I pressured Abbykinz813 to give me a Frostiron prompt, and apparently I pressured her too hard, because she shouted out "TICKLISH" and then said she felt lightheaded. And then this happened. I don't really think this is what she meant at all, and this is extremely derpy, but whatever. SHH JUST LOVE ME.

Tony's eyes opened. Not fully, just enough for him to see the room around him, half-illuminated in the rising light of morning. Huh, he was pretty sure it'd been dark when he'd fallen asleep. His cheek was pressed into his pillow, mouth slightly open, and he was drooling. That was embarrassing, especially considering...oh. Oh god.

He lifted his head slightly and opened his eyes fully, catching sight of an alabaster god of mischief stretched out on the burgundy sheets beside him.

He let his head fall back down as he remembered the previous night. The unexpected arrival of Loki, which led to the offering of a drink, and then there was the wild night that both of them would probably start regretting very soon.

Tony could remember that, even if some of the details were a bit hazy.

But none of that explained why Loki was still there, why he hadn't left in the night, or killed him to keep the human from talking.

Tony took raised his head again, taking in the sight. He was sprawled out, sheets pooling around his hips and legs. He was on his back and the light illuminated the shape of each tight, wiry muscle. His arm was behind his head and his eyes were closed, though whether or not he was asleep, Tony couldn't be sure.

"I know you're awake, Stark," came his smooth voice, though it was surprisingly quiet. There was no noticeable difference in him and the dim lighting mostly concealed his mouth, so if Tony hadn't known better, he could have thought the voice wasn't coming from the form before him. But just then, Loki's eyes opened, glowing green in the darkness, and he lifted his head to look at Tony straight on. He was infinitely glad he'd long-since lost his ability to blush, because the way those eyes were looking at him...damn. "You should work on being more subtle when attempting to observe me." He lowered his head and closed his eyes once more. As if he was still asleep. If Tony was being honest, it was a bit unnerving. Though, most things about Loki were.

"I've never been one for subtlety," Tony replied, shifting slightly so that he wasn't laying on his arm. "You of all people should know that." It was only because Tony was watching so closely that he saw the smirk ghost over Loki's lips.

"True," Loki conceded.

Tony suppressed a yawn. Judging by the light, it was something like six in the morning. Way too early for him to be awake. He was about to close his eyes and try to get back to sleep when something occurred to him. The idea could easily get him strangled at the hands of an angry and recently defiled Norse god, but he really didn't care.

Slowly, he reached out and placed his hand on Loki's stomach and moved a little closer. He tried to make it seem natural, thoughtless. Tony wasn't a fan of cuddling, but when it came to messing with Loki, he was all for it.

Loki tensed up immediately. Tony felt all of the muscles beneath his hand contract in unison and the god's breath hitched.

"Stark," Loki said, voice low and warning. "Remove your hand."

Tony was fully attentive at this point, realizing exactly what Loki's reaction meant. "A bit ticklish, are we?" he asked with a grin.

"Be quiet," he hissed in reply. "And remove your hand!"

Tony pretended to consider for a moment. "Mmm, okay." And he removed his hand.

Only to place it lower on Loki's stomach, ghosting over has navel. Loki seized up again, jerking away from Tony's touch. Tony was sitting up at this point, fully enjoying himself.

"Stop it!" Loki exclaimed, breathing hard and wriggling out of Tony's touch, but there wasn't much space between Loki and the edge of the bed. Soon enough, Loki ran out of room to wriggle and fell, hitting the floor with a thud. Tony couldn't help it; he let out a loud, full laugh at the sight of the god, sitting on the floor with a confused look on his face.

That expression soon turned sly, though, and before Tony could comprehend what was going on, he had a lap full of Loki, who was forcibly pinning his arms above his head and leaning down to hiss in his ear, "Well, then, I guess it's my turn to see how sensitive you are."