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Summary: What if Shanks found a Legendary Mythical Zoan Fruit instead of the Gomu Gomu no Mi? What if, Luffy fully activated this fruit when Sabo was killed and chased down that World Noble in full power form of the Biju Biju no Mi: Model Sanbi no Kyodaigame? What if, after he killed the Noble, he ended up in the Calm Belt and became the first "Seaking" with a Bounty on his head of 200,000,000? What if, after a year and becoming the Seaking Boss, Jinbei found him after his first mate was killed and he gets lost in the calm belt?

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Mugiwara no Kyodaigame

Nami was sitting at her sisters tangerine shops backroom table. Her is sister also there and both glaring suspiciously at the grinning Monkey D. Luffy across the table.

"So let get this straight." Nojiko began. "Your Captain is Jinbei, who was a Shichibukai, but quit when he heard about your story and when the Government tried to kill his crew for him rescuing his First Mate from Slavery by a World Noble."

"Yup" Luffy said, still grinning.

"Than you found him and healed him, and after getting to know him for 3 months of healing, he asked you to join his New Sun Pirates Crew." She spoke again "And now, after a year and a half at sea, Jinbei sent you to stop Arlong, by beating him and making a bet that the winner gets the losers crew integrated to there own." She finished disbelievingly

"Yep and yep" he said still grinning. They stared, and then both screamed

"ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND!" The force of the yell knocked him on his ass.

"You can't seriously expect us to believe you can beat Arlong, can you" Nojiko said incredulously.

"Yeah." Nami started." You may be a New Sun Pirate or whatever cause of the tattoo, but there is no way a kid like you can take down Arlong! Why are you even telling us this and why were you looking for me?

He got up, dusted himself of, and kept grinning. "I can take him no problem! My legendary Biju Biju no Mi: Model Sanbi no Kyodaigame, lets me fight like and become a Fishman as well as a Seaking. I've already got my Black belt in Fishman Karate, and this trident isn't just for show either. As for why I need to find you, Jinbei doesn't like your situation, and has sent me to let you know that when I win Cocoyashi Village and yourself are under his protection. He is also offering you a chance to join his crew. And before you object, Jinbei wants you to navigate our ship, not to pillage and plunder, but to accomplish your dream." He spoke with a sincere smile on his face.

Nami was in shock. Not at the kids abilities so much as when he mentioned her dream. "How do you know about my dream to-. "She started but was cut off.

"Draw a Map of The World," he finished, grinning at her shocked face. "The only Fishman you told that to, Hatchan is the New Sun Pirates inside man. As he is the only one that you somewhat like. He told us and Nami, I swear on my oath to become Pirate King, and my most treasured Straw Hat. That in the New Sun Pirates, you can have a better life." He spoke seriously at the end with his eyes on hers.

He saw they were both speechless and Nojiko a little angry but understanding. He understood, she didn't want to lose her sister, a feeling he fully empathized with. Nami however, had a contemplative look on her face. Understandable, she doesn't really want to leave, but the sea has claimed her and its call is hard to resist as well as her dream.

"I'll be facing Arlong tomorrow; when I win you will have 3 days to decide. We will not force your hand but neither will we stay it. Also, you will be getting a surprise reward if you do join." He finished and left with a proposition in the air, grin on his face and his hat on his head.

"Nami I know that look." Nojiko spoke. "And I also know that if he wins and you stay, I will support it. But you might not want to stay." She smiled at Nami's shocked look. "You want to go, its ok." Nami just stared at her.

Her mind was in turmoil. If he did win, she could stay here, with her sister enjoying life. However the sea is calling her. She's ashamed to admit it, but she actually loved her mission. Just being on the sea, it exited her, made her want to explore it more.

"I'm gonna go rest up nee-chan. I've got a lot on my mind" Nojiko just smiled and waved her hand.

"Its ok, you go rest up. We've got a big day tomorrow after all."

"Thank you, nee-chan." Nami spoke before she left for bed.

Next day: noon

Arlong was having a good day. Getting the taxes from Cocoyashi Village, making deals with Nezumi, and putting some humans in there rightful place.

He was just about to get on with lunch when the doors to Arlong Park crashed open by what looked like a tidal wave of high powered water.

Instantly every merman in the area went over to see what happened, when they saw a human child holding a trident like he had just stabbed with it. He also had Nami and her sister behind him.

"You! Human! Who do you think you are coming here!" Arlong shouted at him.

The boy grinned and simply said "Your Nightmare" before he started changing before everyone's eyes. First his eyes changed to a red color with grey sclera, his body became taller and more muscular as his forearms, shins, hands, feet, joints, and shoulders became covered in green crustacean like armor. His skin became a lightly armored red with vertical black lines through it, fingers and toes became clawed, and his back was covered in the same shell like substance as his shoulders. His face became more defined, and covered in what looked like green, smooth, coral. His hair changed color to a silver with green tint and got longer, down between his shoulders. His abs and chest seemed to get covered in black scales with cracks on his face and chest where his scars are. His tattoos also showed up. Lastly, three shrimp like tails which lengths are approximately 1.5 times his own height.

He stood to his new height of 8'3", oddly, his trident also grew, now being around 10' tall. He looked back at Arlongs horrified face and grinned, revealing wicked shark like teeth. And spoke in a much deeper voice, like the rumbling of the sea.

"Allow me to introduce myself. I am Monkey D. Luffy, aka Mujiwara no Luffy. However to my enemies I am known as The Sanbi no Kyodaigame. By eating the Legendary Mythical Zoan Fruit, The Biju Biju no Mi: Model Sanbi no Kyodaigame. I have become a Human, Fishman, and Seaking all in one. I have a proposition to give you by my Captain Jinbei, who I'm sure you know.

Arlong didn't know what it was. But he had a feeling he was not going to like this.

Well thats gonna get people on me for cliffhangers. I tried to make Luffy a bit OOC as well as more powerfull. however he will NOT be Godlike! He is strong enough for Jinbei to fully trust him with First Mate position, he isnt stronger than Jinbei however, and could probobly only kill him with a full biju form Bijudama. He also wont be pulling major island sinking tidal waves out of his ass. I will be having a timeskip after a bit, and luffy will be getting his own Crew with a Badass Ship. All of the original Strawhats will be in the crew with a few more added people and mabye 1 or two OC's. Nami's reward is probobly gonna piss some people off, but i always wanted it and am going to have to come up with a Filler Arc in its place.

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