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Kimberly Schwartz did not enjoy the outdoors. Perhaps it was from that time her friend, Sam, had left her alone in the woods when she was 7. Or maybe when she got stranded out in the lake when visiting Grandpa. Either way, the outdoor was not her location of choice.

"Ow! Sam! Stop hitting me with branches!" Kim complained as she trudged through the forest behind her friend.

"Oh, don't be such a baby! We're almost there." Sam said.

"You said that an hour ago…" Kim complained.

"Hm." Sam continued to lead, pushing branches out of her way and letting them snap back in Kim's face.

"Why are we out here, anyway?" Kim growled.

"I told you already, it's for my article." Sam sighed. Both Sam and Kim were journalists for their small-town-in-the-middle-of-nowhere newspaper, The Daily Journal. Kim kicked a rock out of her path and followed her friend. At the top of the hill, Sam stood proudly at the highest point and sighed.

"See? It wasn't so bad." She said. Kim appeared a minute later with leaves in her messy hair and mud splattered all over her legs.

"Yeah. It was the highlight of my day." Kim shrugged off her backpack and plopped down on a rock. Sam pulled out her camera and began taking pictures, mostly of the irritated Kim, but eventually wandered off to capture some of the landscape. Kim searched her backpack desperately for a protein bar or some other form of sustenance. She found none and kicked the backpack away from her. Kim looked out onto the horizon and had to admit it was beautiful. The sun lit the redwood trees and the blue sky was cloudless. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath of fresh, natural air. All of a sudden, there was a thundering sound. She opened her eyes and before her a large grey cloud began to form. It wasn't a rain cloud; it was too random.

"Sam!" Kim called for her friend. The cloud began swirling and lightning erupted within it.

"SAM!" Kim shouted. Sam came out of the bushes and stood in front.

"What?" She asked, irritated. All Kim could do was point. Sam turned around and saw the cloud. "What is that?"

"I-I don't know. It appeared out of nowhere." Kim said. Suddenly, a large rainbow tunnel shot out from the cloud, and as quickly as it came, it was gone. The two girls looked at one another with wide eyes.

"That'd be great for my article." Sam said.

"I'll get the camera." Kim added. They quickly grabbed their things and headed down the hill. As much as Kim liked staying within her comfort zone, this was probably the most interesting thing that has happened in her entire life. They practically ran to the clearing the rainbow tunnel had left. A large, intricate pattern was scorched into the earth.

"Get pictures of that." Sam ordered as she pulled out her little recorder. "I'm standing here, about 20 miles outside of town where the most incredible phenomenon took place…"

As she was taking the photos, Kim noticed a small trail leading away from the clearing. She looked back to her friend, who was busy recording herself, and decided to follow the trail. It looked as though the trees and plants around it had been trampled by nothing smaller than an elephant. Kim stepped carefully and as she went deeper into the forest, she heard noises. It sounded like metal on metal.

"Hello?" She called. She could hear multiple people laughing. Twenty more feet and she could make out five figures. She hid herself under a bush, camera ready and peered into the small clearing. Two men were fighting, three were watching. One was wearing a long red cloak, the other emerald green. As they were struggling on the ground, the one in the green cloak suddenly vanished and reappeared on the other side of the clearing.

"Loki…" The red-cloaked man complained, standing up. He was huge with shoulder length blonde hair and a beard. "I thought we agreed: no magic."

"Oh come on, brother. It was just a bit of fun. Fandral, you're next." The green-cloaked man, Loki, said, stepping aside. Kim was frozen and completely confused. Either she had just seen a Viking dude vanish and reappear, or she had gone crazy. Is this like an underground Viking fight club or something? She thought to herself. I have to get Sam.

Sam was crouched in the middle of the pattern, still talking to her recorder.

"Samsamsamsam!" Kim stopped in front of her. Sam gave her the 'not now' wave.

"…Looks like there's footprints, leading away from the center of the pattern."

"Sam, you've got to see this!" Kim whispered loudly, trying to get a word in. Sam waved her off again. "COME ON!" She finally yelled.

"Fine!" Sam sighed exasperatedly. She stood up and followed Kim back to the other clearing. Once they entered, however, it was completely empty. "See what exactly?" Sam put her hands on her hips.

"No, no, no…" Kim muttered, searching the area. "They were here. They were just here."

