and want do you want!" The stranger replied by kicking the gun out of Emma's hands and jumped her. Emma kicked the stranger off and punched them in the gut. "Who are you?" Emma asked again.

"Don't you remember me Truth?" the voice asked. Emma froze when she heard that name and her face went white. The stranger took advantage of the situation and grabbed Emma by the waist and covered her mouth with a weird smelling cloth. Emma struggled but soon everything went black as her body became limp. The stranger carried Emma to their bike and got on it. Mary Margret a school teacher and Emma's best friend was walking down the road when a biker came bursting out of the forest. Mary Margret eyes went wide as she noticed Emma was slumped in the front being held by a biker.

"Emma!" Mary Margret called as the biker looked at her and rode away taking Emma with them. Regina was making spaghetti, Emma's favorite dish when the phone rang.

"Hello", she said.

"Regina, it's Mary Margret Emma someone took Emma", Mary Margret cried but she was crying so hard Regina couldn't understand her.

"Slow down I can't understand you now what about Emma?" Regina asked.

"I was walking down the road and I saw a strange biker holding Emma on their bike. She was unconscious and the biker rode away with her!" Mary Margret cried.

"WH-what are you saying?" Regina asked as fear gripped her heart.

"I'm saying Emma has been kidnapped!" Mary Margret cried. Regina dropped the plate she was holding as she burst into tears.

"We have to find her and fast!" Regina shouted as she hung up the phone and got into her car. "Emma please be okay please", Regina begged as tears fell from her face.

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