I wasn't planning on continuing this, but it was requested that I write Loki tickling Tony. Just imagine me trollfacing the entire time.

Tony gazed up at Loki, mentally preparing himself for whatever Loki had in store for him as punishment.

What actually happened was so far from his expectations, it was entirely laughable.

Loki reached down with his hand and poked Tony's side a few inches above his hip, studying the flesh there as he did so, though Tony's only reaction was to stare up at Loki in confusion. Loki did the same thing again, this time watching Tony's face, scrutinizing his expressions for any indication of his triumph.

Realization dawned on Tony and, yeah, he started laughing. He was being straddled by a naked god of mischief, who seemed to be attempting to tickle him! This had to be the strangest situation in which Tony and Loki had found themselves and that was definitely saying something.

"It won't work," Tony assured him with a grin. "Apparently, tickling is something you get over eventually."

Loki said nothing, but Tony could see the incensed expression on the prankster's face as he moved to try another location. He prodded Tony's ribcage, his foot brushed Tony's calf, but the only laugh he received was one of amusement at the whole situation as Tony reiterated the futility of the attempts.

"I'm pretty sure you've been at my neck enough to know I'm not ticklish there," he remarked dryly as Loki's long fingers stroked the tender skin there. Goosebumps rose along Tony's skin, which Loki took to be indication of his success for about half a second, but it was more from the feeling of hands moving surprisingly gently across his body than anything else.

Loki's eyebrows knit together in frustration. Tony just gave a shrug and a half-grin that he knew drove people - specifically, Loki - crazy. He reached up and twined his fingers into Loki's tangled hair, pulling him down, lips crushing together. There was no hesitation before Loki was throwing everything into - and against - him. He teased Tony in all the right ways and places, relishing each moan of pleasure as it escaped the man's lips. His eyes flashed darkly at each whisper of flesh on flesh, each spasm of pleasure, friction and heat between them increasing all the while.

Somewhere in there, Loki's hand moved to Tony's stomach, and Tony's breath hitched, though it wasn't exactly from pleasure. Loki pulled back an inch, smirking as Tony's eyes widened.

"A bit ticklish, are we Stark?" he asked gloatingly.

Tony reacted quickly, flipping them over so that he now straddled Loki, pinning the Trickster's arms so that they were in the same position in which they'd been before, though the roles were now reversed. He knew that Loki was letting him take advantage - that if he really wanted to, Loki could have him gagged and tied to the bedposts before Tony could blink. But he didn't really care.

"I'll make you a deal," Tony said.

"Oh?" Loki feigned interest in that infuriatingly sarcastic way that only he could.

"No more tickling. Agreed?"


They smiled at one another and then continued enthusiastically, secure in the knowledge that, no, the tickling would not stop. But, truth be told, neither really had a problem with that.