"Who?" Sam pressed. Kim gave no answer, but continued to roam. "Kim, who?"

"There were these…Viking dudes. Two of them were fighting, right here." Kim pointed to the ground beneath her feet.

"Oookay…Kim, did you hit your head?" Sam asked, concerned.

"No! I saw them, I swear! They were just here!" Kim threw up her hands in frustration.

"I'm sure you did. But if there were Viking dudes running around fighting each other, I think it'd be best to steer clear of them, don't you?"

"You're finding this amusing." Kim glared, pushing her glasses back up her straight nose.

"Not at all. I'm taking you very seriously." Sam said, stifling a laugh.

"I hate you." Kim readjusted her backpack and headed out of the clearing. She watched her feet as she walked and naturally ran into something. That something was a tree. Rubbing her forehead and cursing under her breath, she looked up and stopped in her tracks. Rummaging through Sam's backpack was a squirrel that was soon scared away by a large figure donned in an emerald cloak.

"Loki…" Kim said. The figure looked up. Kim clamped a hand over her mouth and ducked behind a tree without being spotted. She caught her breath and peered out from behind the tree. The large blond man had joined Loki at this time, both talking on the far side of the clearing while the other three were trying to figure out how to put the backpack on. Kim was about to step out from behind the tree when she heard footsteps. She spun around to come face to face with Sam.

"Why are you hiding behind a tree?" She asked.

"Shh!" Kim hushed, pointing to the clearing. Sam followed her finger to the five men.

"Holy shit, you weren't lying!" Sam gasped.

"SHH!" Kim clamped a hand on Sam's mouth and they both hid.

"What the hell?" Sam mouthed. Kim shrugged. "They've got my backpack." Sam added, glaring. She made to go, but Kim placed a hand on her shoulder and held her back. The blond man made his way to the center of the clearing and looked up to the sky, raising a gigantic hammer. All of a sudden, the grey clouds began just as they had done before. The rainbow tunnel was starting to form above.

"That's it!" Sam said, shrugging her shoulder out of Kim's grasp. "I'm getting my stuff."

"Sam! No!" Kim called after her. Sam strode out from behind the tree and began making her way to the clearing.

"Hey you!" She called to the fat one holding her bag, but just as she did so, the rainbow tunnel had covered them. "HEY!" She broke into a sprint. Kim came out from behind the tree and followed. They dove into the tunnel and were swept up on something that could only be described as utter confusion and madness. They felt like they were flying, but it was through outer space. Despite the blinding light, they were able to find and lock on to each other. They screamed at the top of their lungs until they suddenly landed on something hard. They both groaned and rolled onto their backs. Kim had hit her head hard enough that she was seeing stars. No, they weren't stars. They were intricate patterns on the ceiling of a large, domed building. She blinked a few times to make sure she was actually seeing this.

"Sam?" She murmured. No response. "SAM!" She rolled onto her side to shake her friend.

"Ugggggnnnn…" Sam opened her eyes. She was much faster at recovering. "What the?" She muttered. Suddenly, a figure appeared above their heads.

"Need a hand?" It asked kindly. Kim made her way into a seated position. It was Loki with his slick black hair and shining eyes. Kim couldn't stop looking at him. He raised his eyebrows and offered her his hand. She gripped it, and he pulled her up with incredible strength. The blond one helped Sam to her feet.

"Ugh…Where are we?" Kim rubbed her temples.

"Ah, yes. Welcome to Asgard." Loki smiled.


"Yes." The blond one answered. "I am Thor, and this is my brother, Loki." Thor said. "Those are the Warriors Three." He nodded to the three waving warriors. Kim still didn't quite understand what was going on and continued to stare blankly.

"Come," Loki said. "Let me show you to the castle." She hadn't noticed, but as they moved around the room, Kim's grip on Loki's arm had gotten tighter. They exited the building and found themselves on a large, crystal bridge splattered with color. Before them lay the most beautiful land Kim's ever seen. A large, triangular castle sat proudly above the rest of the glittering buildings. Whether it was because she hit her head, or she was overwhelmed with all the beauty, perhaps a bit of both, Kim fainted. Thor, Loki, and Sam exchanged looks and Loki scooped Kim up in his arms, carrying her with the rest to the castle.

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