Halfway through the second school semester, student Yuri comes to the school to be in the night class. This unexpected new beautiful arrival has the students of the day class buzzing with excitement; the night class, not so much.

Headmaster cross: well then, yuki, take miss Irizawa to her dormitory.

Yuki: -looks at the girl standing before her kindly- follow me. –she says as she walks out of the headmasters office-

Yuri: -looks at yuki as she walks and follows her, is in a sweatshirt and skirt, her black hair falling over her shoulders, her green eyes flashing as she looks at the day class students who are whispering and watching her-

Yuki:-walks with yuri to the moon dorms and walks inside-

-the moon dorm students are sitting on the couches and they turn their heads to look at them-

Yuki:-waves bye quickly and leaves-

Yuri:-looks at them- hello. It is an honor to be able to come to this school.

Aido:-looks at yuri and tilts his head- your cuter than we thought.

Kain:-looks at Aido- you're the only one who was thinking that….

Kaname:-bows and looks at yuri- rima, show Irizawa her room.

Rima:-stands, her hair in pigtails as usual- hai. –picks up one of yuris bags and leads her upstairs-

Yuri:-brushes her black hair over her shoulder and follows quickly-

Rima:-takes her to a room and puts her bag on yuris bed- classes begin in an hour. Showers are down the hall on the left. See you then. –walks out-

Yuri:-sits on bed- not too friendly are they now…-looks at door-

Aido:-is standing in doorway- im Hanabusa Aido. –smiles-

Yuri:-nods and stands- Irizawa Yuri.

Kaname: Aido. leave her alone. -is standing behind him-

Aido:-looks a little scared- Kaname! hai!-quickly walks away-

Kaname: excuse his foolishness. -walks into yuri's room-

yuri:-nods a little- kaname...? as in Kuran Kaname? -looks at him-

Kaname:-nods- no need to be formal. we will be friends.

yuri:-looks at him-

kaname:-walks out of the room-

yuri:-grabs towel and soaps and starts down the hall to the showers when she sees a man- he wasnt in the entrance way where everyone else was...is he another student here?

Zero:-looks over at yuri before going to his room-

yuri: that look...why did he look that way..? -shakes head and walks into the showers to get ready for classes-