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Nothing to be Embarrassed About

Chapter 18

Molly couldn't help but swallow hard as Sebastian's finger followed the line that her own took across her neck. Her eyes traced up the man's torso, up his own neck to his chin, to his eyes, while she struggled to find something to say. "" Her heart pounded in her chest. "How long does one normally wait for something like this?"

"When they're not in our vicinity, it could take days to months when not actively looking. When they are here, as long as it takes for me to set up." His hand dropped to rest on the bed behind her.

"So, we wait for days for him to show up, or just as long for you to get bored with... me... and decide to go hunting for what's his name?" She asked, looking up at Seb.

"It depends on what he says," Sebastian muttered, gesturing to the camera with a nod, "it's up to him, what we do." Seb sent Jim a quick text asking for orders.

Wait for him to come back to London. Can't have Molly left on her own this early. -JM

I know you like hunting, but you'll just have to find another way to burn off the extra energy. -JM

Molly heard Seb's phone chirp, and she sat up a little straighter, tilting her head. "That was rather... quick. What did he say?"

Sebastian cocked an eyebrow up at the camera. [Oh? Any suggestions considering /you're/ not here..? -SM] "To leave him be for now."

"No...hunting then?"

You could introduce Miss Molly to the wonderful world of spanking we talked about earlier. -JM

Or you could teach Molly how to shoot something. -JM

Personally, I want to watch her with a gun. I think it'll be cute. -JM

Molly shifted her weight a little bit on the bed, hearing the phone chirp again. "What's he saying?"

A slight smirk touched his face, and he sent his message while gazing up at the camera, a slight challenge in his eyes. [Combine the two, Boss? -SM]

"No hunting. Want to learn how to shoot a gun..?" He glanced back at Molly.

I want to see how you're going to manage to combine the two. -JM

Molly bit her lip, and tilted her head. "I..." She sighed. He was going to make her do it eventually. "Okay. But I'm not shooting any people."

Going to a place where you /can't/ watch -SM That's not even fair. -JM

Kind of... spices things up doesn't it, Boss? -SM

Seb. Seb. You know I want to see. It's no fun if I can't see. -JM

Perhaps not for /you/... -SM

This isn't fair, Seb. -JM

You get off watching me; I get off your frustration -SM

"Alright. Ready to go, Hooper?"

"Where are we going?"

I am going to tan your hide. -JM

Promises promises, Boss. Going off... duty now, Sir -SM

You are going to be in so much trouble when I get back. -JM

Molly stood, tilting her head, looking at Sebastian. "What's he saying?"

"We're, ah, discussing plans for today. He's in approval of getting you to use a gun." Moran pressed the sleep button on his phone and turned to Molly, a sly grin on his face. "Wanna go?"

"I don't have a choice, do I?" She chewed on her lip, and nodded. She was curious about it. "Alright, alright. Let's go."

"In this you do. We can go out to my practice room, or we can do something else." He picked up his gun bag from the floor and hoisted the strap over his shoulder and neck to rest on the center of his chest. "We do, however, need to get some of my gear back to your flat."

"No, I should learn... At least how to hold one..." She tilted her head again. " Something else? Like what? Knives?"

"I wasn't quite thinking that to be honest..." He walked past her. "What do you do for fun?"

"I read. Or watch telly... What do you do?" Molly tilted her head, following him. "What were you thinking then?"

"I've been known to go hunting (for animals—not just humans), but that's about it. I don't have a lot of personal time that doesn't include Jim."

"I... I don't know if I could hunt... Where do you hunt around here?" She asked him, chewing on her bottom lip, and watched him as he walked. She caught herself staring at him, and shook her head to clear it. /Don't stare at his rear, Molly. Just...don't./

"Rarely ever around here. I have a few friends in the Americas that I visit once or twice a year." Walking up to the fridge he opened it and pulled out a couple of beers, stashing them in one of the unzipped pockets on his bag.

She didn't know enough about hunting to really ask much more than the where question. She was quiet for a bit. "Where's your practice room, if it's not here?"

"Up in Brent." He headed for the door. "We can go now, unless you want to stay... There isn't much here. This is just for when we're in London on business."

"Where are we going?" She bounced after him, curious. "Where are you normally?"

I was thinking back to your flat...? You're more comfortable there I assume. We have a couple places around—some nicer than most." He looked back at her.

"Oh.. Okay. Back to my flat then." She nodded, following him out the door. Back to her flat? From guns to back to her flat? She shrugged and mentally swore as she caught herself staring at his rear again.

"Alright then. Shut the door when you come out." He opened the door and stepped out, making his way back to the car.

Molly shut the door, then ran the next couple of steps to catch up with him, following him to his car.

"Did you lock the door, Mol—Hooper?" Moran asked as he slid into his seat.

"Yes Moran." She told him, as she buckled herself into her own seat. "You can call me Molly, you know. It's not a crime"

He caught her eye as he thought about it. "I'll consider it."

She couldn't help but smile at his comment. He'd consider it! She grinned out the window like a loon.

"I'm not a nice man... Molly. I may not flaunt the fact like Jim does, but I have no hesitations when it comes to killing a man—and there have been times where there were no 'good' justifications behind it." He started the car, and they were on their way.

"You may not be a nice man, Sebastian... but you're not a bad one either. Not as bad as you think you are." She told him, chewing on her lip as she looked out the window.

Keeping his eyes on the road, he sneaked a couple of glances her way. "Oh, yeah? How so?"

Molly had to think for a moment. "You haven't hurt me. You're patient with Jim. You could have hurt either of us. You don't. You could very easily kill everyone in London, I bet. You don't though. You have...rules. I think." She chewed on her lip again and stared out the window.

Chuckling a bit, Sebastian reached over and rustled her hair softly. "You're cute, Molly Hooper."

Molly hadn't been prepared for that and blushed, blinking at him. He thought she was cute! She grumbled a bit though, having to fix her hair after he rustled it. She couldn't keep the grin off her face as she looked out the window.