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Summary: What if Shanks found a Legendary Mythical Zoan Fruit instead of the Gomu Gomu no Mi? What if, Luffy fully activated this fruit when Sabo was killed and chased down that World Noble in full power form of the Biju Biju no Mi: Model Sanbi no Kyodaigame? What if, after he killed the Noble, he ended up in the Calm Belt and became the first "Seaking" with a Bounty on his head of 200,000,000? What if, after a year and becoming the Seaking Boss, Jinbei found him after his first mate was killed and he gets lost in the calm belt?

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Mugiwara no Kyodaigame

Deep in the East Blue sea, on an island close to the Grand Line, a young girl with orange hair was just returning to the island village. This girl had a t-shirt that covered her left arm more than her right, a short skirt and heels. She also had a small bo-staff on her back.

She was walking along a beach. Taking the long way to get there, for she was ashamed.

This girl is Nami. The only human in Arlong's fishman crew, as well as the only one who hated being in it. Her mother was shot by protecting her and her sister, Nojiko, from Arlong when he took over the town. He forced them to pay insane taxes, so Nami, forced to become a part of his crew, tried to get enough money to buy the village. She's probably one of the best navigators in the whole East Blue even though she's only 10 years old. She's currently done with her first mission, which was to sail all the way to Fuuscha village and to map it out. As a "reward" for her first mission she just got the Arlong pirates tattoo on her left shoulder.

As she was walking she looked up ahead and saw something on the shore. It looked almost likeā€¦a kid.

She ran over and sure enough, there was a kid there, seemingly asleep, though he was odd looking. He looked her age but was about 4'9", fairly tall to her own 4'3" stature. He wore a black open sleeveless vest, had a few scars on his surprisingly muscled torso, she noticed with a blush. Blue shorts that looked like they used to be pants, and a strange type of footwear. It looked like a sandal, except that it was made of grey stone-like substance and was rectangular in shape and had supports that would be about an inch off the ground. His face was young but had a scar under his left eye, and another over his right eye. His hair was black with grey streaks through it.

She noticed all this but only a few things really caught her attention. One was the straw hat wrapped around his neck. Another was the 6'1/2" foot tall trident, with two slightly curved outward blades, while the middle was longer and straighter. It had two pieces of metal connecting them together at the base and a long blue pole with what looked like a drill at the opposite end. It also had a blue horsetail tassel next to the top. She started to drool slightly at how much money it would sell for. The last thing was the two tattoos. One was on his left arm; it had the letters ASL going vertically down with the letters designed like fishhooks and had a straw hat hanging from the L. The last one shocked her though. It was a giant red circle in the center of his chest with flame designs around it.

Shed know it anywhere.

It's the same one that haunts her

The same one Arlong has.

The Sun Pirates tattoo.

She was about to run when his eyes snapped open and he grabbed her and pinned her down.

She was not screaming, just closing her eyes and hoping that she doesn't die while tears run silently down her face. She didn't hear or feel anything. So she opened her eyes hesitantly, and sees the boy's black eyes looking at her with a confused expression on his face.

"Oi, miss are you ok? Why are you crying? Did I do something wrong?" he asked her in a confused tone of voice.

After that she made several observations. 1: he didn't even mean to react like he did when waking up. 2: this HUMAN child had a SUN Pirates tattoo. And 3: her left arm sleeve was rolled up and he was gazing at her tattoo.

He was suddenly looking intently at her. As if tryng to profile her. Than he spoke after a minute

"Hey, your name wouldn't happen to be Nami would it?"

That was it, she got up and ran as fast as she could away from there. She could faintly hear him in the background. But right now she just had to get away. She was just passing the next beach curve when he caught up to her and grabbed her arm.

"Hey!" he shouted "I just asked your name. You dont need to run away like that!"


"Get away from me!" She shouted, hand slightly stinging from the slap.

"OOOOOWWWW!" he yelled rubbing his cheek; his other hand still holding her as she struggled in vain. "Hey" he said in a calmer voice "that's not a really good way to treat someone whose offering you a way out of Arlong's grasp"

She froze and turned to him as she stopped struggling. He was grinning, his hat on his head, his trident in the hand not gripping her, and his tattoos seeming to shine in the sunset. "What?" she gasped softly

He grinned even wider before releasing her and mock bowing.

"Yup. My name is Monkey D. Luffy, or Mujiwara no Luffy, and to people who don't know the real me, the Sanbi no Kyodaigame. I'm the new First Mate, and emissary of the New Sun Pirates, I have an offer from my Captain Jinbei, Ex-Shichibukai, and Knight of the Sea. That I think you would be very interested in" he said this all with his grin still in place.

Wit that statement, Nami just knew her life was about to get a lot more complicated

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