A.N. Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry for leaving you all for so long! Here's a longer chapter to make up for my disappearance.

~Arthur's Pov~

"NO! No don't take me back! I can't go back there please!" I scream, banging on the guard's back as he carries me over his shoulder to my castle.

I look desperately back at Francis, giving him a pleading look. He looks back over at me, marching next to his brother and the few guards surrounding them. He shakes his head in an apology, looking forward again and walking with precision.

The guard that is carrying me sets me on my feet, knocking boldly on the castle doors. I watch in horror as none other than my father opens the doors.

"Aww you're back, hmm?" he smiles, taking me to his side. He pays the guards the reward and then slams the door shut. "Who do you think you are to leave your duties here and with the enemy of all people?"

I step back in fear, eyes wide. "I-I don't want to live as a prince… I hate it here…" I swallow, my face going as serious as I've ever been in my entire life. "You killed your son. My brother. I. Hate. You." I growl.

He approaches me with rage in his eyes, shoving me down to the tiled flooring, looming over me. "You will always live here. You will follow my orders, and you will rule my people when I pass away. That is how it works when you are born into royal blood. You will always live under my rule until you are buried next to me. We will always be together whether you like it or not." He kicks me with all of his strength, sending me sliding to the wall and banging my head on the hard surface with a smack.

I groan in pain, waiting for the rest of his anger to come. But it doesn't… I open my eyes, relieved to see that he wasn't there any longer. I slowly move to my feet, walking to my room.

I couldn't believe that Francis hadn't even put up a fight to keep me safe. I mean... Did he even really love me like he'd said…? Or was it all just an act so he could weaken me for when I took the throne?

I flop onto my bed with a big sigh. I was alone. My brother was dead, my father hated everything about me, and the man I fell in love with didn't love me back. Everything was ruined. There was only one reason that I was here. I was here to take the throne after my father, nothing more and nothing less.

"I'm so sorry, Alfred. I should've been there… I should've saved you. I'm so sorry you can't live your life anymore… Now you don't get to live with your true love either… Poor Matthew…"

I turn over on my side, smiling as I see Francis's jacket on the corner of the bed. He forgot it. He'll have to come back… Unless… Unless he has another one made… I hold the thought close that he will return, using it as the only thing to keep me grounded.