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After being checked at the hospital, Light was placed in his old room at his mother's house for the time being, security cameras looking at him from every angle to ensure he didn't somehow re-find the notebook and thus regain his memories. He was to stay there until he recovered from his injuries. L told me to keep an eye on Light myself, too, since I'd know better than anyone whether he had his memories returned. Near, of course, burned the two remaining notebooks, and Mikami was put in jail. Soon after the whole ordeal at the Yellow Box warehouse, Matt, Mello, L, Near, Sierra, Anna, Sam, and I all gathered together in our hotel room to catch everyone up with what had happened and how it had happened.

L, Sierra, Anna and I explained how L was still alive, then Mello, Matt, and Sierra explained how Mello and Matt were alive…. Then my three friends and I gave a full explanation on how we were from another world, each of us filling in when one of us missed a detail. It was clarified that Anna would be tied with Near, as Anna would occasionally hear a thought or two. It made me feel bad for Near, though, if only because he had to take so much information in at once. I knew he could do it, though. He was a Wammy kid.

After everything was clarified, the eight of us just stayed awhile and… talked. L would often go stare at the monitors that showed Light, for he couldn't help but be suspicious he would make a comeback, but his watchful eyes yielded no results. To be honest, it was fun. Two emotionless people and a hothead all together with five fun-loving people – if Matt could be considered fun-loving in any way, shape, or form. Still, Anna even got Near to dance, if only for a few seconds, and although he was forced. (And actually, he was just sorta swung around, so….)

Light, meanwhile, lie in his bed, unable to rest. He gazed with pensive eyes at the water glass on his bedside table, still full. "I don't get it," he muttered to himself. "In that warehouse… why did I…?" He shook his head. "Don't over think it," he scolded himself. "I need to rest anyway if I want to heal quickly." He breathed a heavy sigh, then winced at the pain in his chest when he did so. Why did Matsuda shoot me, though? he wondered as the pain subsided. Was it because I said I was Kira? He frowned. Why did I say I was Kira? That was a stupid move. I should have known it would only get me hurt or killed.

He tried turning over onto his back. But they had all the evidence against me. Why did they let me go? Because L came in? Because Mello was alive? No…. Light frowned at the ceiling. Look, I'm over thinking it again. Don't do that…. He propped himself up on his elbows, then slowly swung his legs over the side of the bed, wincing at the pain that came with the movement. He sat on the edge of the bed a moment, looking around at his old room. It's been so long since I've been here, he thought. At least it's nice…. It brings back old memories. Good times. He took a deep breath, then got to his feet, then used his bedside table as a support. It wasn't his legs that hurt, but his legs were weak because of the pain that stabbed him in the chest whenever he moved. His shoulder and wrist weren't as bad, at least, though he would be changing bandages relatively often from here on, at least until he was healed enough that the wounds were no longer open.

I wonder what sorts of things I left here…, Light thought, heading slowly over to his desk to rummage through his drawers. "Hey," he commented, "it's all of my study notebooks." He kneeled on the floor to make himself more comfortable, riffling through the pages of his notebooks one at a time. "Hm?" he said as he lifted one of the notebooks up. This one's a bit heavier than it looks…. He opened it carefully to find a dark notebook inside. He leaned over it. "What…?" he wondered confusedly. "This better not be…." He picked it up with his hand, and in an instant, every memory flooded back into his mind at once, along with the corruption that poisoned him. He refrained from crying out, instead lifting his head sharply, consequently slamming his head on the top of his desk. He grimaced in pain.

L, back at the hotel, heard Light's yelp and gazed at the screen suspiciously.

"What was it?" asked Sam.

L frowned at the screen a moment, playing around with the camera views. "Nothing…," he said eventually, walking away, back to the rest of us. "He's hit his head on his desk."

Sam laughed. "Wow, fail!"

And Light? Light, as he knelt on the floor of his former home, had his lips twitch into a small smile. "Oops," he mumbled aloud. But in his mind, guarded so I could not hear, was a single, resounding thought:

Just as planned.


What, did you honestly think Light would go down just like that? That he didn't anticiapte all of this and actually lost? That the Kira case was really over?



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