Chapter 8: The Final Battle

Emma was having coffee with Wind and Regina when she heard some rumbling outside. She went outside and her face went chalk white as she saw the Destroyers heading into town. One of the held a baseball bat and was smashing windows while riding his bike. Two of them were chasing some teenage girls around trying to grab them while whistling at them. In the center of the chaos stood Scorpion smiling like the devil himself as he watched the destruction around him. He called out in a loud voice," Guardians come out to play!"

Wind and Emma exchanged looks as the other Guardians stood behind them. "How did they find us?" Emma asked.

"Apparently some rumors spread that you lived here apparently Scorpion decided to listen to the rumors", Rocky explained.

"We have to get them out of here before they destroy the whole town", Bones said firmly.

"Alright our bikes are out back if we all ride away they will chase us and we can fight them without anyone getting hurt", Emma said.

"Are you sure Truth I mean the Destroyers are not your problem anymore", Wind stated.

"When they come here and ruin my town then they become my problem", Emma said as she headed out the back.

"Emma wait!" Regina cried as she grabbed her arm. Emma looked into her petrified eyes as Regina said firmly", You better be careful".

"I will be", Emma said as she kissed Regina's lips. All of the Guardians got on their bikes and rode up to the front of the diner. The Destroyers stopped what they were doing and waited for Scorpion's orders. "Hey Scorpion you chicken shit can't catch us", Emma called as they rode their bikes away.

"After them!" Scorpion bellowed as they chased the Guardians out of Story Brooke. They came to an empty highway as the battle began. Scorpion jumped off his bike and ran for Emma but then stopped as the others fought each other.

"What is the matter Scorpion you scared of a little girl", Emma said in a mocking tone.

"You are a badge if I touch you I will go to jail why not face me biker to biker instead of hiding behind that badge", Scorpion snarled.

Emma put her badge in her pocket as she replied", What badge?" Then she leapt at him as the battle went on. Back in Story Brooke Regina called the police hoping it would save Emma and bring her back home even quicker. Bones was punching up a storm knocking people up down like dominos as Emerald kicked a guy in the groin. Scorpion grabbed Emma by the neck and squeezed the very breath out of her body.

"You always had to be the tough little bitch huh Truth I bet you wished you never came back for Wind now you can die like the dog you are!", Scorpion yelled as Emma wheezed and struggled. Wind jumped on his back throwing punch after punch until he released Emma. Suddenly out in the distance sirens were blaring and when Scorpions back was turned Emma ran full force and kicked him square in the jaw. With a final groan he fell to the floor as the rest of the Destroyers followed. The cops picked up the Destroyers and the Guardians went back to Story Brooke. Finally the next day Emma said good bye to her friends.

Emerald was first as she hugged Emma while saying", Sorry I kidnapped you Truth".

"It's okay sorry I punched you", Emma said.

"Hey give that Archie guy my number okay", Emerald said slyly as she handed Emma a piece of paper. Next Rocky came to hug Emma goodbye.

"Thanks Truth for helping get my sister back", Rocky said as he hugged Emma.

"No problem Rocky thanks for saving my town", Emma said.

Rocky nodded as he got back on his bike as he said", Remember once a Guardian always a Guardian".

"I'll remember that", Emma called. Bones walked up to her and also gave her a piece of paper.

"Please give this to Ruby", he said softly.

"I will", Emma promised.

"I am going to miss you Truth", Bones said as he hugged her tight. Then he too got on his bike as Wind hugged Emma.

"Thanks for coming to save me Truth", Wind said.

"Anytime listen Wind I want you to have my bike", Emma told her.

"Truth I can't that is your bike only you are allowed to ride it", Wind exclaimed.

"It will be of more use to you then me right now take good care of it for me", Emma said.

"I will and take care Truth", Wind said as a tear fell from her face.

"Take care Wind", Emma said as a tear fell from her face. Then Wind joined the Guardians as they all waved goodbye to Emma.

"Alright Guardians let's ride!" Rocky shouted as they rode out of town.

"You think you made the right decision?" Regina asked her.

"Yes I did", Emma replied as she kissed Regina passionately on the lips.


Within a year Regina and Emma were married. Bones continued to keep in touch with Ruby until after two years they got married. Emerald dated Archie then three years later they got married. Rocky moved to Smuntville where he married Suzanne and became the sheriff of the town. Wind moved to Story Brooke and fell in love with August and became Emma's deputy. The Destroyers were all put in jail and were never heard from again. And they all lived happily ever after.

The End

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