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Nothing To Be Embarrassed About

Chapter One

"Jim... this isn't fair." Molly told him, struggling with the knot that held her arms behind her back.

Jim tipped her chin to the side and bent down and whispered into her ear—licking the long curve of it. "Since when have I been fair, Molly-dear? You seemed to enjoy this so much more the first time we tried it. I'm a bit hurt."

Molly gasped as he licked along the curve of her ear—her back arching a bit. She blushed and swallowed hard. "Last time was different... I was on a bed, not in a chair... and certainly not at work!"

"People could see, Jim..." She whispered.

"And doesn't that just excite you..." Leaning back on her desk, he observed her. Molly's arms were pulled back tightly behind her chair—attached to the the metal rod holding up the back support. In nothing but her camisole and slip—Jim was certain she was ohhhh soooo regretting dressing up for Sherlock today (it was really pointless to do so; it wasn't as if he would ever see it)—Molly Hooper looked quite the sight. "I wouldn't worry too much if I were you, Molly. It's not as if anyone comes to see you down here besides me—oh, I am sooo forgetful!

"Do you think Sherlock might stop by? I'm sure he's just dying to get a hold of some samples from your most recent patient..." Jim drew a line down her chest with his finger. "Would that be a... problem for us, you think?"

Molly breathed as Jim watched her. She shook her head. "" She pressed her legs together tightly. Her camisole stretched over her chest, and her nipples poked hard through the material. Her slip had slid up and exposed soft thigh. Molly shook her head when Jim mentioned Sherlock. "No...he won't..." She shivered when Jim drew a line down her chest. It felt good. felt good. "Yes. It would be a problem."

Jim's finger caught itself on Molly's camisole, and as it moved down her body, it drug the material with it, pulling the satin past her pert nipples. "Such a naughty girl you've become, Molly. It makes one shiver with... anticipation"

Molly closed her eyes as Jim tugged the camisole past her nipples exposing them to the cool air of the morgue. She bit her lip, opening her eyes, wanting Jim to lean in, to nibble and kiss her. She couldn't do anything. "I'm not naughty..."

"Really?" One hand holding the satin down while the other to pinch her left nipple. "The Molly I knew barely let me get my hands in her knickers, and that was after our tenth date, my dear. Now I have you tied up quite literally at work. Death is an aphrodisiac of mine, but who would've known it would twixt your nethers, Molly Hooper." He shifted his knee in between hers spreading her thighs before resting it on the seat of the chair between them. "Who would have known."

Molly whimpered softly as Jim pinched her nipple and closed her eyes as his knee spread her legs, making the slip slide up even further. Molly couldn't deny that it felt good, and she rolled her hips... but his knee wasn't close enough. "It doesn' do." She told him, looking up at him.

Eyes locking onto hers, he angled his face in front of hers, his breath hot on her cheek: "I'm Death Incarnate, Molly Hooper." He felt the hem of her slip graze his thigh, and he glanced at her moving hips. "Ready for me already?"

"No..." She told him as he met her gaze, but she licked her lips, blushing. "Yes... please... please don't tease me anymore."

"I want you begging for me though."

"Then you..." Molly flushed. "You have to tease me... please... please..."

Jim pinched harder before reaching up to slip the straps off of her narrow shoulders and down her slim arms. The straps stuck at the point where her arms pulled behind her, and he tucked the material beneath her breasts. "I should leave you here for everyone to see. Sweet Little Molly tied up by Big Bad Jim. Would you tell them about how frightened you were? How were soooo scared I would kill or rape you, all the while hiding the truth from them—that you yourself are the reason for being tied up. That you begged me for release, asking me to do things that no "good" girl wants to happen to them. That you freely associate with a wanted criminal. Could you manage that, my little innocent?" He kissed the lobe of her ear before trailing down her neck, giving sharp kisses and stinging bites.

Molly gasped as he pinched her nipples harder, making her back arch. She panted as he kissed her neck, biting here and there. She shivered. She wanted him so badly. She nodded. "Yes... yes... I can do that... I can manage that... but only if you do those things to me... that no good girl wants..." She sighed softly as his kisses went lower. "Please... pull off my panties... slip your fingers inside me... bite me, Jim... hard... leave a mark... make me scream...

"Please Jim... take me against the wall... please... please..." Molly whimpered softly, her body shivering now. She wanted him; she wanted him badly.

Still kissing her, Jim shifted his knee off of the chair. Bending over her, he laced his hands into her hair. It was twisted up loosely into a bun at the top of her head, and he worked it undone with his hands, grasping on tightly to the loose hair. Forcing her head back, he ravished her bare neck and shoulders. Red patches and blemishes colored her pale skin, and with each moan and whimper she gave, the tension on her hair increased and the marking of her body rougher.

She whimpered as he undid her hair, panting as he forced her back, making her taut like an elastic band. She panted as he began to kiss and nip, and bite. She whimpered, moaning as he bit her harder and harder, leaving marks on her, but not teasing her past that yet. "Please Jim... God... please... please..." She could barely think—everything felt so good. "Please... please... take me... please... I'll be good...but please..." Her body shivered, her hands trembling as he bit her shoulder. "Please...please stroke me...please."

"You are good, Molly, such a good girl. Asking so nicely. Ask a little more, and you might get what you want." He stood up and looked down at her, the smile on his face gloating—for once, his facial expression seemed to be consistent. His eyes matched what his lips portrayed for once. Jim's boot replaced his knee on the chair, and the smooth leather point rubbed against the apex of Molly's thighs.

"Please Jim... please..." She gasped softly as his shoe rubbed against her. She looked up at him. "Please, Jim... take me... fuck me... please... please... I'll be good... I'll do whatever you ask... please." She watched his face, her brown eyes meeting his. "Please... bite me, spank me, lick me... stroke me... please..."

His smirk darkened a bit at her pleading. "If you wish," and with that he forced the chair back with a kick, sending Molly rolling to the back of the room where she hit the wall with a painful thud. Jim smoothed the lapels of his coat and began to unbutton it slowly, shrugging it off carefully when he came to the last one. He walked over to the door and placed it on the empty hook besides Molly's lab coat on the rack. Checking the lock on the door, he twisted the door handle a couple of times and waved in the direction of the security camera, a cheery smile plastered on his face.

Molly screamed when he kicked the chair. She gasped, her arms hitting the wall, pinched between the wall and the chair. It took her a moment to recover. Her arms hurt now. She didn't think she heard anything crack. Looking up, she watching him pull off his coat. Molly blushed when he waved at the security camera. "Jim..." She said, but it wasn't like she could really do much to make him move her away from the camera. "Jim..." Molly whimpered softly, looking up at him. She looked back at her arms, still pinched between the chair and the wall. "That hurt."

"And here I thought you liked it rough..."